L.I. Couple Wants Answers After Lavatory Leak From Overhead Plane

MALVERNE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — One Malverne couple was enjoying the mild night Thursday when they became covered by sludge as a plane taking off from Kennedy Airport flew overhead.

“A plane was coming over. Next thing you know she says ‘Oh my God it’s raining.’ I said ‘No it’s not’,” Artie Hughes told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon.

“Some black liquid, black oil came off on her face, and I walked around and I looked and said ‘Oh my God.’ There was quarter-sized, nickel-sized, dime-sized drops all over my deck, my barbecue, my table,” he said.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reports

Thinking something was wrong with the plane, they called police.

“It was oily in substance, blackish-greenish oil. I thought it was hydraulic fluid and then the policeman came down and said ‘No I don’t think so. Looks like something nastier than that’,” Hughes said.

The officer suspected it was most likely treated sewage, returning after making several phone calls for confirmation.

“He had spoken to somebody down at either the Port Authority or the FAA and said ‘Yeah, it looks like there was an incident,” he said. “Some lavatory excrement had leaked out.”

The couple tell Rincon they just want an explanation, and for this kind of incident to not happen again.

“I think they should investigate and find out what happened,” Hughes said. “Was a button pushed? Was the lavatory filled to capacity before it left the ground?”wondered.

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  • Juan Itchyfooking Nad

    Third word? What’s a third word president? I’ve often heard President Obama speak more than three words, and four through infinity were not worth listening to.

    • Mary

      you must forget the Bush years… Yeah pick Romney so he can make more money and pay less taxws for him….. Oh yeah lets see have how many countries he invades

      • Cybrdg

        Mary; you’re a simp. The imbicile we have now is STILL blaming Bush despite claiming during his campaign that he had all the answers. When is he going to butch up and admit that he’s incapable and has risen to his own level of incompetence?
        Bush is gone. Done. Finished. History. Over. Retired. Out of the news. Not coming back. LOOK AT THE GUY THAT HAS THE JOB NOW YOU DOPE!!!

      • 1marg

        Do you people EVER pay attention to what your president is doing? My goodness, he makes Bush look like a piker.

        Oh, wait, you won’t start complaining about theft of our freedoms and money until YOUR ox is being gored. That’s the Democrat way.

      • Justin

        Whats wrong with you Obama supporters? Anyone who supports Obama simply hasn’t looked deep enough at what kind of person he is, or isn’t educated enough to think critically.

        Obama has used the “Espionage Act” 4 times. It has been used by ALL of the previous administrations only 3 times in HISTORY. He uses this act to silence federal employees who report on his terrible administration.

        What happened to transparency and accountability? Il say it again, anyone who supports Obama is an ignorant simp…Unless your on Welfare…then you should support him.

        • Donna

          Whether I agree with your opinion, or not, I am compelled to point out to you how massively narrow minded you are. Difference of opinion, pal, is what makes the world go ’round.

      • RHO

        Why don’t you talk about how many countries Obama has gone to war with? He’s cutting benefits now for our military, cracking down on dissent by citizens. Your guy is a tyrant.

    • zzz

      The spelling Communists are always the smallest minded, most degenerate and are certifiably, room temperature IQ, low grade morons. Other than being a mental decrepit, that lives in his mum’s basement huffing glue and breathing toxic mold, I’m sure Juan is a really great guy.

    • Joe

      Your a fool but like the not worth listening to soooo your no fool he he

    • sara G

      I believe the 3 words obama speaks often are “uh uh uh”

      • Joe

        LOL Love that 2 to true!!!

    • Gary

      come on he spelled it right 8 words later

      • allamericanmark

        Obviously it was a typo you troglodyte.

        • Nomad

          I personally, was laughing too hard over the Poster’s name to even see the typo…

        • Mrs.Sunshine

          it wasn’t a typo…..it is on youtube.

          • Mrs.Sunshine

            sorry AAMark…I get it now…just a little slow on the uptake sometimes!

