The Knicks dropped a close one yesterday afternoon in Boston, eventually losing in overtime to the Celtics,115-111 and Craig says for that you can blame their head coach Mike D’Antoni, who made some questionable decisions in the closing seconds of regulation.

Jeremy Lin did not play particularly well, Carmelo Anthony missed a potential game-winner, but Craig putt all of that aside and set his focus on D’Antoni’s gaffes down the stretch and it was there where today’s edition of the Morning Extravaganza began.

Boomer had been looking forward to to the match-up between Lin & Rajan Rondo, which turned-out to be pretty one-sided as the Celts point guard ended with an epic stat-line: 18 points, 17 rebounds & 20 assists and the win.

Moving right along, the guys tackled the NFL’s ‘bounty incentive program’ which came to light over the weekend and has former New Orleans Saints assistant coach Gregg Williams in the eye of the storm.  Williams is currently the defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams.  Needless to say Boomer – who played football professionally a long, long, long time ago –  had a take on this dangerous bounty program, that reportedly rewarded players with money for knocking targeted opponents out of the game

So the guys had plenty to talk about this Monday morning, which was good because this is a radio talk show…

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