Demonstrators In NYC Call For Free Tibet On Anniversary Of Tibetan Uprising

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Saturday marks the 53rd anniversary of the unsuccessful Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule and in New York City, demonstrators calling for a free Tibet took to the streets.

Thousands of demonstrators marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to the United Nations Saturday morning and then to the Chinese consulate chanting “China out of Tibet now!”

One man from Albany who took part in the protest said it’s time the world stands up for the people of Tibet.

“The message that China has sent to the world of a place where people’s lives and freedoms are respected is a lie,” he said. “Tibetans have given their lives to prove this false.”

Diane from Manhattan also took part in the march over Brooklyn Bridge.

“I think it’s important that the world see what’s going on in Tibet,” she said. “No one’s doing anything…and Tibetans are here to speak out against this.”

In Tibet, at least 14 people have set themselves on fire this year to protest China’s rule. China won’t let Tibetans practice their religion or culture.

Similar protests are taking place Saturday around the world.

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  1. arturo tao says:

    How about we rally against the banksters and the inept govt swallowing our freedoms slowly but surely with anti terrorism rules.

  2. Don says:

    Dear Nard, About every Tibetan exile would dearly love to return to Tibet. That’s why they call them exiles. They were forced out by the intolerable situation created for them by Chinese invaders already in the 1950’s, which continues even as we speak. Yours truly,

    1. Sarah says:

      Dear Don, can you give some hard evidence of how average Tibetan citizens are mistreated by the Chinese Invaders? Or are you going to lie just like CNN did a couple of years ago with pasting pictures of Nepalese police mishandling Tibetans claiming it’s China? Your truly.

  3. tenzin says:

    What if the US needs the moral support one day, and the rest of the world says: “we have our own problems”. We are living in an interdependent and caring world. Big Nards, your statement just goes on to show how constricted you are in your views while living in a country that tries to re-evaluate and sustain itself on moral principles.

  4. Big Nards says:

    The US has it’s own problems. Go back to Tibet.

    1. Tsering says:

      For 53 years, it has been us,Tibetans. Tomorrow, it could be you or your people. If you can’t help us, don’t harm us. PEACE.

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