Newark Welcomes First Supermarket In Over 20 Years

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — For the first time in over two decades a new supermarket has opening in Newark’s Central Ward.

Mayor Cory Booker was on hand Tuesday morning for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Food Depot on First Street.

The 31,000-square-foot store will not only give neighborhood residents another place to shot but it is also expected to provide about 100 permanent jobs.

Booker said the supermarket is part of a wider initiative to combat so-called “food deserts” – which are areas where options to buy affordable and healthy fresh foods are limited.


One Comment

  1. Bullett says:

    I’ll give it three to six months before it files for bankruptcy, due to shoplifters and employees passing goods out the back door!

    1. White hooded says:

      I give it 2 months, max, before yhe homies have a shoot-out there.

  2. Finding bigfoot says:

    They will burn it and fat al will blame whitey

  3. dis cracker be afraid of lead says:

    its going to be a shoplifter paradise in dat hood. i would not go there if i was starving and they were giving away free steaks

  4. Ted says:

    Dear Ed,


  5. Ed Sans says:

    Give the residents another place to shot? or get shot?!!!

    1. Fred says:

      Lest we forget shoplift….and deal drugs.

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