      • manicatlarge

        or was it 8 worlds later?

        • george

          If there are 57 states and Hawaii is part of Asia, the potential number of “worlds” is limitless. Just waitin’ for the next teleprompter breakdown.

          • JMWinPR

            If you count alternative universes the numbers grow exponentially. It appears as if He will be tapping these alternative sources for donations and voters

          • Mary

            just like Ronmey uses.. Romney without teleprompter is a expoluding gun .. How many times times has he blamed some one else for a mistake he made. Yep Romney without a script and his teleprompter

          • Joe

            SWEET SWEET SWEET Love it

  • marilynwine

    These people should check with the doctor to see if they need preventative treatment for hepatitis or any other communicable diseases.

    • freecheese

      I’ll bet there are already a platoon of lawyars on their door step.

      • MichalT

        The thing is our legal system and the ability to sue (they were damaged) is how you make sure it doesn’t happen again. Hitting the airline in the pocket book is a very good motivator in making sure they get their act together.

        • Johnny Blade

          how where they damaged again? you would think there would be more lawsuits against theives and rapists.. Oo

          • Yukiko

            Have you not heard the statement, “Eat siht” and die? Excrement can carry many and varied types of disease. How would you like to be covered with your neighbor’s bodily by products?

            • David

              Nah Ive seen a many pornstars eat that and be just fine. Two girls one cup anyone?

              • Erik

                You must lead a very rich life.

          • Phillip Buchanon

            It has yet to be determined if, in fact, their bodies have sustained any communicable disease from this incident. However, as stated above, the only way possible to ensure incidents like this don’t happen in the future is to hit the company responsible with a sizable suit. New, stringent measures will be applied to make sure that said company doesn’t lose money again for excrement on innocent people.

          • nygrump

            They probably needed to throw away the clothes they were wearing, and they needed to clean the yard area. This is private property. With raw sewage involved, professionals might need to be involved. They themselves needed to bathe and may need further medical treatment. The time and annoyance should be compensated. You’re being disingenouous – maybe you believe corporations have the right to drop their waste on people on their private property?

        • robadude32

          Quick someone call Lionel Hutz lawyer from the Simpsons!

        • 2MichalT

          Yet, that is the difference between sane people and you. People like you are greedy and see things only through $$$$ signs. The couple were reasonable and I gaurantee that this incident would not happen again. An appology was all that was needed. Not suing them for millions for an accident. MERCY is an excellent motivator. What was that thing the bible said? Oh yea, “I WANT MERCY, NOT SACRIFICE”

        • John

          ” Hitting the airline in the pocket book” Also a really good way for all of us “the public” to pay higher ticket fairs on our next flight. The problem is the general public motivated by greedy lawyers will exploit the situation.

          • Heretic

            Only perverts fly these days anyway, you know, the people who enjoy being molested by the TSA.

          • nygrump

            The answer is simple, don’t drop feces on the american people.

          • Mr. C

            No.. it’s cheap tuition for a lesson learned…
            Get your sh!t together!

          • Common Sense

            If they raise ticket prices because they list a lawsuit then the public is free to buy tickets from some other airline instead (who didn’t just lose a lawsuit and therefore didn’t raise prices).

            Companies need to be held responsible for their actions.

            • bob jameson

              finally, a polite answer. it’s common sense, shop elsewhere. we have a choice.

              • Justin

                Why do you think medical bills are so high in this country? Because malpractice insurance costs a fortune. Why does it cost a fortune? Because Doctors get sued, erroneously, all the time.

                An over litigious society can have very negative affects.

                • Sebastian Xavier

                  Doctors also make negligent mistakes, all the time.

      • tonytee


        • Cybrdg

          C’mon. I’m not a big fan of lawsuits but this is ridiculous.

        • mary

          yeah and if it happened to you You would be the first in line. Wonder what would happen if a loved one was hurt and handicapped would you sue?????? who would take care of the person

          • Johnny Blade

            who was hurt and handicapped again?

