Attack On 13-Year-Old Girl Shakes Up Suffolk County Community

Teen Fights Off Assailant, But The Suspect Is Still On The Loose

GREENLAWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – On Wednesday a Long Island neighborhood was on alert after man tried to lure a young girl walking to her school bus stop.

The 13-year-old girl screamed and punched the suspect before escaping his grasp, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

The girl’s father said his daughter is terrorized and frantic for the would-be kidnapper to be caught.

Parents here are on edge and students said it is the buzz in the hallways, how an Elwood Middle School student narrowly escaped the clutches of a would be child-snatcher as she made her way to the bus stop just before 7 a.m.

CBS 2 has obtained home surveillance video, which is now in the hands of police, that clearly shows the 13-year-old frantically running from a wooded path and flagging down her school bus.

“She was startled … scared and she screamed and started to run. I think it’s horrible,” said neighbor Rodney Bordeaux, who recorded the video.

Bordeaux and other parents of schoolchildren said they are fearful because the suspect is still on the loose. He was apparently hiding in wait on a dirt path near the bus stop on Delamere Street.

“He grabbed her around the waist with both hands, and she was able to punch him from behind, which loosened his grip, and she ran to the bus stop,” Suffolk County Police Detective Lt. Michael O’Callaghan said.

“It’s scary. I don’t want to walk down there anymore. You don’t know what’s going to pop out,” neighbor Terry Williams said.

“It’s frightening that she’s a middle school student, frightening that it’s so close to my home,” Jeanette Gaffney added.

Police patrols were urgently increased. The luring suspect is described as having a tan complexion, between 20 and 30 years old, 5-foot-7 to 6-foot, wearing a black hoodie, dark pants and a tight-knit cap.

Detectives said two students spotted the suspect shortly before he grabbed the child. They and the victim are now helping a police sketch artist.

Police are crediting the 13-year-old for reacting swiftly — shouting for help, punching and running to tell adults at the bus stop exactly what had happened.

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One Comment

  1. Ignatius718 says:

    ” a man tried to lure a young girl…”. Are you kidding me? “A man violently assaulted and attempted to kidnap and rape a young girl” is more like it.
    Perhaps the author feels the girl was dressed provocatively or maybe even interested. Aren’t they all, really?

  2. dooky says:

    ..” neighborhood was on alert after man tried to lure a young girl walking ”

    Well…according to the jackass journalist here, “luring” is the act of grabbing the prey around the waist and fighting.


  3. Robert Moses says:

    Once again, Mike Bloomberg is illegally and maliciously exporting the City’s crime to our quiet and pristine suburbs. REAL Americans live in suburbs, so crime belongs in the lowlife-infested cities.

  4. AMisEnemigos says:

    Probably a repeat sex offender who has been released? If it does turn out that this is the case then perhaps it will foster legislation to have a ONE STRIKE policy when it comes to sexual predators? Throw them in jail and throw away the key!

  5. saoirse says:

    she’s a good girl ! a great girl ! and hopefully her parents keep reinforcing this and that this subhuman won’t bother anyone nearby as SHE SHOWED HIM–
    and she starts to recover.
    what a horrific experience and too bad that no one was able to get him ONE WAY or another,

  6. nacy says:

    the ‘now’ was a typo. these teeny grey words are hard to read.

  7. nacy says:

    It’s disheartening to see the deterioration in writers and their ignorance in languate. In now way was this a “luring.” It was an attempted kidnapping, which is far more serious and life threatening. It’s not just the legal distintion. Exactly what did he use to lure her? A writer should know what the damn words mean.

    1. High School English Teacher says:

      What is “languate”?

      1. Not a pedant says:

        There’s quite a difference between making a typo and using a totally inappropriate word.

  8. Barbara Buckes Ericson says:

    Thank God this girl is safe. She was so brave and did everything right. I hope the person we’re looking for is caught. Please everyone try your best to walk with someone and/or walk where there are people. These sickos need to know that they are not gonna be tolerated.

  9. Keep our children safe says:

    my son is 11 yrs old and we live three blocks from school. We will not let him walk alone to or from school. Parents need to be aware of the dangers in our society. It is not just something we see on Law and Order it really happens and it can happen to anybody.

  10. Parents watch kids says:

    Parents walk or drive your kids 13 is still not old enough to defend themselves.Lazy parents can get off there butts and prevent this from happening because perverts like that are not going away.

    1. Tired of Foolishness says:

      Its not a matter of being lazy, working parents are usualy on their way or at work when the kids leave for school. A 13 year old is old enough to walk school, however, I think the parents may want to arrange for the children not to walk alone.

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