Catholic League Upset Empire State Building To ‘Stiff’ Cardinal Dolan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is still steamed over the Empire State Building refusing to honor Mother Teresa and he says it’s not surprising that they’re going to “stiff” the newly elevated Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

“There’s no question that they’re much more at home honoring mass murderers there at the Empire State Building and I’m not being facetious. They honored Mao Zedong and others for the 60th anniversary of the Communist Revolution here a few years ago, who took with him 77 million innocent Chinese men, women, and children,” Donohue told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb.

Donohue says the building’s refusal to honor Cardinal Dolan does not detract one iota from the celebration.

“It did detract from the celebrations of Mother Teresa back in 2010, but we’ve kind of gotten used to the fact that they are die hard secularists there at the Empire State Building,” sad Donohue.

He added that they will take this in stride.

Do you think that the skyscraper should honor Dolan? Sound off in the comments section below!

  • William

    Flip the ESB…. Honestly it has MUCH more meaning and sentiment that 1 World Trade Center(Freedom Tower) has graciously honored our new Cardinal… I am sure that many NY Catholics feel the same!!

  • The Realist

    Why hasn’t the Catholic League SUED to recover its monetary losses?

  • r a v


  • r a v

    why honor a child sodomizer and rapist from wisconcin. these were hundreds of deaf and blind children in a school under his care that he did his best to cover-up. as his reward the devil in rome transfered him to nyc for elevation to cardinal. all the while he’s backslapping everyone and laughing to the buffet table with that phony modesty. how many millons were spent on this party and nothing for the chidren….the victims. this is true evil ! I wonder if he visited cardinal law to compare notes and have a good laugh. to laugh at the ignorant people supporting this. these people are guilty also FOR supporting this and closing their eyes. what would Jesus do?

  • Da Capo

    The history of blood on this RC church’s hands makes the Vatican
    as holy as my Showerhead in the bathroom, Spanish Inquisition anyone?
    Put a Condom over the ESB, Then ask Dolan where all the money comes
    from for his ongoing ego fed party ,could it be from the taxpayers who
    gave this diocese millions of dollars to keep the now closed St.Vincent’s

  • Long Eye

    Is the Catholic League anything more thatn just Bill Donohue barking into a TV camera every chance he gets?

  • The Realist

    If you’re ACTUALLY “upset” over this, then you should sue the building’s management to recover your ACTUAL monetary losses.

  • Steven

    “ESB has a specific policy against lighting for religious figures, religious organizations, and additional religious holidays.”

    Just to inform the ESB, St. Patrick is a religious figure. He was a real person.

    • Anon

      And Christmas just happens to be the birth of Christ. I think he was a religious figure…not to sure tho, maybe not on Christmas day since they light the ESB green and red.

      • Steven

        But St. Patrick’s Day has the actual Saint’s name, Christmas does not. If they are to follow their own guidelines, the ESB should not be lit green on 3/17/12.

      • The Realist

        “Christmas Day” is just some random day in December that was chosen to compete with a pagan holiday. It’s commonly known that Jesus was actually born sometime in the spring, when shepherds would actually be out tending their flocks. (In fact, beginning with Moses, the greatest Jewish heroes died on their birthdays!)

  • Kieran

    What right do catholics have to bash the ESB for not honoring a religious celebration? They state on their website that they have the full right to say no to any request and they doing just that.

    Donohue mentions that the ESB is secular in a negative tone. What is so bad about being secular?

    • Anne

      Secular starts with an “S” and so does “STUPID” stupid.

  • General

    I don’t understand the decisions that ESB makes. They light up the building during the Jewish high holidays. Seems they have a thing about Catholics. If you can’t honor all religions then stop lighting up the building for any religious group. Problem solved.

  • Vik

    I think it’s incredibly idiotic how idiotic morons like you even know how to write an intelligent sentence. Mike and company are atheist pigs or that other religion that let their own children walk home alone without supervision and one of their own murders them. That’s OK Frankie, we don’t need ESB and their slimy, racist lights. We’ll honor him like we do every Sunday. By praying for him and praying for these p.o.s.’s who simply don’t know any better than the dirt under their own shoes.

    • danny

      Vic, your statements here are very catholic of you. How forgiving you are. Calling your fellow man a pig because he doesn’t share your belief. That’s ok Vic. I’ll be a good atheist and not call you any names. I will just turn and walk away. Like your savior. Not like you.

  • mike

    I’m with the ESB.

    • Vik

      Ha! — yeah, You’re with stupid. ‘Nuf said.

  • frankie jeter

    Another catholic basher who learned what it knows about the catholic church and faith third hand at best! Wrong! The undderlying hate in your comment is unsettling!

    • Up Theirs!!

      Who really cares what these frustrated, bitter gay guys feel about us Catholics and the Catholic Church. Screw them!!! or better yet, let them screw each other!!

      • Long Eye

        Yeah! Let them screw each other! Like so many priests did to children under the Cardinal’s leadership.

  • I Agree

    I agree with the ESB. It’s incredible arrogance that anyone would expect the ESB to want to honor these pagan idolaters.

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