NEW YORK (WFAN) — David Wright gets it.

Wright would rather wear a T-shirt that says “Top Dog,” not one that depicts “Underdog.”

For that matter, the Wilpons will pay Wright as soon as they restructure Bobby Bonilla’s contract.

The organization will offer David the same deal they offered Jose Reyes — as soon as they can find the napkin it was written on.

Last year, Fred Wilpon spoke to the New Yorker when the team was 5-13. This year, he spoke to the media with 513 loans due (not really).

And Carlos Beltran, he spent more money on the Mets this offseason than the Wilpons!

So to raise money, Mr. Met will make himself available babysitting.

To raise money, the Mets will…

Will what?! You’ll just have to listen…

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