No Love For The Giants In Boston

BOSTON(CBSNewYork) — Patriots fans don’t seem to think too highly of New Yorkers or Eli Manning.

Melvin Valentine let CBS2’s Derrick Dennis know exactly how he felt, “we gonna get you guys, ok, new york is done.”

Deana Camisa of Scotch Plains, NJ feels inundated by Patriots propaganda everywhere she goes.

“There’s go Pats everywhere so it’s not very Giant friendly,” she said.

In Patriots country it seems like everybody wants Eli Manning’s head on a stick.

“We love Tom Brady, we love the Patriots,” said Nailah and Sophia Gibbons, both of Boston.

Even fans of other New York teams weren’t showing the Giants any love.

David Antonelli of Rhode Island said that he is a Yankees fan…and a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Giants fans are hoping to silence their rivals to the north with a win on Sunday.

New Yorkers, got a message for the Pats? Let ’em hear it in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. Joe P. says:

    “Boston…really? A city of 600,000 people. It’s more like a big town. They’ve got nothing on NY. Win or lose.”

    What does that even mean?

  2. RoyBoySays says:

    Sore loosers,and a bunch of boozers…………….

  3. NELSON says:

    Its official Boston SUCKS.

  4. Christie: the Governor that ate NJ says:

    Hey Pats….Whose you’re Daddy now!

  5. Roger Cotton says:

    New England has people, New Yawk has animals! GO PATS!!

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      but our animals,still beat your “peoples”

  6. Broadway Joe says:

    That’s all I’ve been hearing for the last 2 weeks….the big mouth giants preparing for their victory parade! And they have the nerve to say Rex was a big mouth! Alas, I have yet to hear any one Giant player “guarantee” a victory. Belichek must be licking his chops right about now!

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      they put their money where their mouths were,who’s talking now Joe

    2. RoyBoySays says:

      wrong again Joe

  7. Bill says:

    Been a New Yorker my entire life. The only team I hate more than The Giants is The Yankees! Go Patriots! Sounds like Boston is the place to be today:)

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      move to Boston,you low life

      1. Bill says:

        Typical New Yorker comment.

  8. Boston is a Joke says:

    Boston…really? A city of 600,000 people. It’s more like a big town. They’ve got nothing on NY. Win or lose.

    1. John White says:

      It’s the “New England” Patriots dude …

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