Advocates Want NY To Reconsider Cutting Free After-School Tutoring

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Parents and supporters called on the New York State Board of Regents on Wednesday to save free after-school tutoring.

Advocacy groups and community leaders were on the steps of City Hall  asking the board to carve out a wavier for supplemental educational services.

Advocates say that almost 90,000 low-income students, who are stuck in failing schools across the state, get tutoring to help them try to succeed on the same level as their peers.

“This is a life raft for students that are struggling and that are failing in schools that are considered failing. It doesn’t make any sense to take it away. I think in a lot of ways, it flies in the face of what the Board of Education — what I believe they’ve been trying to do — which is ensuring that every child has access to an awesome education,” the director of the NY Campaign for Tutor Our Children, Adrienne Nyamsi, said.

Others say that despite the difficult economic situation in the city, tutoring programs should not be the casualty of cost-cutting.

“I always say sometimes cuts are painful and these situations, in these times — you know, we’re in a fiscal crisis in the city and in the state. But if you’re going to cut, you should cut where the services are needed least, instead of cutting them where the services are needed most,” Rev. Taharka Robinson said.

The state plans to end the program on Feb. 13.

Should the state shut down the program?  Share your thoughts in the comments section…


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  1. Ben Rodriguez says:

    An important component of the SES program is the option to receive Private One-to-One Tutoring.

    Many students need the personal attention of a qualified teacher/tutor to help them conquer the obstacles they can’t seem to overcome in the classroom.

    Wealthy famlies have always used private tutoring to help their children achieve mastery, even when they send their children to the finest schools.

    For underprivileged students attending low performing schools, this is the only option they have to receive this invaluable service.

  2. Adekunle Ayinde says:

    Supplemental Educational Services play a vital role in closing the achievment gap in many of our city’s lowest performing schools. Additionally, the targeted intervention that many of our students receive thru this mandated program helps them succeed and excel academically. It is extremly important to keep this mandated program available to our students, parents, school and families.

  3. Isaak Arosnon says:

    We cannot take away this lifeline for students whose needs are not being met. Supplemental Educational Services have given thousands of students supports that they need to succeed in school.

  4. Elle Lynch says:

    Cutting tutoring services to children who need them most is an injustice. First their schools are failing these children and now their state is failing them buy denying them any chance of getting caught up. Cutting these programs may save a few dollars now but will cost us so much more in the long run

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