With ‘Lin-Sanity’ taking over the Big Apple and Kobe Bryant making his yearly visit to New York, the folks over at the Garden decided to roll out the ‘blue carpet’  – which was a bad idea according to Craig.

Speaking of Friday night, Boomer had a WASP’s hockey game so caught the second-half out at a bar and was astonished by the number of eyes on the TV, presumably because of Lin.  Craig then  recounted the magical week the 23 year-old Lin experienced last week, while Boomer was busy thinking about Rangers’ goalie Hendrik Lundqvist’s greatness.

Eventually Craig turned Lin’s unbelievable story into a motion picture, before airing his gripe with those in-charge of the Grammy Awards for what perceived to be a slight to the 48 year-old Whitney Houston, who passed away over the weekend…

LISTEN: MSG Rolls Out the Blue Carpet – Whitney Houston Tribute Falls Short (02/13)

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