Commissioner Kelly: ‘Jihad’ Movie Showing Not Authorized; Calls It ‘Inflammatory’

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — While NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said he wouldn’t comment about the allegations against his son, he did speak Friday about a video that has caused an uproar in the Muslim community.

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Kelly said the “Third Jihad” movie, which Muslim groups say instructs Americans to be suspicious of all Muslims, was never approved for police training and a sergeant, who was not authorized,  showed it on a loop in a break room where police officers filled out paper work.

Kelly said he’s now seen the “The Third Jihad.”

“I think it’s inflammatory and it’s a little much, and, as I say, we never intended to show that movie, but it was shown,”  Kelly said.

Kelly, himself, was interviewed for the piece and appears in a 20-second clip. He points out that former mayor Rudy Giuliani and FBI Director Robert Mueller were also in it.

As for how Kelly even came to be interviewed for the movie, he said the maker of what was supposed to be a documentary had impressive credentials.

Though he initially said he was not involved, he later acknowledged giving filmmakers a 2007 interview and has apologized.

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Kelly did not say whether he would personally reach out to Muslim groups or leaders in light of the film flap.

“I think we have an excellent relationship with the Muslim community. We do a lot of events. We have a pre-Ramadan conference here. The auditorium is filled. I go, I visit mosques,” said Kelly.

He said those programs and efforts will continue and he has no plans to step down in response to calls for just that from Muslim organizations.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued to support Kelly a day after saying he needed to re-establish the credibility he already has.

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  1. Diesel says:

    So the truth is inflammatory? Too damn bad. And as long as most of the terrorism directed aganst us comes from Muslims, they deserve “extra attention” from the police. Their job is to KEEP US SAFE, not to pander to political correctness.
    REMEMBER 9/11

  2. Michelle Obama says:

    Well I don’t think anyone should be surprised that law enforcement keeps watch over the muslim community. While muslim leaders(in the US) don’t openly advocate for attacks they certainly don’t do anything to stop them either. Maybe they should have a demonstration in the street and run around and throw rocks and hold their shoes in the air like it matters…they are good at that

  3. Please leave Ray! says:

    Ray Kelly should not resign because tsome Muslims had their feelings hurt. He should resign because he is a panderer who has ruined the NYPD by micro-managing everything and not letting his high level supervision do their jobs.

  4. pete says:

    Now, Mr. Kelly, do not start BACKPEDDLING!! Do not try to be politically CORRECT! It is your DUTY to us, your Employers, to protect us and give the RIGHT information to the Police Department. This includes to tell them the truth about the MUSLIM INVASION! Yes, we are invaded by the Muslim Slime. We all know that, but obviously our corrupt Politicians do not. Remember their names at the next elections. And you, Mr. Kelly, you better show your TRUE COLORS, or you also will walk into oblivion.

  5. Uncle Bill says:

    Ray Kelly is full of sh@t. He knew about this video for awhile and is now covering his tracks. He’s been spying on the Muslim community for years. He is nothing but a power hungry prick who is aiming to be the next mayor. Wake uo to this man before it’s too late.

    1. Uncle Bill says:

      That should be ‘wake up’ , not ‘wake ou’.

  6. Obamadinijad Hussein says:

    well, lets talk about that movie, and what exactly are mooslime terrorists upset about.

  7. concerned citizen says:

    With reference to your report on Commissioner Ray Kelly and the Muslims that are upset by the movie ‘the 3rd Jihad’: I just listened to a report by Pablo Guzman in which he interviewed a representative of CAIR. I can only say that I’m grateful to Commissioner Kelley and I applaud the great job he’s done for NYC and its neighbors in keeping us safe. For Mr. Guzman to interview someone from an unindicted co-conspirator Muslim terrorist organization and to make the point that this guy is upset proves the inappropriate political correctness that is prevalent in the press corps.

    1. GUMBO says:

      selfish prick

      1. Obamadinijad Hussein says:

        gumbo jihad yourself

    2. Obamadinijad Hussein says:

      its more than just inappropriate political correctness, its aiding and abetting the enemy.

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