Police: Yonkers Mother Arrested For Allegedly Leaving Baby Outside

YONKERS, NY (CBSNewYork) — Police say a Yonkers mother was arrested for allegedly leaving her baby outside in the cold.

Police say 20-year-old Shayna Williams went to the home of her daughter’s father Wednesday night to leave the 1-year-old with him, but police say Williams was met by the father’s new girlfriend who said he wasn’t home.

“She indicated that she was going to leave the baby here and the woman told her you can’t leave the baby here and closed the door,” said Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner. “A short time later, she heard a baby crying. She came out and found this child unsecured in a stroller at the top of a flight of stairs in an open porch and it was well below freezing.”

Williams is charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

The little girl is fine and with her father.


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  1. NotSuprised says:

    She made some grand poor choices here! Only thinking about herself and NOT the welfare of her daughter. A serous lack of common sense here. Her and her -ex must not be on good talking terms for this to happen so the little girl get caught in the middle. Some of these teens are not mentally ready to be parents. Let just hope that the father sees this as a wake up call and hopefully (if not doing so) does his part.
    As a father of 3 boys,(12,9 &7) communication is key when dealing with the other parent. regardless on how you may feel about that person. It saves a ton of drama and kids will observe the interaction. its sad but like i said, these kids are not mentally ready for parenting when they are children mentally themselves

  2. kjhkjhkjhkjh says:

    now shay shay, girlfriend you know this aint no we to be actin, y’all got to chillax and smoke and drink and leave yo chile w grandma, but she stoned too

    1. Peter says:

      she need to be leavin that child whit her daddy oh who is the daddy !!

  3. Devenio says:

    Shayna, you silly dumb pink headed fool! I understand that people make mistakes. Its life. We are human. But when your mistake brings harm to a child, your own child at that, you need a correction. You have given up the right to your child. You have proven yourself to be a petty low human being. Your ex is with someone else and you just couldn’t accept that. Had to show up at the new GF’s apartment and show your pink headed ignorance off. I hope when your daughter is old enough to understand just how little you cared for her, she slaps the pink out of your head and leaves you to yourself.

    1. Kenneth says:

      Devenio, you are a typical white-hooded racist fool. Why do you make fun of a girl for having some creativity and expressing herself by coloring her hair? I Can only imagine what you must think about Michael Jackson and Beyonce for coloring themselves white so that racists like you will find them more attractive. Shame on you and your klan brethren.

      1. larrylarryspeaks@aol.com says:

        and youre no racist, right kenneth?….

  4. Joe Schmo says:

    MY tax dollars. MY tax dollars.

    (kicking and screaming)


    1. Devenio says:

      Hey Joe. In order to scream about Tax dollars, you must first have a job and pay taxes. As you are on Food Stamps and SSI, your claims of wasted tax dollars are unfounded. But if you want to complain about wasted tax dollars, stand in front of any major bank, and airline, any farm, Israel, or any auto make and make your case. Some little baby in the ghetto isn’t eating up you imaginary tax dollars. It actually the Federal Reserve who gets 100% of tax dollars. Go scream at them. Be mad at them. We are all at the bottom. Go after the real crooks, Joe!

  5. Guy who once saw Lyle Alzado at Newark Airport says:

    Just put my wash in my front loading machine, but forgot to include my socks. Now don’t have any clean ones and have to trek in the snow wearing dirty ones. Uggh.

    1. Tyrion Imp says:

      You sir are an idiot,. Thanks for the confirmation.

  6. Kenneth says:

    When are they going to start jury selection…..For the baby! Is there any doubt we’ll be hearing about this kid in a few years? Too bad these ghetto skanks can’t read or they might actually find out what people think about them and their ‘hood’ lifestyle. Vermin one and all.

    1. Devenio says:

      Wow Kenneth, Do you really think people want to live a ‘hood’ lifestyle? Are you that idiotic to think that people give a rats butt what you think? While this is an unfortunate event, it is hardly indicative of what goes on in the ‘hood’. Most people are just trying to survive just as you are Mr. O’ High and Mighty. Just as you have white trash living next door to you – which makes you trash by association, we have our black trash. I could decide to paint all people with the same brush but that would make me ignorant and stupid. I leave that up to the trash such as yourself Kenneth. May you reap what you sow.

  7. no more political correctness says:

    OH OH she did the right thing….

    the court not gonna give her back the child…..baby daddys gotz 2 be pizzed at that

    and now the new GF dont want the kid messin up their intimate drug time…

    but no one will give the child up for adoption……what a tangled web

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