‘Bradying’ Web Meme Mocks Patriots QB Tom Brady After Super Bowl Defeat

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – You know you’re having a bad week when:

Let’s face it: It has not been a good week for Tom Brady. And while many New Yorkers will likely mutter “Good” when thinking about that, it seems like the hits are just going to keep on coming for the superstar athlete.

“Bradying” seems to be the latest meme to hit the internet. While “Bradying,” a subject is shown sitting on the floor, legs stretched out, with their hands folded between their legs. The head is bowed.

95678738 Bradying Web Meme Mocks Patriots QB Tom Brady After Super Bowl Defeat

This shot of Tom Brady is from 2010, but it shows him perhaps practicing for his iconic 'Bradying' pose. (credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)

“Bradying” looks to take over where “Tebowing” left off. “Tebowing,” of course, was taking a picture of yourself in Tim Tebow’s iconic kneeling pose after scoring a touchdown.

There’s even a website dedicated to “Bradying.” You can check it out here.

What do you make of “Bradying?” Let us know, or upload your picture of you “Bradying” to our Facebook page

  • MJ

    things could always be worse …. people could be SNOOKI ING

  • Jimmy

    I tell you who the Loser is – whoever went to the effort to create these web meme. Self esteem problems? I would say so.

  • thatshirtcray

    Bradying and other funny shirts available at: http://www.thatshirtcray.com

  • ADM

    We have become a society of adult children, led at this time in history by the Man-Child-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama. …..Bradying?…..Tebowing?…..I can see, in the not too distant future, where the current “trend” will be standing bolt upright with a Chinese AK-47 stuck up your snout, and you won’t be doing it voluntarily.

    • calm down, buddy

      Wow, tell us how you really feel!

    • KPMc

      George Jr. was the most immature man-child we ever had in the oval office..I liked his boyish personality but he was a frat boy riding daddy’s success all the way to 1600.

      But I guess you didn’t notice that.

  • RT

    The comments Brady’s wife, Giselle Bunchen, made have been completely misunderstood. Her retort was made to the classless clowns who were heckling her and her husband after the game. It wasn’t a reflection on the players at all. As for Brady, he played a great game, both teams did, and he has no reason to hang his head.

    • dam

      Spoken in the heat of the moment, yes. Misunderstood, no.

    • KPMc

      So… her response to classless clowns was to be twice as classless?

      It wasn’t a reflection on the players? Then who was she referring to? The hot dog vendors?

      • Amtracmarine

        She never responded to the classless clowns. in the video she is clearly seen looking back over her shoulder and smiling. The comment was “overheard” while she was standing with her party at the elevator.

  • Your Crunkness

    drudge is just bitter that brady made his precious TeBlow look like a 10 year old at penn state TWICE this year.

    • Yourna Mehere

      Yo Crunk, didn’t yo daddy out towels to the boys in the penn state locker room. Probably the only way he and you could get in to college.

    • Jake Steed

      You hit it right on the nail.

  • edwardo

    Great! ONE is defeat, and one is positive, and victory! SAVATION: Halleluya!

    • Your Crunkness

      who kicked tebows ass twice this year?

  • chipfields

    Giants have now WON 4 SBs, and the Patsys have LOST 4 SBs…..no wonder Brady looks defeated in this picture

    • sweeper2010

      This is a photograph from 2010. The Giants have won 4 SBs…the Pats have won 3. The Steelers have won 6 SBs and the 49ers and Cowboys have won 5. The Giants have a ways to go to catch these numbers.

  • Thomas

    Call me a cynic but I prefer this little quote:
    “We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.”
    – Heinrich Heine

    • sweeper2010

      SOUNDS LIKE A GERMAN TO ME ! Did Heinrich belong to the KKK?

  • Paul

    I thought it was a great game……Brady has nothing to be ashamed about. It was a TEAM effort after all.

    • RT

      I totally agree. It was a classic game and no one should be hanging their heads. (Well, maybe the jerks who heckled Bundchen should be spanked. Try and be gracious winners next time.)

  • Midge Martin

    “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte

    ————————— http://911essentials.com

  • EBL

    http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/02/bradying-is-replacing-tebowing.html I have no problem with Pats fans doing what they can to cope with their loss. Heal yourselves! Maybe some Sam Adams would help too.

