NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — CBS 2 got an exclusive look Wednesday inside the investigation of a twisted and brutal crime.

The infamous 2009 murder of a Florida millionaire Ben Novack at a Westchester County hotel resulted in his wife, Narcy Novak, being charged with his murder.

Prosecutors said Novack had her husband killed to secure his $10 million estate for herself.

Seen in video being grilled by police, Narcy Novack sounded dazed, but authorities said it was all deceit.

“I walked in and I tripped on something. I realized he was on the floor,” Novack is heard telling investigators.

The questioning came in the summer of 2009 and 12 hours after she reported finding the bound and bludgeoned body of her husband in room 453 of the Rye Town Hilton, where the Novacks were organizing a convention.

“My husband is not around to protect me,” Novack could be heard saying on the tape. “I don’t know who to trust.”

Novack is also later heard saying “I just wanted to kill myself.”

Police suspected right away that Novack was a diabolical mastermind, who hired hitmen to kill her husband. But she acted for all the world like the loving wife of a troubled man.

“He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He didn’t have friends to play because he was raised in a hotel, he was born in a hotel,” Novack said.

That hotel is Miami’s famous Fontainebleau, a playground for the rich built by Ben Novack Sr. His slain son built his own fortune in the convention planning business.

It was enough money to indulge his obsession with Batman — enough to buy the Batmobile and acquire the biggest collection of Batman memorabilia in the world.

But Narcy Novack told police the “Dark Knight” fan had a dark side.

“He used handcuffs, he likes rough stuff,” Narcy Novack said.

Cops immediately keyed in on the Novacks’ penchant for bondage.

Investigator: “He dies in a position that he finds sexually arousing.”

Novack: “This is my husband you’re talking about! And I don’t want you to look at him as a pervert.”

Narcy Novack told police her husband carried a lot of cash and someone must have killed him while she was downstairs having breakfast.

“I have nothing to do with my husband’s death,” she said.

Novack acted shocked when cops suggested she hired hitmen so she could inherit her husband’s fortune.

Novack: “You’re telling me that I saw the people that went into the room?”

Investigator: “I’m saying you opened the door for them.”

Novack: “I don’t need for you or anybody else to yell at me or to put pressure on me. I cannot take it. Everything falls on me, just give me an electrical chair and put me out of my misery because I cannot take this anymore.”

About a year after the investigation, Novack was charged with conspiring with her brother to use hitmen to kill her husband. She has pleaded not guilty and goes on trial in April.

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