By Ed Coleman
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It was a hectic day on Monday at Mets camp as the full squad convened for their first official workout.

Owner Fred Wilpon addressed the media for over 20 minutes while the team went through their stretching exercises. Prior to that, manager Terry Collins spoke at length to his assembled team in the locker room on what he expected from them this season.

And the Mets unveiled their “Underdog” T-shirts presented to them by Jeff Wilpon.

Fred Wilpon asserted that his family intends to continue their ownership of the Mets “for a very long time.” And he stated what he expected for and from his team this upcoming season.

Even though the Bernie Madoff financial fiasco probably has more to do than anything in dragging the Mets’ payroll down some $50 million this year, Wilpon continued to lay the reduction at the feet of GM Sandy Alderson, rather unfairly I might add.

So what exactly is the status of the court proceedings and the suit against the Mets’ owners at this moment?

It’s no secret that the Mets need a fast start out of the gate this year, and at one point during his confab with reporters, Wilpon made a rather public cry for help to fans.

Collins, meanwhile, wasted no time in laying down the challenge for his team, stating this during his opening remarks.

The manager then went on to speak about how this team can get better.

Jose Reyes has moved on to the Marlins. Carlos Beltran has joined the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. But Collins believes he still has the makings of a pretty competitive team even without those two stars.

But in Collins’ mind, the only realistic way that the Mets can succeed is if they take ownership of the situation they find themselves in at this moment as a team.

Collins is a popular figure and, as expected, players were impressed by his message, his energy and charisma. David Wright said that everyone else’s expectations are not necessarily shared by he and his teammates.

So, how good can they actually be?

The line of the day was delivered by Justin Turner. While viewing the orange “Underdog” T-shirt for the first time, Turner deadpanned “So when do the capes arrive?” Maybe not a bad idea or fashion statement.

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