            • 'Nother-Son-'O-Ursus

              Re: “…who was hurt and handicapped again?” {Johnny Blade}

              This Malverne couple, to just begin with!
              They were expoosed to human waste!
              They were exposed to anything biologigical in that humnan waste including potential diseases & whatever microscopic life was present; they have to disinfect themselves, their clothes, their lawn furniture & potentially, face public ridicule after some enterprising & amused fellow ‘merican, (as Bush would say…), identifies them!

              Just imagine licking the urinals, (2nd., 3rd. & 4th.,from the left) clean, in roughly 150 public men’s rooms, picked at random…
              and you have some concept of the magnitude of the potential health & emotional consequences…
              Now…;they probably DON’T the purchase price of a Boeing-777, but they definetly deserve economic compensation…
              Unless their literally into that quaint Roman entertainment mode known as an anonomous ‘golden shower’!

              Are you a roman?

              • Chotiwala

                Personally, I enjoy licking urinals.

              • txguy71

                Being exposed to something and being harmed by it are two different things. That blue stuff probably kills a lot of bugs. That said, the airline probably should pay for a clean-up crew, some medical tests, whatever property was ruined and a little for their aggravation.

                • Karl

                  The blue juice had no disinfecting or cleaning agent in it. It is strictly a deoderizer. I know someone will argue this but it is 100% true. It kills no germs or bacteria. Never has never will. I would be way to expensive to service lavs. with that kind of substance. Lavs are serviced several times a day. It is water and blue dye that smells good.

                  • Rich66

                    And if there was bleach or bacteria killing stuff in it. There is no way a sewage treatment plant would accept it.

                    It is the bacteria in there that decomposes the stuff back into nature.

              • Erik

                I hope your law career fails and you get a job pumping septic tanks, so you can continue your investigations into the microscopic biological life in human waste.

              • Jack P

                Would someone please send this guy a sample of airplane “sludge” so he can have it anal*lyzed to determine its toxicity

              • POOP

                You must be a lawyer.

              • Sunshinekid

                Oh the joys of living on Long Island and we even get to pay really high taxes. Yeah

        • mikeb

          …at what point did you drop out of school? “to sue and steal with you can” ?? Really? And, please, melt your CAPS LOCK key with some flammable object.

      • 1marg

        If the couple are a certain religion or are illegal aliens, obama would be calling to apologize to them.

        If they are Conservative Christians, obama would be calling the airline CEO to apologize–not sure for what, but he’d think of something.

      • me

        I wouldn’t blame them if they sought compensation. Imagine having to clean that stuff off your property then having to check yourself out for possible infectious diseases. YUCK!

      • YeahTheCheesePlatoon

        This story is as made up as 93% of the comments here. Unelected officials have taken over Washington and the media following the coup and cover up. Most stories getting national attention are made up now. Fact of the matter is we have no president, no democracy, and freedom of press is an illusion. Learn the truth about the military police state and Sarah Palin’s (completely made up) role in our last election.

        The biggest cover up in history starts here

        • CptKendrick

          You got any extra tin foil? My wife is baking, and I don’t feel like running out for more right now.

        • Idiot Finder

          You, sir, are an idiot.

          • Ken Daniels

            With all do respect “idiot finder” you must have chitforbrains. It looks like there’s some truth to the story.

  • Joe Dirt

    I think its my meteor. You’re cool, meteor. I’m cool too.

    • Robbie

      No.. that’s a space peanut

    • nate

      love it

  • worldwidewilli

    Probably Bush’s fault

    • Stasheck

      That’s the way I feel every day that Barry Obumma is president…..”…_hit keeps falling on the world with Barry as president”

      • justice2who

        I’ve had that feeling since the last 43 white presidents served their terms and you can’t handle one of another color, you sad faced cry baby!:’-(

        • 1marg

          For the nine millionth time–it ain’t his color; it’s his liberal policies. It’s how he’s driving us into an abyss of debt. It’s how he apologizes to foreigners, projecting weakness. It’s how he won’t show us his records. It’s how HE plays the race card. It’s because he’s a nanny. The list is so long I can’t continue. You won’t understand anyway, because you are another racist based on your comment. Shame on you.

