Security Breach Resolved At Newark Liberty International Airport

NEWARK (CBSNewYork) – Officers with the Transportation Security Administration and Port Authority Police Department searched for a man who went through a checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport before screening was done.

The man went through the screening station before his review was complete around 11 a.m.

Terminal A was shut while TSA officials identified and rescreened the passenger.

Passengers in the terminal were also rescreened.

The situation was resolved at around 1 p.m.

  • Joe Schmo

    What happened? His fingernails were too sharp?…….Please.

    This is why I won’t fly anymore. Much better chance of being held hostage by the bureaucrats and the welfare-to-work rent-a-cops than terrorists.

    For anyone that does fly-enjoy the rat race!

    • matt

      you don’t fly at all? that just seems unreasonable.

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