Pigs Beware: Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Vows To Find You

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Queens Councilman Peter Vallone got his hands dirty on Tuesday digging through a city garbage can on Astoria Boulevard to find out who illegally dumped household trash into the container.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On The Story

“What kind of pig does this? Stuffs up the small opening of a public trash can with a bag of your personal home trash?” Vallone wrote on his Facebook page.

The trash can has a lid with a small opening to prevent people from putting household and business garbage in the receptacle.

Vallone went through the offending bag of rubbish and tracked down the “pig” thanks to a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

“I have your last name and address. Expect a visit from sanitation to your pigsty,” Vallone warned.

The Astoria resident faces a $100 fine and a $250 fine if he’s caught again for a second offense.

“This guy not only put his personal garbage in there, he stuffed it up so no one else could use it,” Vallone told 1010 WINS. “That’s something that really bothers me.”

Based on the reaction on his Facebook page, a lot of other people are annoyed as well.

“You should have posted his last name and address on Facebook so we can all dump our trash in his trash cans,” Thomas Sourasis wrote.

“Way to go Pete pigs like that deserve to get tickets,” Vito Divittorio wrote.

Vallone has a message for future offenders: “We will catch you and we will embarass you and hopefully you will pay a fine.”


One Comment

  1. littlestar says:

    If he had thrown it on the street then I coud see calling him a pig.

  2. gpoy says:

    Better in the garbage than on the floor. He just wants attention.

  3. mlk says:

    Good job sir!

  4. Scott says:

    Just another politician trying to get on the news. Perhaps we can send out numb nuts to direct traffic at Hoyt and 31st St. during rush hour.

  5. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Mr. Vallone how much do we the tax payers pay you to pick garbage between being a professional politician

  6. None says:

    Lot’s of assumptions Mr. Vallone. Maybe they just had some trash in the car and threw it out? Maybe it was someone elses. Maybe the catalog wasn’t originally in the bag! What a waste of a politicians time. Go solve poverty!

    1. Joe Schmo says:

      Ironic that you mention poverty. Someone on PV’s FB page wrote that there is a respectful, never intoxicated homeless man who’ lives’ very close to where the trash can was found. Maybe he can do something productive for a change and help this person out. Until I start reading about stories like that, NO politician has any right referring to a private citizen as a pig. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  7. bad plan says:

    What if the catalog was sent to wrong house and you embarass the wrong people .I think your plan has some loopholes .I get atleast 4 to 5 pieces of mail a week fo wrong person if i throw it in trash they get ticket thats not right .

  8. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Thank God we finally found a real use for our politicians

  9. Dan Te says:

    What did he throw away a Victoria Secret Catalog?

  10. Mark says:

    The guy at least found the garbage can Mr. Vallone. He deserves a little bit of a break. But your exaclty right, there is no reason for being a pig. Queens looks like horrific thank’s to those who just toss garbage on the street like it’s nothing. Even pig’s are cleaner than this. Good job. I applaud you !

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