Woman Struck By Q44 Bus In Flushing

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is investigating a fatal accident in Queens.

Police said 22-year-old Meilan Jin was struck and killed at Northern Boulevard and Union Street in Flushing shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Police said Jin was hit by a Q44 bus that did not stop, apparently because the driver was unaware of the incident.

The bus was not in service at the time.

Other vehicles were also involved in the accident.

Jin was pronounced dead at the scene.

The crash is under investigation.


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  1. W says:

    Regardless of whether or not a bus is in service, it was still a Q44 Bus. A bus designated to run that certain route.

    I’m not sure if you’re deliberately being obtuse or just a lawyer for the GOP.

  2. Matt Hardy says:

    I live very close by,

    Very dangerous intersection. I cross it twice a day VERY carefully. Really gotta watch it.

  3. Renee says:

    Unfortunately at this time I feel that until more information is revealed as to the nature of this accident, everyone is having a very emotional response. NO ONE wants to hear of a gruesome death at any time. Until details are revealed, it could have been the fault of EITHER party. I have been commuting in this area my whole life- and especially in Flushing, I have seen MANY a pedestrian running across the street to catch a bus, make a light etc without any regard for buses that legitimately have the right of way, assuming that nothing will happen to them and that the risk is worth the extra 5 min they’ll save. I have ALSO, as another writer said, seen some MTA bus drivers disregard traffic laws such as red lights. It’s really a case of unknown at this point unless there is a number of witnesses who can testify to the same thing. There are many careful and skilled drivers out there whose reps shouldn’t be tarnished, and neither should those of law abiding, observant pedestrians.

    As for “Robert Moses” I can’t even dignify a response to ignorance. I would love to know where he lives that he thinks all Americans necessitate ownership of vehicles. (I myself own a car as well, but that doesn’t mean that every destination is appropriate for driving my car). Oh, and how does he expect Americans that are not of legal driving age, or the elderly who are no longer license holders to get everywhere- cabs?-unless he is driving them?? ;p

    1. Patrice says:

      I agree 100% with you Renee

  4. Need The Info says:

    First the article says that it was a Q44. Then it says that the bus was not in service. WHICH IS IT?

    1. Patrice says:

      It was the Q44 that wasn’t in service at the time.

      1. Need The Info says:

        If it wasn’t in service, then it wasn’t a Q44 (or any other route).

  5. Robert Moses says:

    This is one example of why ALL public transportation should be BANNED immediately. If you want to go anywhere, then be a REAL American and DRIVE YOUR CAR.

  6. MTA Driver Lies says:

    There’s no way you can hit and kill someone and not notice. That bus driver is lying, he probably freaked out after he/she struck her and fled the scene.

    He/she should be charged with manslaughter.

  7. Aaron says:

    I’m sorry, but I can not believe the MTA. This just proves how stupid their bus service is. Thank G-D that they don’t operate the LI Nassau County Bus anymore. I am ashamed of the MTA…they say that the driver apparently wasn’t aware of the incident?! THEN TRAIN YOUR DRIVERS BETTER!!! This is a very sad story and I feel so bad for this poor woman’s family. R.I.P.

  8. Anhony says:

    The article states that the woman was in her 40s. Fox News at 5:00 stated that the woman was 22-years-old. Initial news reports are usually filled with hearsay and inaccurate statements. A lot of pedestrians don’t pay attention and don’t yield the right of way when crossing streets.

  9. Sara says:

    I was there after she got hit. I saw her dead body in the street covered by a white sheet. I will NEVER forget that image. I’ve never seen so much blood in my life, it looked like her body was in peices under the blanket too. I’m ALWAYS careful crossing the street. But this just goes to show that, that intersection is SO dangerous. They need to extend the walking time…It feels like theres barely any time to walk…

  10. Scott says:

    Over the last 10-15 years I’ve noticed buses running amock, especially in Flushing. I’ve personally witnessed buses making turns after the light has changed to red, they seem to be above the rules or act that way for some reason and are becoming increasingly dangerous in their driving behavior. I’m born and raised in Flushing and I HAVE NEVER SEEN AN MTA BUS DRIVER TICKETED FOR ANY TRAFFIC OFFENSE,WHY?????

    1. ogs says:

      yes, i agree! MTA bus drivers seem to be above the law! They are reckless but as you said I have never seen any bus driver ticketed!
      What a shame!

  11. I Live Nearby says:

    I was on another bus on my way to work and saw the scene post accident. I think city needs to consider building a pedestrian bridge. That is where Flushing High school is. This is a busy street, especially on school day. During peak hours, many Q44 and Q20a/b would make a right turn while pedestrian cross Northern BLVD. Bus driver might be thinking the pedestrian would yield and pedestrian would think bus driver would yield. Combination of both is not pretty.

  12. flushing resident says:

    This is the most deadly intersection in Queens. How many more people have to be killed before the city does something about it?

    1. I Live Nearby says:

      so Are you suggesting particular race would get into accident while other race is immune?
      Dude, sheet of steel does not pick favorite base on color skin. They crash all like bug. Talking about equal opportunity~

      1. WTF says:

        Race was never mentioned.

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