          And btw, to appear better educated your name should be “justice2whom.”

          Know what I’m saying :-)

          • Wavy Davey

            I guess that “Abyss of debt” is what pushed the market over 13,000!
            If that is what Mr. Obama has done, BULLY BULLY!!


          HA ha… She pulled the race card. Guess she couldn’t think up anything intellegent to say.

        • Davy Wavy

          Funny…Stash never mentioned Race…but by your interjecting of race into a non-race topic your pathetic. Your probably white too. HAHA

        • bob

          You mean the one with the stolen Social Security number?

          • David

            The claim that President Obama has a stolen Social Security number is a false claim that was debunked a long time ago. Snopes.com has the details.

            • 1marg

              Snopes has a liberal bias.

              • CptKendrick

                Anything that contradicts the Bible or Glenn Beck has liberal bias. Duh.

    • John

      Take another puff of the medicine dude.

    • Phil

      Who TF are you? Idiot?

    • allamericanmark

      Just different factions with in the shadow government. See Teddy Roosevelt’s quotes.

      • Justin

        See a Therapist

    • matt2717

      You lefties can’t have it both ways—you say Bush is a blithering idiot, yet then somehow think he was also an evil genius to “pull off 9-11”, make bin Ladin cop to it, then start wars. Interesting. “Stupid” Bush was even able to put the 9-11 jackals through flight school while Clinton was still in office, so nobody would suspect him.
      Glad to see, however, that you took time from chasing sasquatch to come and play with us. We feel special now.

    • George Kingfish Stevens

      Wow!! THAT’S more crap then that plane showered on those people.

      • jpbrody

        I didn’t know quite how to describe Paul’s post at first, but I think you nailed it just right.

    • Francis Bacon

      You forgot to say “Paul 2012” That would complete your view.

    • opiesysco

      Yaaaaaawn, Sorry, what did you say?

    • k-9

      Paul is spot on. 9/11 is an inside job. It is called “false flag” atacks.

      Hegelian dialect. Read about it in his book Science of Logic.

      • Robere


      • Justin

        Yes “False Flag” operations do happen and have happened. However to simply state 9/11 was a “False Flag” attack is insane.

  • rbcintexas

    Gives an entirely new meaning to a *hitty dinner.

  • boba

    The Airlines have been crapping on us for years!

  • the gray lensman

    Helluva way to ruin a romantic evening.

    • Bob Jones

      I wonder if it was a Cialis moment???

      • chip bennett

        Were they doing the dirty deed?

        • Obamapoop


        • Obamapoop

          Was Michelle leaving for vacation again?

      • Scott

        Not any more!!!

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    Was it Dave Matthews private airplane? His bus dumped on pedestrians on Wacker Drive in Chicago.

    • LPB

      Actually, I think they were passengers in a tour boat that was under a bridge.

      • George Kingfish Stevens

        I think you’re right, but for THEM the difference was academic. At least they didn’t have to suffer through his concert.

        • george

          @George K.S.: Love your moniker. Pretty rigustin’.

          • Cybrdg

            Don’t even GO there moron. Just DON’T.

          • George Kingfish Stevens

            Yeh, Andeh. I’se pretty regusted ’bout the hole thin’ muhself!!

            • SB Smith

              Great username, GKS..
              That was an awesome series.

              • SB Smith

                “At the particulah time-uh…that was a pretty good show, Andeh.”

  • Stanley

    Fly that plane over Washington, D.C.

    • Joe

      Hell Ya

    • george

      Would anybody on the ground notice the difference?

