Colts Fans: "We Love Eli"

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Eli Manning jerseys are all over the place at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Peyton Manning’s little brother has been popular all week in Peyton’s town, and Colts fans seem to be rooting more for Eli’s Giants than Tom Brady’s New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

While Eli jerseys were prominent, it didn’t take much walking around to find Colts blue Peyton Manning jerseys. Those wearing them were Giants fans for a day.

“I’m pulling for Eli,” Colts fan Harry Dimitriaois said. “And it has something to do with Peyton.”

Dave Demlow, a Colts season ticket holder, also wearing a blue No. 18 jersey, didn’t want to see the Patriots celebrate on Indy’s home field. The Colts and Patriots have had one of the NFL’s most intense rivalries for the past decade.

“We love Eli, we love the Giants,” Demlow said. “Anybody but the Patriots.”


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