INDIANAPOLIS(CBSNewYork) — Think ticket scalping won’t be a problem at this year’s Super bowl? Think again. In spite of secondary ticket sales sources like StubHub and TicketsNow, scalping is still an issue.

The Record reported that the streets of Indianapolis remain ripe with alleged scalpers leading up to Sunday’s game, asking passersby if they “need tickets”.

Scalpers said that the presence of the Giants in the Super bowl has been good for business,

And scalpers say that they offer a better service than the online retailers.

“They’ve got to wait two or three weeks to get their money, and there’s all those fees they gotta pay,” said one particularly impatient scalper. “They’d be better off coming to us.”

As game time approaches the scalpers rely on Super Bowl economics to help drive up the price that fans are willing to pay for a seat.

“It will get down nice and low here,” said one scalper, “and then we’ll get $2,100 [reselling it later].”

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