Chaos Erupts Following Police Shooting Of Father Of 2 In Newburgh

Michael Lembhard Allegedly Lunged At Cops With Knife Before Taking 9 Bullets

NEWBURGH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A deadly police shooting has rocked an Orange County community.

A 22-year-old man was gunned down by police in his family’s home after he allegedly lunged at officers with a knife.

It happened on Wednesday in the city of Newburgh, 60 miles north of Manhattan, and now the city has voted to ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo to appoint a special investigator to look into Michael Lembhard’s death.

Order broke down almost immediately at a meeting Friday to discuss the investigation of the police shooting. Angry relatives and friends of Lembhard were among those earlier demanding outside investigators.

“They got what they asked for,” one person said.

Lembhard, a troubled father of two, was wanted for failure to report to court on a domestic violence charge when he was killed.

“Come on! Domestic violence causing this? No, no. I say no,” said Mary Hall, Lembhard’s sister.

Lembhard ended up dead in his sister’s living room after officers said he lunged at them with a knife.

“Why couldn’t you Taser him? Why couldn’t you crack him on the head with a billy club, not just fill his body with bullets?” added George Coolidge, the deceased’s uncle.

He was hit nine times and crime scene technicians removed bullets from the walls, floor and furniture. The dead man’s father sobbed openly.

Newburgh is a sad city with pockets of grinding poverty, an unusually high crime rate, a history of mistrust of the police, and a new mayor determined to change it all.

“I would liken this situation that has happened up here in the last day and a half as a festering wound that had the scab ripped off. The people here have to know that we are looking at all angles of this,” Mayor Judy Kennedy said.

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  1. JoeFriday says:

    I can’t stand how some stupid, entitled, you-know-whats are ALWAYS defending their thug “brothas” no matter what criminal mess they get in. Welcome to 3rd world America, where a domestic abuser who pulls a knife on cops is somehow transformed into a “victim”. Newburgh must smell like mogadishu.

  2. JoeFriday says:

    I say we pull back an nuke newburgh from orbit…it’s the only way we can be sure we get them all

  3. JoeFriday says:

    Some simple rules for better living:
    1 – don’t beat your wife (or baby mama, whatever)
    2 – don’t miss your court dates
    3 – don’t pull a knife on cops

    If you or someone in your family cannot follow these simple rules, then ALL OF YOU should be shot, because you are wasting precious oxygen.

  4. JoeFriday says:

    He didn’t deserve to get shot! He should have been beaten to death. Shooting is too good for a creature like that.

  5. Hillary Clinton says:

    don’t want no troule don’t start no trouble….Michael is one less burden on the taxpayer

  6. MTAmorons says:

    ““Why couldn’t you Taser him? Why couldn’t you crack him on the head with a billy club, not just fill his body with bullets?”

    Why couldn’t you take care of your women and keep the animals out of your community!

    Come at someone with a knife and someone should take you out. Look up “21 feet knife”.

  7. Rocker80 says:

    A father of 2 and he was only 22 we do not need to anymore. He also outstanding warrants and lunged at the police with a knife.

    the police did their job.

    1. JoeFriday says:

      naw, they should have finished the whole family off. He may be gone, but there are at least two more criminal animals he created that society will have to deal with later on.



    wvwnews,net (western voices world news )

  9. treeeet says:

    his warden, prison co, amd probation officer will miss him

  10. qqq says:

    I am sure the mother does not work and the kids will grow up to collect welfare and live a life of crime like their daddy.

  11. samantha says:

    They did the same thing to Jennifer she just made it out alive

  12. samantha says:

    Woe the disgusting hatred on here is out of control just like the police. I pray for you all. RIP Mike

    1. JoeFriday says:

      Yeah, the comments on this board are WAY more out of control than some creature who beats his baby momma, skips his court appointment, and pulls a knife on cops.

  13. Dwiz says:



      the cops had to read the order before THEY ENTERED …domestic violence…a violation…not a hard core crime warrent…did these four rouge cops misuse there authority….or are they over worked as per mayor judy kennedy and the police LT..web page ..of the police officers agenda…..the polititions cant control these cops and the newburgh cops cant control there streets….so now they resort to BEING trigger happy cops…how about a real hard look at what the community has to offer the youth…constructive possitive programs…..
      mike was a nice kid…he didnt deserve to be riddled with all those bullets…funny how the police are manipulating the media to say he charged them..when they killed him inside his home…..stand strong citizens of newburgh..
      avenge mike with bringing down the curruption within the walls of the the leaders of your city………maybe when they learn how to lead THE PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW…..


