Sure, any morning show could do an interview with Jets tight end Dustin Keller. But not just any morning show would conduct that interview with comedian Jay Mohr putting in his two cents (OK, maybe five cents) into the mix.

That’s exactly what happened this morning on Boomer & Carton.

Obviously the Jets’ locker room disaster was at the forefront of the discussion as Keller did his best to convince the already skeptical panel that his team can overcome the issues that occurred this past season. Despite the best efforts of both Craig and Jay, Dustin does a tremendous job of not saying anything that would provide the media with more ammunition against the Jets’ in-house chemistry.

Jay and Boomer also have some back and forth, as Boomer mocks Jay’s scarf while Jay mocks Boomer’s chamomile tea. It’s all just part of the recipe for a solid segment of radio.

LISTEN: Interviewing Dustin Keller with Some Help from Jay Mohr

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