Witnesses: Car Backs Up And Runs Over Woman Several Times In Fort Lee

Onlookers Say Victim Killed On Purpose, But Police Not Saying Much Of Anything

FORT LEE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Was it a deadly accident or a hit and run done on purpose?

On Monday night, witnesses reported a horrifying scene — a woman hit repeatedly by the same car. Now, police are searching for the driver, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

The scene was shocking – tennis shoes spread apart on the street, evidence of a hit and run that left a woman dead in the road, and witnesses horrified.

“I just kept talking to her. I didn’t know what else to do. She was definitely very, very hurt,” witness Pam Roseland said.

The retired nurse was still visibly upset and said she and her neighbors heard the commotion, went outside and couldn’t believe their eyes. A black car, possibly a Hyundai Sonata being checked by police, was found parked in a neighborhood about a mile away. It is believed to be the one that hit the woman, and was then seen backing up, and running over her again.

“I didn’t get the license plate, because I was confused, what’s going on, really?” witness Nazaret Manoukin said.

“Run back and forth, back and forth, couple of times, I counted. It’s like at least more than three times,” Susie He added.

“Then he ran over her again. If you don’t believe me, I was almost gonna break the window,” Manoukin said.

Fort Lee Police, along with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department, are investigating, but they weren’t talking Monday night. They collected surveillance video from the Fort Lee Community Center just steps away, and were interviewing neighbors.

Fort Lee crime scene

The scene where a car apparently struck a woman and then backed up and ran her over several more times before pulling away. (Photo: Sonia Rincon/1010 WINS)

One man said he physically tried to stop the car.

“I tried to open the door, and the door was locked,” he said. “He deliberately killed that woman I think.”

No one appears to know who the victim is. Her tennis shoes in the street were a haunting reminder to neighbors who could do nothing to save her life.

“I couldn’t touch her and I just wish I could have done something,” one person said.

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  1. m says:

    This is another argument for the 2nd admendment. If someone was carring a weapon, They could have taken the proper action to stop this crime and save someone..

  2. Seamus McMahon says:

    I turned onto Anderson Avenue immediately after it happened and saw the body laying in the street. It was horrible as I saw a woman leaning over the body talking to her. Evil is everywhere. I play with my daughter in the park which is right there on Inwood Terrace. I felt very sad about this and this poor girl

  3. Suze says:

    Okaay…so basically, witnesses got close enough to the car to bang on the windows, but DIDN’T GET THE LICENCE PLATE NUMBER?? HELLO!!

  4. steven says:

    Shut yo face dumb a s s

  5. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Mr. Knick says:

      Not true, Very, but obsessive compulsive disorder sure is.

    2. alan miller says:

      Your conservatism is a spiritual disorder. Hurry off to church so you can recite the words you don’t believe in or practice.

  6. Mel says:

    It sure is a sad story. Such a safe community tarnished by such a horrific doing by someone out of his/her mind, probably not even from the area. I always feel so safe here, but things like this make you feel so unsafe. I walk late at night in Fort Lee and never imagined any crazy person lurking around. God bless her family and friends. May the community also heal from this.

  7. sammy622 says:

    How fitting to have this huge pop up Jeep ad on the same page as the story,

    1. TJB says:

      that crap is annoying isn’t it?

  8. wayne says:

    I live in Fort Lee. I surely hope the catch this perp and send him away for life. My prayers are with this poor womans family.

    1. mj says:

      “perp” lol i thnk you’ve watched one too many episodes of law and order

      1. Blasterific says:

        Really mj? Go get yourself in danger so spiderman can save you ‘mj’

      2. Bullett says:

        “Hey MJ”..How about we call him/her a deranged psychopathic killer? Will that suit you “cupcake”?

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