The Yankees apparently did some bonding yesterday down in Tampa Bay, as the team boarded a bus and went to some sort of ‘improv joint’.  That gave Craig the idea to try some improv among the staff, putting Jerry, Al & Eddie on the spot and instructing them to talk with an English accent and all three failed miserably.

Luckily Jerry was able to redeem himself by providing an entertaining and witty sports update.  As for Al & Eddie, very little is expected from those two, so they were both off the hook.

As for Jerry’s redemption project, it began with audio of Yankees general managing partner talking about being tired of paying the luxury tax and his plans to lower payroll.  Hal did his best to make it clear that lowering the payroll does not mean expectations will be lowered.  Craig even morphed into Hal’s older brother Hank and offered a take.

Moving right along to the Mets, as Johna Santana pitched to live hitters, throwing 40 pitches and according to him everything went well.  We also heard from Terry Collins on his ace’s performance and Ike Davis on the fans expectations.

Plus, AJ Burnett suffered a broken orbital bone when he bunted a ball of his face and will have surgery today, Baron Davis is just trying to fit in on this team that he believes can win a championship, Rangers out skated the Hurricanes 3-2, Bruins over the Devil 4-3 and the Flyers doubled-up the Islanders 6-3.  tonight the Rangers skate in Tampa Bay, Devils in Washington, the Nets are in Boston, Eagles place franchise tag on DeSean Jackson and a college basketball scoreboard…

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