NJ Dentist Patrick Bamgboye Under Investigation After 2nd Child Death

NEWARK, NJ. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey dentist is under investigation after the only child of a couple in their 20s died in his care during a routine procedure.

Prosecutors said 3-year-old Juan Quiej died on Feb. 8 while visiting Dr. Patrick Bamgboye’s office in Irvington.

The 64-year-old dentist is already on probation with the Board of Dentistry for a 2004 incident in which 6-year-old Kyneicha Pagan died in his care at an office in Perth Amboy.

According to a report, a medical examiner found Pagan died of natural causes because she suffered from several serious medical conditions.

The Board of Dentistry reportedly investigated the girl’s death and filed a complaint against the dentist in 2008. Though a judge later found no gross negligence in the case, the board suspended Bamgboye for three months and then placed him on probation for another 21 months.

An attorney for Dental Health Associates told the Star-Ledger of Newark that Bamgboye is cooperating with authorities and it’s too early to assert blame.

Quiej was apparently restrained and under local anesthetic for a routine cavity-filling procedure when he died.

Attorney Joseph Ginarte said Quiej began turning blue in the dentist chair and Bamgboye ignored the mother’s pleas to stop the procedure.

“The mom noticed right away that the kid was not doing well, the he was in distress,” Ginarte said. “She complained to the doctor and said, ‘Stop, my child is not doing well.'”

Ginarte said Bamgboye replied, “Just relax, let me do my work.”

About 15 minutes later, Quiej’s lips apparently began turning purple and his mother complained again.

“He finally realized the child wasn’t breathing,” Ginarte said.

Quiej was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Division of Consumer Affairs, the agency which oversees the Board of Dentistry, is investigating.

The Essex County prosecutor’s office is also reviewing the case and will determine whether a criminal investigation is warranted.

“We received a letter last week from Mr. Ginarte’s law firm advising us of the death of the two children under the care of Dr. Patrick Bamgboye. We will be consulting with the Division of Consumer Affairs, the agency responsible for licensing doctors and investigating charges of non-criminal misconduct. We will then review the case to determine whether a criminal investigation is warranted,”said Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray.

Ginarte is pushing for Bamgboye’s license to be revoked.

“Someone like this should not be allowed to come anywhere near our kids, should not be allowed to treat kids under any circumstances” Ginarte said.


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  1. M'bongo Yutube says:

    I am sure racial quotas had no part in his dental schooling. After all, this IS a meritocracy.

  2. Dave says:

    Not standing up for this guy but some of the comments appear niave in regards to proper dental health. Restoring baby teeth is necessary to prevent early loss causing loss of space for the adult teeth. Additionally, not restoring decayed baby teeth can result in pain and even abscesses which cause not only oral problems but even systemic problems. Fixing baby teeth is NOT an insurance scam! Clearly this guy has issues and the children’s death is very tragic but don’t draw the wrong conclusion about what is proper dental health and treatment for children.

  3. Maria says:

    Who in their right mind fills cavities in baby teeth? They fall out anyway, whats the point? If the tooth is a real problem just pull it! Insurance scam, this dentist should be locked up!

  4. Killdee Mooleez says:

    As dentists go, he looks very dangerous. I’ll bet he owns stock in bubble gum and non-diet soda companies.

  5. Nick says:

    A three year old? They don’t even have their adult teeth yet. I smell insurance scam.

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