Michael Torres Arrested In Sex Assault Of Woman On Subway Tracks At Bowery & Delancey

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It was an underground nightmare for one woman, the stuff urban horror stories are made of.

Early Wednesday morning, police say a 36-year-old woman had just gotten off the J train at Bowery Street and Delancey. Police say the woman told them that as she was about to get on the escalator, she was grabbed from behind.

Armed with a screwdriver, a man wrapped his arm around her neck, covered her mouth and told her not to scream, police said.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports

He then knocked her onto the tracks, threatened her with the screwdriver and pulled her into a tunnel where he beat, raped and sodomized her, 1010 WINS John Montone reported.

As she was being attacked, police say, the victim heard a track worker nearby and began to scream. The suspect took off, and the track worker started to care for the woman – and called 911. EMS and police responded. The victim was taken to an area hospital where she was treated and released. She suffered injuries to her mouth, ribs and back.

Meanwhile, police began to hunt for the suspect. They swept through the area, canvassing it and looking for video cameras. It turns out the suspect’s entire run from the attack was caught on various cameras. Piecing the footage together, they were able to spot the suspect exiting the station, turning west on Delancey Street and running north on Bowery. Cameras caught the suspect entering a men’s shelter at 197 Bowery.

At 9:45 p.m. that night, that’s where police arrested Michael Torres, 29.

Torres is accused of assault, attempted rape, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal sex acts.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports Torres is a career criminal with 27 prior arrests.

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One Comment

  1. edw987 says:

    The old saying lock him up throw away the key.

  2. JB says:

    and people object to cameras in public. We need more cameras out there in public.

    1. RatsInSubway says:

      No, we do not need BIG BROTHER putting cameras everywhere. We DO NEED a Justice System that doesn’t allow a guy to have 27 chances to commit crimes.
      WHY WAS THIS GUY OUT ON THE STREETS? Not more cameras! More Common sense!

      1. Richard says:

        We DO need more cameras. Obviously they’re helping to solve crimes, as with the murder and mutilation of that Jewish boy. Cameras were able to trace his wherabouts in that case. “Big Brother” is a buzzword. One might as well call the media “Big Brother” too; but without an aggressive media so many social (including institutional) abuses would not be exposed. So let’s live with it. Today most criminals would have to suffer from mental deficits to think their crimes cannot be easily traced, whether from cameras, ATM machines, cell phones (how many kidnapped victims were saved by their cell phones?), etc.

  3. Rich says:

    They should stab him in each eye with a screwdriver , then place him in a concentration camp like they did in Germany , Poland, etc. We need to have them in this country and televise it to warn others what there consequences would be

  4. Family Member says:

    My mother just called me to tell me about this story and I am sooooo sorry to admit that I am related to this lowlife. I just saw him at his grandmothers funeral (my aunt) in December. He was there with his two young daughters which makes this story even more unfortunate. I know he would not want something like this to happen to them. He was raised by my aunt (the one that just passed) and she had a disability that did not enable her to care for him properly. So he pretty much did whatever he wanted to do, hence his 27 prior arrests.Out of all things,what a shame to know that he would do something like this. He seemed to have forgotton that a woman brought his stupid ass to this world. To the victim of this horrific crime, please know that although I am related to him does NOT mean that I am like him. There are too many times when family members get judged based on the act of other family members. I say lock him up and never let him out. How embarrasing for everyone but more so for his children when they learn of what their father did. I hope and pray that he gets what he deserves. Thank you for reading everyone.

    1. BerrySweet says:

      Hi i just wanted to comment on this… This makes me sick to know that i have grown up with him and this is the person he turned out to be. I feel sorry for his family knowing that they are very nice people. I am in total shock and I dont know what else to say.

    2. Brooklyn Girl says:

      Family Member…. thank you for being a decent human being. All too many times family members either attempt to defend another family member that has committed a heinous act, co-sign the act itself or blame the victim for being a victim.
      It’s unfortunate, but they have to be related to someone. You have just proven that he is not a reflection of you or your family.

      1. rainwater says:

        Family Member, I agree with Brooklyn Girl, it was brave of you to comment and I feel for you and your family when you have someone who has tainted your name and brought shame to relatives. Hopefully he will be put away and maybe it is a blessing in disguise to take him away from his girls, what could he offer them? This way maybe they will learn about respect from men from someone who can give them true direction in life.

  5. thor's hammer says:

    so many great punishments possible. there’s that favorite of the british navy (think mutiny on the bounty) – keel hauling. the vikings had a few good ideas, as did our friends from the spanish inquisition (and as monty python used to say, “nobody ever expects the spanish inquisition”). the native american peoples in their various tribal councils had tried and true methods. in the meantime, the lowlife should be in a cell 3 feet in diameter, no windows/phone/tv/computer/visitors/books/free health care. a slot for 2 meals a day. maybe 1 hour of electricity a day. it’s bad enough the good people of ny will have to pay for the court appointed lawyer. justice for the victim only!

  6. meanwhile says:

    In other news, joe blow was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his 3rd strike for drug possession……

  7. Robert Moses says:

    The only way to stop things like this from happening is to just shut down the subway system. Besides, everybody knows that REAL Americans drive everywhere.

  8. Elmo says:

    Castrating him won’t be enough, he would have to have his hands cut off too. But that’s not the answer either. Keeping him away from society is the answer. He has proven he cannot live amongst the normal people.

