Health Department Kicks Off Giveaway Campaign To Help New Yorkers Quit Smoking

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The city is looking to help New Yorkers quit smoking.

The health department will be giving away nicotine patches and gum through March 16.

“Last year we provided patches and gum to over 39,000 New York City smokers and we anticipate surveying around 40,000 New York City smokers this year,” Jenna Mandel-Recci, Deputy Director For Tobacco Control, told 1010 WINS.

New Yorkers looking to kick the habit can call 311 or apply online for patches and gum at no cost.

“The reason that we do this is we know most smokers want to quit smoking and it doubles their chances of quitting successfully if they use products like nicotine patches and gum,” Mandel-Recci said.

The department is also launching a new ad campaign encouraging the public to quit smoking.

The ads — which will run on television, online and in local newspapers — include graphic images of esophageal, pancreatic, and stomach cancers – which are most commonly caused by smoking.

The health department said the adult smoking rate in New York City is at an all-time low of 14 percent; however, an estimated 850,000 New Yorkers still smoke.

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One Comment

  1. Jeanne Lundwall says:

    SMOKING KILLS…it’s a known fact. Anything that will help people that want to quit is a good thing. I hope this campaign helps hundreds of people. Lots of our tax dollars go to worse things than this people!!

  2. Brennan Newfield says:

    Anyone trying to quit smoking should check out hypnosis therapy. I quit with the help of a self-hypnosis recording from Worked great and worked permanently! Definitely a site worth looking at if you’re trying to quit.

  3. John R. Polito says:

    It is false, deceptive and dishonest to suggest that replacement nicotine doubles “your” chances. Why not be honest with smokers? While replacement nicotine clobbers placebo inside randomised clinical trails it has never once in the history of the world defeated cold turkey quitters in real-world use. Truth is, more New York smokers will quit cold turkey during 2012 than by all other menthods combined. Smokers do not quit because of having toyed with replacement nicotine but in spite of it.

  4. pugphan says:

    Yo! Don’t smoke…check out smokersodysseycom.

  5. Joey D'Puffer says:

    They should start handing out cartons of Marlboros and Newports, and butt loads of Kools.

    1. Jeanne Lundwall says:

      Like that would be good for anyone Joey!! It’s a disgusting, expensive, deadly habit. Fortunately I kicked the habit 41 years ago….best thing I ever did.

  6. joesmoker says:

    SMOKER PAY TAXES YOU KNOW……AND A LOT OF THEM Where do you think NY will get the lost taxes if every New Yorker stopped smoking?

  7. Esmerelda says:

    If you want people to stop smoking, stop selling cigarettes.
    These patches are coming at taxpayer expense.
    Why should my tax money go to someone who wants to smoke ?

    1. Joey D'Puffer says:

      You tell em’ Esmerelda, make em’ smell your ass!

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