        The nature of the original crime is not relevant here. THE FACT HE ATTACKED THE OFFICER’S WITH A KNIFE IS! I don’t care if it’s resisting arrest for murder or resisting arrest for jaywalking, if you attack an officer, or anyone, with a knife expect to be placed in a body bag, post haste, as a result. HOWEVER! Using your reasoning, which is an oxymoron, why did he attack the officer’s, attempting to cause them great bodily harm or DEATH, over an outstanding warrant for domestic violence? And who the HELL responds to a knife attack with a taser, which might NOT work, or an ASP, extendable baton? Only a moron would respond and deploy less than lethal force against someone posing a lethal attack.

        Michael Lembhard, you got what you deserved and the fact that only nine shot’s were fired INTO you shows their restraint. They all should have emptied their magazine’s into you. How disgustingly criminal of you to respond to the arrest on a misdemeanor warrant by good officer’s with a violent, felonies attempt to kill the officer’s. May you rest in Hades, where you belong. Don’t worry, your family will join you eventually.

        1. Rebelsix says:

          @Annmarie, are you SERIOUS? Domestic Violence means He got VIOLENT against a family member. Usually the mother of their children. Therefore, when they went to his place they KNEW this person gets out of control. This person has a HISTORY of not being in control.

          Remember – the police officers have ONE thought – they want to go home ALIVE at the end of their shift. If someone attacks YOU with a knife, or you going to play games with a stick to defend yourself if YOU have a pistol and are trained to use it? I seriously doubt it. You will want to go home to YOUR family.

      2. JoeFriday says:

        Just like a you-know-what, always defending thugs because they are “you’re” people. Hey, were you on the OJ Simpson jury?

      3. JoeFriday says:

        Well Ms. Mahoney, after reading your post I see the error of my ways. You’re right, he SHOULD get a pass for beating his “baby momma”, skipping court, and pulling a knife on cops, because “mike was a nice kid”.

  14. Dwiz says:

    Shouldn’t believe what you hear because police cover things up all the time…who killed Tupac and Biggie so i don’t think they we’re justified because he “had a knife” i mean have you never heard of police setting ppl up…or covering something up…the whole government system is bogus):

    1. Storm says:

      I doubt the police had nothing better to do than to “set up” this “law-abiding” citizen. They did not pull his name out of thin air. He had a warrant and a history of violence.. Blame the police for his bad behavior ?? When are people going to take responsibility for their own behavior? I feel for the police officiers who go to work everyday and are subjected to criticisms and paraniod delusional statements.

    2. JoeFriday says:

      Tupac and Biggie were thugs. Most likely killed by other thugs. I don’t really care who shot them, though, just glad someone did.

      As for whether the cops who shot this dude were “justified”, was he justified for beating his “baby mamma”? Was he justified for missing court? And was he justified for pulling a knife on cops? Or did the cops set him up for all 3?

  15. Got What He Deserved says:

    Those who are wondering why the parents didn’t teach him any better should have their answer by looking at the behavior of the family. It seems they don’t know how to behave. They have no self control. They have no respect. Years of living a dirty life warps one’s reality. They think that they are in the right.

    If a person, ANY person, lunges at an officer with a knife he/she should EXPECT to get shot. Don’t do it.

  16. N says:

    THe employees of NBC PD are known for a years as untrusty. People are talking about selling seased drug for cops or doing drugs for cops. Aomebody should help us and bring new people in NBC PD (change 1/3 at time)) OC Serif’s office has very good people. Ask them to help us.If you need a help contact people who are ready to hepl with tjis issue. New Mayor plese help us. Sincerely

    1. Got What He Deserved says:

      Go to school and learn how to spell so that people can understand what you are trying to say.

    2. Storm says:

      The Newburgh Police acted appropriately. His behavior warranted the correct response. The police are faced with life and death decisions and the use of force toward somone with a knife was warranted. I fully support the police department. The story you want should be on parenting and violence. If you want to prevent police from using weapons then take the violent offenders off the street.