    • facepalm

      if you’re gonna plug your shi*tty blog, make sure you update it from 1998 thanks

  • breyle

    Anyone who knows anything about football and the TRULY GREAT football players; knows the pic taken on September 20, 1964 of Y. A. Tittle as a NY Giant QB. The pic is I believe called the “Fallen Giant” – that photo shows a future HOF who is totally spent and defeated – now that’s so much better than “Tewbowing” and “Bradying” will ever be. (BTW YA Tittle was inducted into the HOF with a class which is arguably one of the greatest of all HOF classes ever i.e. Jim Brown). Most of today’s pro QBs can’t even carry YA’s cleats!

    • YES, SIR...

      …you are so correct. that tittle picture has stood the test of time. like any great photograph it speaks volumes even if it didn’t have a caption.

  • sweeper2010

    Typical of Patriots haters (especially NY) Tom Brady’s haters make fun of and mock him when he is experiencing a crushing defeat. I shall give all you haters fair warning…..you’re dancing on very thin ice.
    Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles; Proverbs 24:17

    • JimTx

      Why NY? Giants are a NJ team like Nets, Devils, or Jets. Only NY NFL team is Buffalo.

      • KPMc

        … and the


        and the Nets will be back in NY next season.

    • jen

      you do know it is just football???

    • mark

      your team cheats. they have accomplished nothing after being exposed. thin ice indeed.

      • Joe

        Did you forget about the fainting Giants???

        Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth. Besides, The Manning face is much funnier. http://www.manningface.com/

      • sweeper2010

        Accomplishe nothing?
        No no….you have the Patriots mixed up with the Colts (2-14)

        • John

          Giants beat the Patriots 2 super bowls in a row where they were matched up, and I seem to remember them beating them twice during the season as well.

          Can’t it just be laid to rest that the Giants are a superior team?

          (I am no fan of either team)

          • Joe Blocks

            The Giants were lucky both times. That simple. They suck

            • mark

              lucky….please. the pats had to cheat to ‘win’

              spygate. learn it.

              • Jason Civilian

                spygate was about them getting caught breaking a rule. what they did gave no real advantage and it was something many other coaches were doing and have done for many years. Jimmy Johnson said he was taught to do it as well but he didn’t think it helped him. There were other accusations that the patriots filmed the Rams walkthrough before the superbowl but those allegations were never substantiated.

                looks like you are the one who knows nothing about spygate.

            • LV32

              The World Chamions suck? How about this one…. You suck! Yes.. I like this better… Asswipe…

              • Harry

                Please stop calling them World Champions. When you only play teams from your country it doesn’t count, the rest of the world is laughing at you.

                • Brad

                  And we laugh at the rest of the world.

                  The term “World Champions” is meant to denote that there is no better team in that particular sport in the world. This means that they should change the term in baseball (there may be superior teams elsewhere in the world than those lucky jokers from St. Louis, but there is no team in American Football for the year 2011 than the New York Giants.

                  Hence, the NY Giants are the World Champions of American Football.

                  BTW, I HATE the Giants, just a liitte less than the Patsies….

                  • Brad

                    Sorry, I meant “no team in the world, that plays American Football, that is superior for the year 2011 than the New York Giants.”

                • KPMc

                  When the rest of the world fields an american football team maybe you have a point.

            • Jerry Irwin

              I agree Joe. Both games could have gone either way. Welker catches that pass
              the giants would be moaning and crying in their beer. Brady also played the 4th. quarter hurt. I knew he was hurt when he was dumped on his shoulder.
              Tom Brady has more class than the whole giant team. Non cap. not a mistake.
              To kick Tom when he is down shows how low class the giants and their fans are. If the game had gone the other way, the Pats would not be crowing the way the giants and their fans are. It just shows that they are not used to winning and when they luck out they act like jerks.

    • Christie: the Governor that ate NJ

      Listen Teblow jr..you can spout proverbs till they are coming out your azz….

      THE GIANTS WON and the Patsy’s lost….’nuff said!

  • Ryan

    Yea memes have definitely become memes. It is a sign of our cultural decay…

    Prepare your family for the looming apocalypse I guess.

  • Ted Peters

    As an old f*rt I’m delighted to learn a new word today… even if I appear to be several months late on this. But now I wonder if memes themselves have become memes?

