H&H Bagels Evicted From Remaining Midtown Location

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The smell of bagels still lingers in the air, but the padlock on the door tells a different story at the H&H Bagels location on 46th Street.

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The company has suffered multiple bankruptcies, foreclosures and evictions in recent years and on Thursday, the once dominant bagel empire was locked out of its last store and manufacturing plant.

The property had been sold at a bankruptcy auction and a judge cleared the way for the New York institution to be evicted last year because it owes nearly $600,000 in rent.

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Earlier this week, H&H owner Helmer Toro told the Wall Street Journal that he was seeking investors to help keep his midtown location open despite the eviction and said he was confident H&H would survive bankruptcy.

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But one by one, H&H has been losing its stores and plants around Manhattan and New Jersey.

Last June, the company’s original retail operation on Broadway and West 80th Street abruptly closed after facing a threat of imminent eviction.

The company’s plant in Secaucus, N.J. also stopped producing bagels last spring after facing bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Many New Yorkers were saddened by the news that H&H’s final store had been closed.

“It sucks. It really does,” said one man. “There’s nothing better than a nice warm bagel in the morning.”

“Wow, it’s going to be difficult for everybody if the bagel place is closed,” said another man.

“I hope they open again,” said another.

Since opening in 1972, H&H has been synonymous with New York bagels. The 46th Street location was used to make millions of bagels for restaurants and stores around New York City and the globe.

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  • steve

    i once found a booger in my bagel there

  • Is Ed Koch really still alive?

    A Mormon bagel ,now that’s a cool idear…

  • Ziggy Zag

    H&H were unsanitary bagel bakers in all the stores they ran and put too much sugar in their bagels, I don’t wish then any luck . I think only potheads liked
    the 80th street store when they got the munchies at 3 a.m.
    Wish Ess a Bagel would expand ,I remember in the 1970’s going to there
    first store on 1st avenue for that first garllic boilded water bagel,Oh my!

  • Gene

    If anyone would have stepped inside that factory and store on 46th St, they would never had eaten another H&H Bagel. Filthy and expensive. Essa Bagel on E 51st is a much better option. Leave the lore of H&H to the history books.

  • Hachmeister

    It’s a shame, but if the same thing happened at other locations, the owners should’ve seen this coming. No one owes that much money and doesn’t anticipate consequences.

    Also, I don’t understand why anyone commenting needs to start with insults and rude comments. You’re antagonizing someone you don’t know for absolutely no reason, and completely defeating the purpose of the thread of comments.

  • Sally Rogers

    We Still Have Jumbo Bagel!!!! @ 2ND AVE AND E 56th!!!!!!!!!! The best!!!


    molasses salt yeast flour… now make your own.

  • bagel boy

    best bagels in the world hope they open business under new name

  • Only one

    H&H made a real tasty bagel. Nice and chewy.

  • Esmerelda

    Terrible thing to happen.
    I hope they will rebound somehow.
    Who helps a small business in this town anyway ?
    Anyone ?

    • DanTe

      Why don’t YOU help by Buying things? Always looking for that someone else to do the work. But than what would one expect from an esmerelda?

      • Tyrion Imp

        In the meantime, look up the difference between “then” and “than” you moron.

        • Blasterific

          In the meantime, look for a different job. We dozn’t needs no speeling Police around here. How do you know he is a Mormon, and if he is so what?!?

          • i bee spellingz

            HOWS dere dis peeple start checkering how wees typez leeves us alonz Tyrion limp

        • Nick

          In every crowd, there’s always a twit that nit picks on the stupid things. Because when it comes to substance, the twit haz none.

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