Before saying hello to Phil Simms, Craig asked Boomer why he hasn’t received any invitations to attend Rangers games lately.  Boomer didn’t have an answer for his radio partner, then we found out that Craig is not alone as Simms, too, has not received an invite from the Booms to see the Blueshirts skate in person.

Craig assured Simms that he would right Boomer’s wrong and the two of them will attend a Rangers game in the very near future — and while there they will mock Boomer together.

With that out of the way we hear how Boomer made life a little uncomfortable for Simms while in Indy for the Super Bowl, Simms offered his thoughts on the passing of Gary Carter and like many before him, admitted to be suffering from a case of ‘LINsanity’…

LISTEN: Phil Simms Feels Left Out (02/17)

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