      1. dnice says:

        If you think that is the case than you have not looked into or heard about the shootings over the years having to do with the same cops over and over again. People need to open their ears and listen to all the sides of the story before judging anyone.
        If you had cops storm into your house without a warrant and their guns drawn, with 4 little children inside, what would you of done?
        The cops should of seen the children sitting there and stopped, not shot…
        Even if there was a knife or not 4 cops with 4 guns and to many bullets to count is a lot more than a knife, a tazer works just as good to get someone down but without killing them.
        The whole picture needs to be looked at not just one side or the other, ALL OF IT!!!

        1. Storm says:

          No time for a taser, split second decisions. I have lived in Newburgh. It has become a crime capital because of the type of people and violent upbringing. The police should be paid battle pay for working the streets of Newburgh. It has become progressively worse over the years. This man and his family need to take responsibility for their behavior. If it had been a police officier killed there would have been no threats of violence, no press conferences where people were acting appropriately. The police are not the problem here. They are asked to take on violent offenders and then be second guessed when they react to violence.

        2. Keith Harris says:

          To White hooded: You may take this time to express you racial antics trying to keep negativity going nut I tell you this “you are the trash that Newburgh is trying to get rid of” so hide behind your key board and keep doing what your doing and continue to teach what ignorance is.

        3. Jean says:

          You want to look at the whole picture? Why was he due in court for domestic violence? Why didn’t he show up when he was supposed to? Why didn’t he go freely with the cops when they showed up? He was no saint or an innocent bystander. Granted, perhaps they shouldn’t have killed him but I have an inkling that if someone was charging at you with a knife and you had a gun, you wouldn’t hesitate to fire to save your life or those of your loved ones

        4. JoeFriday says:

          dnice, the story says he was wanted. What makes you think they entered without a warrant?

          And a tazer does NOT work as well as a gun.

          Why are you outraged at the cops and not at this criminal loser for putting his children in danger?

      2. Scott says:

        Were you there? How do you know? You just shoot of your mouth and pick a side. Maybe you dont know newburgh police officers they are animals.

        1. JoeFriday says:

          Scott, you say that the police are “animals”, but you say nothing critical about a guy who beats his baby momma, skips court, and pulls a knife on cops.

  17. Why Shaggy says:


  18. Why Shaggy says:

    Again, Another one bits the dust
    and another one gone and another one gone

    1.Stop running
    2.Drop the weapon
    3.Follow instructions
    = Staying alive

    1. The Responder says:

      Why Shaggy, can you spell bites? B-i-t-e-s…….. a$$hole…

      1. Why Shaggy says:

        Y’all can kiss my poop-chute.

  19. Fafafooie says:

    Again, I meant bababooie,bababooie

  20. Fafafooie says:

    Damn, I meant babaooie babaooie, peace out

    1. Dimsum Harry says:

      Mamamonkey, Foohi, rararetard.

  21. Fafafooie says:

    just another thug taken off the streets.wah wah,to my people’s in newburgh, I say a baba okie babaooie to yall

  22. JohnW9540 says:

    I used to live in Newburgh, Thank God i don’t anymore.

  23. juim says:

    another feel good story

  24. Linda says:

    Hey parents, why didn’t you both raise him right ? It’s always someone elses fault, go figure.

    1. R.I.P Michael Sr says:

      Just because some people can’t live in a big old house.. in whiteville, doesn’t mean the parents didn’t raise him right!!!

      1. R.I.P Michael Sr says:

        There are serial killers who were raised in the church, parents did everything they could. they still end up killing people. at least this young man who just passed didn’t kill or rape anyone. or would it be more tragic if he was 100% white and not mixed?

        1. Scott says:

          It is tragic and I am saying this and i am %100 percent white. Dont let these idiots make you think all white people are like this. I know how newburgh pd is, they are animals. This is tragic, he was a father, and he was loved. Police hate everyone lets not be like them.

          1. Disgusted says:

            Well said.

  25. Antitallmingle says:

    go away, its a news site, not a site for you and your crappy spam

  26. Drop the knife stay alive says:

    Ok he has knife he lunges at police oh wait let me get my taser and see if he stops.What is his family and friends clueless DROP THE KNIFE AND he would be alive.It was his fault and his FAULT alone..Family should of helped him with his troubled life they only looking for a payday.

    1. R.I.P Michael Sr says:

      Why shouldn’t his children be looked after.

      1. Storm says:

        If he worked a real job, they would get social security. The taxpayers should not be responsible to “look after” his children. The mother can work like most of us work. Hopefully the children will be raised to work and be responsible people in society.

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