      • opiesysco

        Come on now. Not all of us in DC are bad. We get *hit on just like the rest of the country. Except we have to have the assclown in chief as a neighbor.

  • wilson

    sounds like a fantasy.
    aircraft don’t dump that close to an airport.

    • thanksforplaying

      aircraft are incapable of dumping thier lavs in the air intentionally.

      • otto hedrick

        I amd an A&P aircraft mechanic , and this is true, aircraft can not dump poop of pee while flying. The are not made to do that. So they have mechanical malfunction. It happens. A 45 lb block of frozen pee fell of an Airliner a few years ago and went throgh some one roof. It can happen if something is leaking. A good mataince program will prevent this.

        • Cybrdg

          Affirmative action at it’s best.

          • 1marg

            No, that would be the person sitting in the White House.

            • CptKendrick

              Hey look, Drudge must have linked to this story. All the mouth-breathing teatards are crawling out of the woodwork.

              • T from NJ

                ohh look,Cpt, it’s one of those New Yawk lib snots, who will not notice the difference if the crap lands on you anyhow ’cause you don’t think your s— stinks

        • Bobby

          If you really have an A&P license, I am scared. Your grammar and spelling are horrible!

          • Mike

            Bobby….I believe it should be ‘is horrible’ not “are horrible”. Spelling & grammar is a singular reference. Furthermore, based on Otto’s name, I’d venture to guess he’s foreign. Maybe you should cut him a little slack, professor!

          • Kristi C

            Yeah, because it’s extremely important to have an English degree to work on airplanes. Don’t you have anything better to do than correct a person’s grammar? Ridiculous!

          • Robere

            Agreed, but he’s paid to fix planes, not to write the King’s English.

          • NooYawkah

            Maybe he’s one of those illegals that came here to do a job that Americans won’t do, like aircraft maintenance.

            • Bender Rodriguez

              Lol… I lawled. He was probably commenting from an apple probing, I mean probing, probing. Product!!!! Damn iPad

              • Bender Rodriguez


          • Jessica Walker

            You didn’t need to add a comma after A&P. If you used the word then, then you should have used a comma. :P Honestly, I usually don’t want to waste my time editing a random comment.

            Grammar comments are lame.

            • Jessica Walker

              The emoticon was unintended. :-P

              • Jessica Walker

                Wow, now I just seem neurotic. I can’t type : P without it turning into a smiley. Oops!

            • 1marg

              You only look neurotic after 3 responses to your own comment.

        • CB

          We are f’d if this guy is fixing anything.

    • stloony

      It pays to read Wilson, or did the word ‘incident’ confuse you?

    • andrew

      thanks wilson, case closed. moron.

  • Bobert

    You know that seconds prior to impact someone had to say “Hey, watch this”.

  • Jeb

    Well, that was a crappy night…

  • Comacine

    This would have to be a leak. Aircraft have holding tanks for wastewater that is pumped overboard to special trucks to haul to an appropriate wastewater dump site. Google it and find out for yourself.

  • jerseyjoey

    Ok Seagulls some new compitition

  • Leroy

    This is what happens when it really does hit the fan.

  • Reality Bytes

    Jet Blue, Jet Blue in the sky,
    Dropped a poopy in my eye,
    I’m not sad, i don’t cry,
    I’m just glad that cows don’t fly.

    • matt

      VERY good! very good Tom Green

    • Jolie

      LOL…that was funny.

  • Ron Staiger

    That was Larry the Cable Guy. He thought the Mile High Club meant takin’ a dump at 5000 feet.

    • AAP

      now that’s funny!

    • MountainDawg

      Git’r’dun!!! LOL!

  • dan

    Absolutely hilarious. what a great way to start my work week

  • BigB

    “I think it’s raining”, “No, it’s a SH!T storm”!!!!!

  • Rod Anders

    Yuck !!!!!

  • Fritz

    Lousy how scared/incompetent the press is to NOT mention the airline involved..

