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Police: 2 Glen Rock High Students Charged With Inappropriately Touching Younger Boys

GLEN ROCK, NJ (CBSNewYork) —  Police say members of the Glen Rock High School wrestling team are accused of sexually abusing some younger boys.

Two Glen Rock High freshmen are out of school and police say they’re facing charges that they inappropriately touched three middle school boys during after-school activities at Glen Rock Middle School.

Police say the incident allegedly occurred when middle school and high school students were together at a wrestling function after school.

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Students from the middle and high schools are usually kept apart. There are two different buildings with one shared cafeteria where they eat lunch at separate times.

“It’s very infrequent that high school students have any opportunity to interact with middle school kids,” said parent Loreen Lesso. “This is an anomaly. It’s an unfortunate incident. The school will handle it and take care of it.”

Police Chief Frederick Stahman told CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider that the alleged incident seems to be more than just horsing around and says if the allegations are true, the actions of those involved are criminal.

“This was totally inappropriate. There are jokes and there are gags you pull on people, but what these two young boys did to these other kids totally crossed the line,” he said.

The accusations have some parents wondering if the incident was possibly a hazing ritual that went out of control.

“I think it’s terrible,” said parent Scott Goodyear. “You hear about this stuff happening at other places, but not here.”

“Honestly, I would never expect it because the kid was really smart. I think it’s being blown a little out of proportion, but it’s still not a good situation,” said Glen Rock High School student Dean Spon.

The school district released a statement saying in part:

“A thorough investigation was conducted. Administrative action has been taken. The school’s disciplinary policy has been followed. Support has been provided for the children and families involved. The matter has been referred to the Glen Rock Police Department which will address the incident within the scope of its jurisdiction.”

The two Glen Rock High freshman appeared before a juvenile court judge in Hackensack Tuesday morning.

Because they’re underage, the judge won’t release what recommendations were made. The police chief says the judge might recommend therapy or psychiatric counseling for the teenage boys.

Police say the two minors face charges of juvenile delinquency equivalent to aggravated criminal sexual contact and lewdness.

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One Comment

  1. grr says:

    There are bad people in every town and you can’t blame their parents or the town they live in. Those kids in GR should be punished.

  2. Sex Abuse is not Hazing!!! says:

    Well, at least the Glen Rock parents can’t blame it on the kids from Patterson this time! It’s all Glen Rock residents on this one. Pedophiliacs are one of the lowest form of slime in this world and those who minimize it as hazing are even lower.

  3. M. DiMarco says:

    Sexual abuse is definitely cyclical, so the freshman boys were probably abused as well at some point by another. Perhaps their coach, or a parent, or a teacher or a relative? Stop this ignorance and let’s try to protect our kids!

    1. True! says:

      Amen to that, Brother.

  4. Come on.... says:

    Noone even knows specifically what happened and right away they should be locked up and registered as sex offenders. How about we let the police/prosector do their job and we pass judgement when all the facts are established?

    1. Get it right. says:

      Small town police who may have kids of their own at this school and possibly on this team or another with the Sex Abusers will make for an incomplete investigation that will attempt to minimize the abuse that happened. The Attorney General and State Police should take over the investigation.

  5. grhs alum says:

    I’d just like to point out some misinformation in this article. As an alumni of GRHS, I know how much the middle school and high school students interact. The schools are in the same buildings, just on two different sides, and the students do eat lunch in the same cafeteria, at the same time. While I do not think having the middle school and high school in the same building is an issue, I think something needs to be said about having a middle-high school sports team. Most freshmen in high school are not mature enough to NOT think they are superior to middle schoolers just because they are in a different school, which probably leads to a really bad atmosphere on a sports team.

  6. doc says:

    “I think it’s being blown a little out of proportion”, another good kid sympthoms that when wrong. It they were not caught, they will continue this behavior and destroy others.