  • BigHat

    Just a bunch of losers from New York (is that redundant?) that jump at the chance to revile Brady. He has a loooong way to fall before he becomes Mr Interception Manning. Of course, sitting around eating Cheeto’s in your Mom’s basement jerking to internet porn would also make them jealous of a guy banging a super model too. It’s expected.
    Next year the Pat’s will be back in the hunt. Giants? Probably not. They’ll implode. They were only lucky to begine with and with ego issues, it’s over for them for a decade.

    • mark

      calling others haters while hating on Manning. hypocrite much?

      the Pats suck. they cheat. end of story

    • Craig

      No matter whatever happens going forward, we SPANKED YOU in Two Super Bowls ended your perfect season, ended your 20 game home winning streak and ended your most recent 10 game winning streak…Sounds like you have a LOT OF ISSUES…Guess you NEED A BIG HAT FOR THAT BIG HEAD OF YOURS….You Have My Prayers…LOSER…

      • sweeper2010

        What’s this “WE” stuff. You were sitting at home or a watering hole on your “holier than thou big butt” ..stuffing your big mouth full of nachos…slurping beer and belching. I bet your dribbled your slop on the front of your Giants shirt. LOL

    • LittleHat

      I bet you can make some great wine with those sour grapes.

  • Raymond Holland

    one pass more or less and Brady would own a new CAR!!!

  • rick

    i thought the girls from New York were very nice and friendly.. they should put a uniform on Gisele…she could be the ultimate distraction…the opposing defense would tackle her..whether she had the ball or not…

  • Mike Stidham

    I’m actually a Colts fan. I root for them (not that Eli’s brother and the boys have given me much to root for this year) and whoever’s playing the Patriots. After listening to three hours of Super Bowl Sunday with the sycophantic announcers singing the praises of the great Tom Brady right up to the last throw, this is ironic and poetic justice. Giselle’s post-game tantrum didn’t make me any more sympathetic.

  • Matt Caruso

    Why are you taking stories from Chris Chase at Yahoo Sports? He’s terrible. You guys are better than this.

    • Joe Bite-me

      This clown is just one more hack trying to latch onto Tebow to make a name for himself. Big difference here, Brady is a loser, with a sore-loser wife, while Tebow is a winner who only sees football as a game, and not the ‘end-all’ like most of these pretty-boy spoiled NFL players.

      • skentsan

        That’s a really fun post. Now back on your meds.

        • HoDown

          It looks like the wife is not the only sore loser, guess the Braydee jock-sniffers are texting in class today

  • Bob Forsberg

    Evenly matched game, one luckier than the other. I’m a life long Giants fan, but neither team was a standout against the other. Both great quarterbacks and a great game.

    • Kevin Pearson

      Neither team deserved to win. The Giants deserved to lose after burning that timeout to save a delay of game penalty just to lose 5 yards on a false start.
      The Pats deserved to lose because of losing that time out on that stupid challenge and by the stupid play calling at the 4 minute mark which resulted in the clock being stopped.
      On that one interception, it looked like Brady had enough room to pick up at least 6 yards if just had just tucked the ball in and ran for it. Not a first down but it would have been a decent gain.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Time to bench Mr. Bundchen and sign Ryan Leaf.

  • mike

    In the offseason Brady should teach his wife to catch a football.

  • jeffo

    stay home new yorkers, nobody likes you or your big mouths. tired of seeing that rathole city and it is a rathole on my television.

    • skentsan

      Is it just me or does NYC smell like a GIANT dog turd?

      • chipfields

        A GIANT dog turd that just whipped the pretty boys patsies twice in the only game that matters

      • KPMc

        no… its you… take a bath already you stinky SOB.

  • Jim Alexander

    Maybe he is thinking…”Maybe I am not as good as I thought I was”!!!!!!!

    • george

      Or he was thinking to himself precisely the same thing his wife blurted out loud.

  • Maxwell Williams

    New England can’t wait for the draft, they’re looking for a new videographer to help get them another Superbowl Win.

  • BxD

    What a spoiled, little brat!

  • Deskboy

    Brady is suffering the same affliction that Tony Romo had with Jessica Simpson. Could it be low T? Low Touchdown Count?

  • johneadie

    pppretty dumb to harp on it

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Everyone has an Achilles heel and the Pats are Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin.

  • i effed your mom

    comments here are typical of nancy-boys who have never played a sport in their lives.

    • Rush

      As compared to internet tough guys who choose a puerile handle like “i effed your mom”?


    • joey

      Yeah, your moniker really makes your point, dumbazz, did you forget to change monikers before posting? Or did you mean to sign, ” i effed my mom”?

