Macao Trading Co.’s Seafood Hot Pot by Executive Chef Kevin Chun

Serves 4

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8pc Mayan Prawns

4pc Jumbo Sea Scallops

3oz Red Snapper Cubed

3oz Calamari Slices (tubes and tentacles)

8pc Mussels

8pc Clams

1 bunch of Choi Sum (chopped to bite size pieces, uncooked)


Combine all of the above ingredients listed below the broth list and bring to a boil.  Turn heat down to low and simmer for one hour.  Strain and set aside.

Broth- Trimmings of fish Shrimp Shells 1qt Clam Juice 4qts Vegetable Stock/Chicken Broth 1T Chopped Ginger 1T Chopped Garlic 1 bunch Cilantro 1 bunch scallions 6T Toban Jan (spicy bean curd paste)

Preparation/Instructions: On medium heat, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil, clams and mussels in a large sauce pan. Cover to let them start to open up (this typically takes about a minute or two). Once half of the clams and mussels begin to open, add the rest of the seafood.  Pour the strained, hot broth that was just made over the rest of the seafood.

At this point, all of the seafood will begin to cook quickly and the flavors will start to marry.  In about 5 minutes (or less), the shrimp will turn pink and become cooked through – this indicates that the rest of the ingredients are done too.  Before serving to friends and family, add the choi sum to the bowl (or serving vessel).  Garnish the pot with fresh chiles, scallions, cilantro, or any other fresh herb of your choice.

Traditional side dishes are rice noodles or rice and an assortment of fresh vegetables.  You can also experiment with flavor by adding your favorite dipping sauces to accompany the hot pot.

For a more interactive way of eating, use a portable butane burner range, and keep the hot broth on a low open flame.  Serve the seafood and vegetables raw, and allow your guests to cook their own seafood in the “hot pot.”   Similar to a fondue or the Japanese “shabu-shabu”.

Chef notes: Seafood hot pots can be done with as much or as little seafood as you like.  Feel free to add lobster, crab, or remove any of those listed below you may not enjoy…or if you’re a seafood lover like I am, double the quantities.  Ingredients can be substituted to the cook’s discretion.  One word of advice, have fun with it.

Macao Trading Co.

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