Woman Gives Birth On Midtown Bound PATH Train

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A newborn baby has given his parents the story of a lifetime.

A couple was aboard a PATH train en route to the hospital when the baby decided that it was time to come out.

CBS2’s Sean Hennessey spoke to the couple, who requested to remain nameless until they notify their family in India.

“I was like what’s going on, I mean something is happening every two minutes, and then I felt, I felt the baby come out,” said the new mother. “When it was obvious this was the real thing, a woman stepped in and walked dad through exactly what to do.”

The father followed the good Samaritan’s directions.

“She asked me to check and I checked and then I saw, oh I can see hair,” he said.

It was clear that the baby would need to come out before the couple made it to St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in midtown.

“She told me you can’t wait that long. The head is out, the baby will choke if you don’t take it out.”

And the Port Authority did their part, they turned the train into an express, getting the couple to Manhattan as quickly as possible.

When the couple arrived in Manhattan, Port Authority Police were waiting.

“We just wanted to make sure the baby was safe, warm, the airways were open,” said Officer Atiba Joseph-Cumberbatch.

Medics on scene cut the umbilical cord and escorted the couple to the hospital.

“He has a personality of his own. He decided to come out and that was it. Nothing could stop him,” said the baby’s mother.

The parents have nicknamed the boy Jhatpat, which is Hindu for fast. A fitting nickname considering the way he entered the world.

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  1. Accidental natural mother says:

    That’s nothing. She gave birth with no drugs in a nonsterile environment with lots of people around to help. I did the same thing, but worse. I had my now 3.5 year old daughter 3 weeks early after 15 minutes of labor at home in our dirty bathtub with not a single other person in the house to help. Sure, it was scary and unplanned, but this is what the human body is meant to do. Why is this news?

    1. john says:

      Good for you and your 3.5 year old. Would you like a biscuit??

      1. Accidental natural mother says:

        No, that’s exactly my point. No credit for bodily functions.

  2. Didi Harrington Gingue says:

    The Birth Certificate would be issued in the state of birth. Residency of the parents does not figure in.

  3. greenegret says:

    So cute! What a story he will have when he’s bigger. 🙂 Bet everybody gives him toy trains for his birthdays when he’s little, too. lol!

  4. Tinkerbella says:

    Welcome little Jhatpat. I’m glad all went well for you and your parents. Best wishes for a long life filled with happiness and satisfaction.

  5. bullett says:

    While the parents NJ residents, and the baby was born on a NY bound train, will they receive a NY or NJ birth certificate or both?

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