    • Robere

      How would the couple know? Sure the plane was long outta sight by the time they figured out what had happened.

      • CB

        You’re right, it was most likely a giant flying dinosaur, what else would it be?

    • Locke

      Paid off they are…

  • Hickory

    Must have been Michelle Obama’s plane. She has been crapping on the country for over 3 years.

    • Melvin

      “Michelle you have to come out the plane is about to land.” “Quiet, peon, I’m not done yet, grrunnnnnnntttttt, pushhhhh, grunnnnntttttt, take that you Tea Party Savages.”

    • Hal 9000

      Yep, it was probably Moocheel on Air Farce II.

  • jimbake

    sounds like a bunch of crap to me.

  • Dave

    At first, they thought it was oil residue or hydraulic fluid. I guess that proves at least some people can’t tell $h1t from Shinola.

    • Bobert

      All I need is this chair…

      • CptKendrick

        And the matches for sure.

  • Flying High Again

    I hear it’s good luck when they crap on you like that…oh wait that’s bird poop not plane poop…..

    • george

      Well, as long as it was not Superman, I suppose it could have been either a bird or a plane.

  • RoccoP

    Are we sure this plane wasn’t AIR FORCE ONE? That would be appropo. since the POTUS is full of CRAP!

    • wounded defecator project

      New Yorkers exist for welfare and warfare. So groveling is appropriate for them. They’re incapable of responsibility and taking care of themselves. To all of my fellow Amerikans in New York: EAT SH!T !

      • Justin

        You, Wounded Defecator Project, are a moron. My guess is you have never been outside the borders of the United States. You’re in some land locked, flyover state that has no relevance to the world other than giving Rick Santorum a boost in the polls…

  • Swoozie

    The excrement is falling; the excrement is falling!

  • Brian

    Joe Dirt would say, “I got the poo on me!”

  • Stu From Indiana

    ‘Chocolate Rain! Some stay dry and others feel the pain…”

  • Neil

    It was a Qatar airlines flight to Iran.

  • Williy

    Always better to the P’d off than P’d on. . .

  • timbit

    Good thing they didn’t have a fan!

  • otaycec

    Whassup, Artie? You were just the recipient of an Obama bail-out!

  • olcowboy

    And they worry about “acid rain”

  • realist

    Obama—-spreading hope and change on the masses!

  • realist

    Obama—depositing Hope and Change on the masses.

  • Georgia Rebel

    Hey! It’s New York. People up there are use to being up to their ankles in raw sewage. The best view of New York is the Veranzanno Bridge IN MY REAR VIEW MIRROR! I’m sure these people will sue someone… It’s the New York way.

    • George Collins

      Staten Island is still part of New York you doofus.

    • FSbob

      That’s what New Yorkers love to see…you and your mules ass… leaving!!!
      Where you come from the trailer park trash consider a six pack and a bug zapper quality entertainment.

  • Jjj

    Barbra Streisand may have been on the plane singing “DON’T CRAP ON MY PARADE!”

  • Rugbymom

    It would be refreshing for someone to NOT seek compensation for an unfortunate event in America for once. Good for them, “The couple tell Rincon they just want an explanation, and for this kind of incident to not happen again.”

    These must be some of the most unlucky people in Malverne, NY; but it seems like they handled it with class.

    • dpg

      Are you nuts. Corporations only understand money and costs. So this should cost them plenty.

    • redoak

      After reading many of your comments, I decided I must be grossly undermedicated.

    • Pal Palatok

      class?? i’m sure they have a lawyer on it already – and they should. to begin with, why should they pay for the clean up and possble other damages?

    • tom

      as the old saying goes, s… happens

    • I-RIGHT-I

      Sue them. It would be refreshing seeing someone who actually deserves a check get one.

    • George Kingfish Stevens

      You want an explanation??
      You can’t handle an explanation!!
      You can?!?
      Ya’ll was shat upon. Kin ya’ dig it? I noo’ ya cuud, yaaa.