  7. Sexual Predators from Glen Rock says:

    I think there is a lot more going on in Glen Rock than the Parents, Police and School Administrators will admit to publicly. Sexual Torture and Hazing in a Sexual Manner is a discease that affects Glen Rock and it needs to be eradicated. I can’t wait until all the hazing stories regarding the sports teams come out. They should change the name of the town to ‘Child Sexual Predators that call themselves Athletesville’.

    1. Lance Rickman says:

      Please don’t make comments about a town that you know absolute nothing about, it just makes you look like an idiot and an ignorant moron.

      1. What? says:

        And what do you think your comments make you look like?

        1. Lance Rickman says:

          I was raised in Glen Rock and graduated from GRHS, so I’m not an ignorant moron like you.

          1. What? says:

            Are you suffering from a quick onset of Stockholm Syndrome?

  8. wake up people says:

    I live in this town, and agree 100%. I grew up in a real city and what goes on here is ridiculous.

  9. pregomom says:

    kids who are raised in these affluent communities need to experience how the real world works. Most of these kids get Mercedes for their 16th birthday with no concept of money, morality or ethics. Due to their up bringing from yuppies who cherish the same shallow value systems.. i think these two offenders should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and be registered sex-offenders.. there is some reality. drop them off in Camden..

    1. jj says:

      Have you lost your mind? You should be prosecuted for the way you are passing judgement on both Glen Rock and Camden. Drop them off in Camden? That is offensive and don’t form accusations on parenting styles until you can live the life of either and just keep your mouth shut. Good parenting comes in all towns…doesnt matter if its Glen Rock or Camden. Go pass judgement elsewhere and being born in Camden and now living in Glen Rock. Shame on You

    2. Phil says:

      Are you just a little upset that your parents didn’t work hard enough to live in a nice community and buy you a mercedes?

  10. Sugar Bartokk says:

    Once again, to be accused is to be guilty, a priori.

    1. Come on.... says:

      Great point. That’s the world we live in. The news reports, and guilt is established automatically.

  11. Keep Children Safe says:

    Hopefully they will put these 2 sexual predators on the sexual offenders registry so we can keep our children safe.Who knows how many children or younger family members they molested already.Probably only reason they joined wrestling so they can touch other boys.There Parents should get them help and hopefully a nice prison sentence from these 2 predators.

  12. Brooklyn Bound says:

    I guess those kids were not Breast Fed.

  13. Glen rock Sex Freaks!! says:

    What is going on in this area of New Jersey? Seems like Sex Abuse and Sexual Hazing are a constant news story here. Why?

    1. witchhunts aside says:

      Sexual abuse and hazing happens every where, let’s not pathologize a specific area of the country as being more or less indicative of sexual assault and abuse. If you want to know why these stories make the news, it’s most likely that the children who were abused got an education that provides them with the knowledge that they have support they need in police, their parents, and their teachers. Furthermore people living in the suburbs live in a culture of perceived “safety” and for the most part they get what they pay for. However, when sexual abuse and other horrifying acts happen in small town suburbia, the kickback of fear is in someways exacerbated because people who choose to live here are specifically paying for the pleasentville ideals in their property taxes.

      I also want to say that these freshmen boys, if they are in fact guilty of the crimes they are accused of, are perhaps dealing with their own demons since abuse is cyclical. Furthermore, if there is a place that’s rife with homophobia, it’s small town USA, and frankly, we don’t know how much support these kids have when it comes to dealing with their sexuality either. This is not to condone sexual abuse, it’s to point out a larger issue that homosexuality is another trigger of “Fear” for a town built on a culture of “family values.”

      1. Glen Rock is beautiful says:

        I’ve lived in all sorts of areas, I live in Glen Rock and no there is no “fear” built into our minds cause we live in an “idealistic” world. Your ideals and mine are different, you are assuming the entire town lives by one ideal, we come from all sorts of different backgrounds both economic and cultural, don’t paint Glen Rock into something you know nothing about. We do not care what anyone does behind closed doors. There is no inherit paranoia/fear about what anybody else wants to do with their lives as we coexist in one of the most beautiful yet strong communities in NJ. The issue here should focus on the poor kids that were abused and seeing that their abusers are dealt with and also looked after as to what led them to do this.

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