  9. Robert from Woodbridge says:

    What a shame….in a couple of minutes a low-life thug has changed this woman’s life forever. I don’t waste time saying “castrate him”… because too many soft heads make excuses for vermin like this guy. If I had one wish, I’d rewind the day to before this terrible thing happened….I wish it was in my power…

  10. gumby says:

    Its not his fault. The System is holding him back because they are racist.

  11. SoSO says:

    It is a shame 27 prior arrest. The city and it’s worker’s form the police to the judges should be responsible for this. 27 PRIOR ARREST!!!

    1. mat says:

      It time to review the way judges are selected. Somebody in the justice system needs to held accountable for these repeat offenders being released into the community where they are killing police officers, raping women and victimizing all of us repeatedly!!!

  12. Lest not cast the first stone says:

    Sorry everyone, but you can’t just “castrate”, “put his nuts in a blender”, “lock him away and throw away the key”. This man needs psychiatric help, plain and simple.

    Let’s not be barbarians.

    1. LiberalsRDopes says:

      He can stay at your house.

      1. Lest not cast the first stone says:

        Or maybe yours? Is your wife hot?

  13. Ms. IND/BMT says:

    This story is very disturbing for me, this is exactly my point. Years ago I decided that my safety and well-being was more important than cleaning some horrific, dangerous, disgusting, rat-infested, pervert lurking subway platform. So many women with stories that go untold have been assaulted in the dead of night at many of the 457 stations. TA could care less, take a look at the numerous booths that have been condemned and the lack of over-all safety. TA generates millions on a daily basis, they cry poverty, and the last thing they’re worried about is possible late-night crimes and perhaps putting some active man-power in the booths AND ON THE STATIONS PLATFORMS. Protect your people who endanger their lives everyday and the general public who deposit their hard earned money to ride the trains and buses.

    1. rainwater says:

      More reasons for MORE cameras!!!

  14. Bullett says:

    I’ll do the “snip-snip” for no charge.

  15. cluxx clamsman says:

    Put his nuts in a blender mix it with drano and blend on low speed. Then force down the throats of all the judges that let him walk 26 times.

  16. Yankee Fan says:

    This is a terrible act and thankfully the suspect is in custody. It is very refreshing to learn that cameras were able to follow the suspect from the scene all the way to the shelter he entered. Hopefully criminals will be less likely to attack if they know cameras are active. Virtually every street in Manhattan and every subway stop have camera coverage. This cost a ton of tax dollars however it is well worth the investment.

    1. Rugbyball says:

      A lot of the Cameras are from private owners, store fronts mostly. There are way more private cameras and NYPD cameras.

  17. Chris McDonough says:

    Simple solution. He likes the tracks so much? Tie him to the tracks.

    1. Lisa says:

      Yes the third rail.

  18. pots says:

    rope, tree…problem solved…sometimes the old solutions work best

  19. Major Houlihan says:


    1. assman says:

      This was a track worker, not a booth operator. Booth operators stay in their booths, as we all remember from the Maria Besedina rape case.

  20. Peter Schwarz says:

    27 arrests? What is wrong with our system?

    1. LM says:

      Totally agree. 27 arrests???

      1. Brooklyn Girl says:

        Family Member…. thank you for being a decent human being. All too many times family members either attempt to defend another family member that has committed a heinous act, co-sign the act itself or blame the victim for being a victim.
        It’s unfortunate, but they have to be related to someone. You have just proven that he is not a reflection of you or your family.

      2. Loco Coco says:

        Unfortunately 27 arrests are not 27 convictions. Just because one is arrested does not mean one is automatically guilty of a crime. Learn the law people it is in place to protect OUR rights… although nothing is always 100% foolproof.

        1. RatsInSubway says:

          Yeah man, learn the law! You are a fool.

        2. rainwater says:

          You are correct, they are not 27 convictions. Considering how crappy our system is, do you really think he was caught EVERY time he did something wrong? What about the 27 other crimes he committed and wasn’t caught for? True nothing is 100% “fool proof”!

  21. Bernie Goetz says:

    I agree with Noper’s comment. Castrate him. Cut his nads off with a dull, rusty swiss army knife, without anesthesia. I have more, but I don’t want to offend anyone so I’ll leave it there. These animals must be stopped.

  22. Marlene says:

    There’s no rehabilitation for a career criminal such as Michael Torres. Throw him in jail forever. He has forfeited his privilege to live among civilized citizens.

    1. poor man says:

      Let him go free and commit another 27 criminal acts. By then maybe the athoities will wake up. What a rotten justice system we live with. G-D have mercy on us and rid this nation from such criminals.

  23. Noper says:

    Castrate him.

    1. jean says:

      I would agree with you Noper, but unfortunately, castration won’t work. If he isn’t locked up for good, he will continue to assault women using an instrument to replace what was cut off. Rape isn’t about sew — there’s plenty out there to be had. It’s all about control, power and violence. That can’t be cured. The only solution is to keep him away from society forever

      1. John says:

        That’s not entirely true. Rape is often about “sew”. Saying it’s only about power is a misunderstanding propagated by feminists.

  24. Gizmodog says:

    Gelding works for horses…

  25. John says:

    Thank God for the cameras and of course the track worker who responded to her screams for help.

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