  • teaj

    yea… I can see this taking off.

  • Paul

    Giants fans and New Yorkers in general are the rudeist and most classless people in the US. We hate it when you come to the south. Your big arrogant mouths keep all of us laughing behind your backs. Everywhere I’ve lived in the country people feel the same way. Just stay in your own state and annoy each other

    • JimTx

      Funny part is Giants are a NJ team. Where exactly is East Rutherford in NY?

    • chipfields

      OK, we’ll stay in our own state…..UNLESS INVITED TO PLAY IN THE SUPER BOWL

      • JimTx

        Stay in your state you’ll never see Giants. Giants are a NJ team

    • Joan Serrano Russo

      Sounds like bitter grapes out there in Bloody Boston..We have the big mouths?? what about Giiselle Bundsen what a bitch putting her husbands team under the bus..You have it all wrong everyones laughting behind your backs at you fools
      in Boston..Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

      • Paul

        Thats sour grapes moron. And Giselle is not from Boston. Oh and its throw under the bus not put them under. You speaka da inglis??

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Paul is just about 100% correct…not necessarily about all Giants fans but about a HUGE majority of NYers in general…and I was born on the Upper East Side before fleeing to the Gulf Coast.

      • LV32

        Stay there….

    • Bubba

      I don’t hate when New Yorkers come down South. They’re fun to pick on in bars and beat the tar out of. I can fit my whole fist in their big mouths…after their teeth are knocked out.

      • LV32

        Bubba is an internet tough guy…. Just stay where youre at “Bubba”… Curious.. At night, do you lock the door on the double wide????

        • Rush

          Don’t have to, LV –

          The Son of Sam and his ilk prefer – thankfully – preying on your type.

          Now, back to your 400 sq. ft apartment…

          : – )

    • Christopher

      Paul, don’t lump us all in , or I’m afraid I’m going to have to call you a slowtalking retarded inbred who loves budweiser, nascar, and war.

      • Paul

        uhh yuah thats why all your retires move AWAY from NY. Couldn’t be the better people,weather,jobs,beauty etccc..NY is full of gov’t sucking libs who think they know everything. Surprise you don’t know sh%t

      • Rush

        Hey Christopher –

        Barrett Jones called.

        Something about him wanting to ensure that you deliver his pizza on time…

    • Ryan

      I am from the south and I love the Giants and New Yorkers, the intelligence is refreshing something the south seems to have a relative drought of.

      • you hung yourself

        ryan, your comment is quite exemplary of the drought. thanks for playing.

      • teaj

        you’re from new york.

  • YankeeI

    Typical of the way the country is headed. Whining, pouting and crying instead of praying, fighting back and standing tall!

    • Ropeless Homantic

      he’s whining, pouting and crying? really? no. not really. he took a moment after losing the biggest game in the world. it’s a feeling you will never get to experience. his after game interviews were solemn, yet congratulatory to the game well played by the giants. you’re just a moron. next…

  • Jeff

    Looks like a crybaby having a temper tantrum!

    The Pats stunk it up and he’s crying about it.

    • Anatole Pushkin

      Now we know why Giantw won. They are not cry babies.

    • Eli

      Giants fans suckle on hairy scrotums

    • Mike

      Looks more like a guy who is placing the blame for this loss squarely upon himself actually. Crap on him all you want, but we’ve all been there in our own lives – some of us for much worse than losing a game. I suppose you have to have half a heart and a quarter brain to understand how that feels, which is why folks from the cesspool of America (NY) would rather just gloat. Try to remember the biggest choke in Professional Sports history (2004 Yankees) and it will help you remember.

      • JimTx

        NY’rs are notoriously poor winners/poor losers it’s a lack of character

      • chipfields

        wow, you have to go back 8 years to find something on NY…..we only have to go back three days to remind you WE ARE THECHAMPIONS!!

    • sweeper2010

      There’s a “disgusting odor” coming from you also ….eeccckkk

    • huh?

      temper tantrum? he’s just sitting on the ground looking down. you new yorkers are hilarious.

  • Ryan

    Haha, this is classic. Go GIANTS!

    Don’t rely on the federal government for disaster relief, are you prepared for anything that could happen?

    • Angela

      Awesome website man! but BOOO on the Giants GO PATS!

      • Richard Henkle

        GO CARDS! (yes, I know my team sux)

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