Hundreds Line Up For Chance To Buy $220 Nike Foamposite One Sneakers

Smooth Sale-ing In NYC, Not So Elsewhere

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Hundreds of New Yorkers braved the rain and cold to line up for Nike’s new sneakers, which officially went on sale just after midnight.

About 100 people lined up outside the Foot Action on West 33rd Street to drop $220 on a pair of the limited-edition Nike Foamposite One sneakers and there were long lines reported at other stores around the city.

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“They’re really nice, they glow in the dark so I want one,” said one man waiting in line.

“It’s all worth it,” said another woman.

The shoes are in such high demand that one New Yorker even took out an ad on Craigslist offering to trade his Chevy Cavalier for a pair.

While it was all quiet in New York City, that wasn’t the case in Orlando where police on horseback had to calm crowds anxious to buy the new sneakers.

Authorities say hundreds of people packed a mall parking lot and started to get unruly when they were told to wait. Police in riot gear were called out to push back the crowd.

Similar scenes took place around the country.

This isn’t the first time a shoe craze has caused a little chaos at stores. When Nike released its new Air Jordan XI Concord sneakers in December last year, a fight broke out at a mall in Jersey City between some customers waiting in line to buy the shoes.

Then at the Staten Island Mall, a man had to be forcibly removed by officers after police say he exchanged words with another person in the crowd.

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  • Just Asking

    If I choose to NOT buy these sneakers, does the money I save become “taxable income”?

  • RVP

    I think this whole thing is rediculous but keep in mind that the sneaker culture is huge. Go to you local Barnes and noble and pick up the Sneaker magazine. These are not snaekers people will wear. They are limited edition and will be sold or traded for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. There are people who have collections worth $100,000 dollars!!



  • ace11

    People need to GET LIVES

  • Big G

    People wanna be like Victor Cruz…who tweeted a pic…saying how fortunate he was to have gotten a pair…sneakers dog, sneakers…they really don’t make you any better, smarter, definitely not wiser, or better looking….just a little lighter in the wallet. In the end you’re gonna have them ripped off and maybe even cause a few deaths here and there. Good Luck!

  • Dan

    They are selling for over $ 1,000 on ebay right now there is a size ten going for $61,000..with 5 hrs left to bid….they are worth getting to sell them…… thats what mnost people who are buying them are doing so yes they are worth the $220 dollars……

  • lg

    Ghetto crap.

  • jerseyjoey

    They look like fluorescent grapes, yet again the country is melting down as gas heads to be 5-10 bucks a gallon and we have this kind of idiotic behavior, well as times get bad people seem to throw conventional wisdom out the door.

  • Gflow

    Not a bad mark up for Nike considering they use child labor. We seem to have the wrong priorities.

  • NL9075

    People are paying over $200 for these fugly pieces of s**t?? They ‘glow in the dark’?? how cute… how old was that man quoted in the article? Seven?

  • waste of time

    For sneakers that hold no value.People are suckers because company can always increase production.

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