Suspected Home Invader Dies In Shootout With Police In North Valley Stream

NORTH VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) –Police say what started as a home invasion ended with one of the thieves taking his own life, after a shootout with police.

The family on Dana Avenue was targeted, police say, because they run two legitimate cash businesses.  Last night, intruders with guns, burst in and tied up at least three people.  Inside was an adult female, male and four children.

The homeowner’s brother, who was driving up to the house and on the phone, saw a man with a gun on the driveway. He called 911, but was ushered inside and held hostage as police responded.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Investigation

As one of the robbers rummaged through a back bedroom, police say one of the officers kicked in a door and led the residents inside to safety, including four children.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

“He kicks the rear door and he leads family to safety and then goes back into the house to confront the subjects.  It was an extraordinary brave act,” Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lack told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

That’s when gunfire was exchanged by the thieves and police — some 20 shots.  One suspect was arrested.

“We heard some gunshots and we basically took cover.  My kids were here, they were crying, we were all scared and didn’t know what was going on,” neighbor Brenda Cabrera said.

The officer, who saved the family, was not identified by police, but praised by neighbors.

“I think that’s amazing  and I said to my husband that’s one thing you can rely on in this neighborhood and that’s the police,” neighbor Gail  Gonzalez said.

The incident has the neighborhood on edge.

“It makes you think now that, you know, anything can go down in this neighborhood now. So, you gotta take a little extra precaution to protect your family,” said one man.

The search is continuing for other suspects who fled the scene.

None of the victims of the home invasion were injured by the gunfire, however, several officers were treated for psychological trauma or other non-life threatening injuries.

Dozens of emergency vehicles were involved, including a helicopter.


One Comment

  1. John Malverne says:

    This is not exactly well written. In the title, he simply “dies in shootout.”

    Then it states he killed himself.

    Then it states he was “killed in a shootout with police.”

    While those statements are not mutually exclusive, it’s not entirely clear what happened.

  2. Your Mom says:

    this neighborhood is turning to trash. ive lived in nearby franklin square for years, and all u see is people of all ethnic backrounds, with 5 or more kids moving in with their vouchers, food stamps, and government cheese. theyre destroying what we worked so hard to keep out. i blame obama!! all this dollar and a dream talk is just that. we have turned into such a poverty ridden nation that these criminals are willing to rob a family that is probably just getting by, simply because theyre most likely unemployed and hard up for cash. u want to call me racist?? do it!!! BUT i hate anyone and everyone that thinks crime is a way to make a living.

    1. Robert Moses says:

      Suburbs are NOT supposed to turn to trash. BY LAW, suburbs (where REAL Americans live) are supposed to remain quiet and pristine, while crime and poverty are supposed to be confined to CITIES. We need to SUE New York City for sending its social ills to us.

  3. Candy stripe says:

    Because the mob didn’t allow crime where they lived they committed them else where

  4. bullett says:

    Hey, one less bad guy for society to care for.

  5. Robert Moses says:

    Shootouts are NOT supposed to happen in quiet pristine suburbs where REAL Americans live. They’re supposed to happen only in crime-infested, lowlife CITIES.

    I blame Mike Bloomberg for continually exporting NYC’s inherent crime to the suburbs.

  6. Concerned citizen says:

    Shoot to kill all those who think that they can invade your home to rob you. KILL ‘EM ALL!

  7. Jack says:

    I think anyone that commits a home invasion should be executed, by firing squad if necessary, one week after convicted.

    I don’t care what their race is, whee they are from, their religion, how old they are, or any of their supposed hardships in life. If they commit a home invasion, they are the lowest form of animal.

    People have a right to be safe. And animals like this should be destroyed.

  8. Sunshine says:

    I’m so sick of reading these stories about home invasion. Your not even safe in your own freaking home now. I suggest that everyone get a gun and a couple of pitbulls. I’m glad one less criminal off the streets.

  9. Joey says:

    Some people just cant handle the truth,stop acting so blind. Its so obvious people..

  10. dp says:

    Fortunately…there are more good people in every race then there are bad…

  11. Meme the idiot! says:

    Do you have any proof or solutions to your question?

  12. nassaudude says:

    The perpetrator probably came from Queens. Most of the crimes commited in the Valley Stream-Elmont area are by Queens people. Most of the minorities in Valley Stream are hardworking people so you can’t blame the people that moved in since they didn’t do anything wrong. And look at Mastic and Shirley, they are almost all White and have a lot of crime.

    1. nassaudude is a closet racist!! says:

      What a horrible racist comment you have made. The reason there is crime anywhere has nothing to do with the color of skin. By your comments you make it quite obvious that you believe that the color of skin is responsible for all crime. Your comment belies what is really in your heart, that Blacks from Queens are responsible in this incident, you are a racist.

      1. nassaudude says:

        Your a retard. Read my comment before opening your mouth. I said the BLACKS in Valley Stream rarely commit crimes. ALL of the crimes in the VS and Elmont area were commited by people from Queens and Brooklyn.That guy,” 70 year old man”, blamed this crime on Black people moving into VS when they probably had nothing to do with anything.

        1. 70 year old man says:

          You wanted your comment to be read by before being replied to. So, read my comment! I never said “Black” people, and neither did the 72 year old man. You used the very insulting word reterd so, at the risk of seeming trite, “It takes one to know one”.
          70 year old man

          1. nassaudude says:

            You can play whatever games you want to but everybody knows you were refering to black people. You were just hiding behind PC terms like most long island racists. Plus, you said you were from Flatbush which is now a black area. Sorry, I don’t beat around the bush, sugar coat things and lead people on a wild goose chase.

        2. Racist nassaudude. says:

          You use minority when you really mean Black. You are a racist!

          1. nassaudude says:

            What are you talking about? Both Black people AND other minorities IN VALLEY STREAM are usually hardworking people. That’s why I said that the minorities being blamed should not be blamed for what happened last night. Stop trying to twist words around.

            1. Racistnassaudude says:

              You’ve said quite enough hater…..Your level of racism defies any level of human understanding….

  13. Mike says:

    these are people who come from the ghetto. Inner city hoods who do try to ruin things for everyone not just african americans but white trash as well.

  14. 72 year oldman says:

    I remeber when valley stream was a nice place,all italians and nice white people,These people are ruining every community they move into,I remember growing up in Flatbush in the 50’s such a nice place no crime now its terrible,and u wonder why people are racist in this country.

    1. Tired of Foolishness says:

      What people? People of every race, creed and nationality commit crimes, for example the young man that shot 4 innocent people in cold blood in a medford pharmacy of what people did he come from? People are racist because they are ignorant.

    2. King Zohan says:

      see thats your first mistake, is calling them people when what they really are is animals!

    3. 70 year old man says:

      We left Troy Ave. in East Flatbush, Brooklyn in 1955 and moved to Levittown. When I got married we lived on Idell Rd. in Valley stream. You are 100% correct in what you say. It’s really too bad but it’s true.

      1. RP says:

        I grew up on Idell Road…. 67 the house that Molyneaux essentially runs into. Lived there from ’78 till around 2001. What house did you live in?

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