    • D. Belli

      Hey…S**t happens!

  • Tee Bee

    These people need to get over it.

    • Locke

      No, the airline needs to pay for it.
      They should pay for medical evaluations and to clean the property and replace anyaffected items, like the grill.

  • MikeD

    That’s what you call a Boeing Bomb.

  • Joel

    Chocolate Rain. Some stay dry and others feel the pain.

  • raf

    An issue like this is a public health hazard. I hope the victim’s gets compensated for their trouble.

    • clease

      Plains dump waste like this all the time,no pun intended. They dump fuel and all kinds of other stuff when they come in for a landing. Its for safety reasons.

      • Jeffrey

        Planes can’t just “Dump” crap overboard. It’s a sealed system…. you have to go to the outside of the plane, open a door, and hook up another tube to drain the crapper tank. It’s just like an RV. It’s not like an ocean going boat where you can do that though. I used to work at an airport quite a while ago. Yes you can dump fuel, but you can’t flush the crapper on the plane. Some ground crew not only forgot to close a valve, but also didn’t close a service access door somewhere on the plane.

      • Justin

        What’s a “plains”?

        • Bobert

          A small town in South Georgia that Jimmy Carter hails from.

      • thanksforplaying

        are you kidding? most Aircraft don’t even have a fuel dump system and those that do are not going to dump 3.00/gal jet fuel unless absolutly necessary.

      • Acft Tech

        What are you talking about? Not even close to true… There is no switch (in the cabin) to dump the lavs, that is done from the service panel at the service port. Fuel is dumped due to emergencies and not all acft are capable of doing so. When able, it is done at an altitude to ensure evaproation prior to landfall.

        • Bobert

          There is not a “Switch” on the lav service panel, it’s a yellow handle, with the word’s “Turn and Pull” imprinted on it. Pulling this handle opens the drain valve on the bottom of the lav tank. This is done after connecting the drain hose to the drain port on the side of the aircraft, this is also the point were the “Donut” or drain plug is removed allowing the tank to be drained. Fuel dump, on the other hand, is accomplished from the flight deck. On a B-727, this switch is located on the aft left bulkhead in the flight deck, there is a small door when opened allows access to the fuel dump switch. Just to the right of the 2nd Officer, or Flight Engineer. An L-1011 has a switch on the Flight Engineers Panel, this too is accessed by opening a small door. You may wonder why it’s necessary to be able to dump fuel? This is due to the aircraft having a greater takeoff weight than the max allowable landing weight.

          • Acft Tech

            Settle down Bobert, I didn’t say that there was a “switch” at the lav service panel. I was explaining there was not one in the flt dk. Also, from your example of fuel jettison switch locations, I see that you have been out of the MX field for some time now, the locations on mordern acft (without Flt Engineers) don’t require so much work.

          • TOM

            More than likely, it was deicer fluid mixed with residual oil. If the lavs were able to dump, they wouldn’t flush. There is no chance that that wouldn’t have been remedied while on the ground. Once one passenger finds the toilet won’t flush, maintenance will be called out to address the situation. Chances of this being excrement is ZERO!

  • Peter Gabriel

    Brown rain is falling down

  • None Of Your Business

    Getting excrement dumped on you is not particularly healthy. I think they should sue the airline.

    • jaywalker

      It’s none of your business.

  • RoyBoySays

    What a crappy story……………….lol

  • Sailor Boy

    little do do never hurt anyone

  • Sailor Boy

    its only a little do do, everybody does it

  • bombs away

    poopies on her head…disgusting. dont look to the sky with a open mouth

  • Lawn-Guy Land

    The airport is in Queens, so the planes are supposed to leak ONLY on houses in Queens. The blame for this falls squarely on Mike Bloomberg.

    • George Collins

      Malverne is in Nassau County.

      • Locke

        Ah, that’s why it’s being reported, happened to rich folks.

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