Boomer and Craig were joined by a pair of legendary linemen from either side of the football, as Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Anthony Munoz joined them on radio row.

First, they spoke to Jones, who is still incredibly tall at 6’9″ and also has an 81-inch wingspan. With that in mind, Craig asked him why he chose football instead of basketball. They also delve into his foray into boxing as well as his thoughts on how this upcoming Super Bowl will play out.

Eventually Anthony Munoz joins them. Munoz marvels at the kind of player Jason Pierre-Paul has become in his rookie year. They also ask him if a locker room situation akin to what the Jets went through this year could ever happen on an Anthony Munoz team. The guys also recount the story of the 1981 NFC Championship Game between Munoz’s Bengals and Dan Fouts’ Chargers in which the wind chill reached a staggering 59 degrees below zero.

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