Report: Anthony ‘Hurt’ Knicks Ignored Advice To Pass On Smith

NEW YORK (WFAN) — It appears Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony wasn’t too keen on reuniting with J.R. Smith.

According to the New York Post, Anthony gave the front office a “thumbs down” regarding his former Denver teammate. The All-Star was “hurt” that New York ignored his advice and chose instead to sign the guard, a source told the paper.

The Knicks were the talk of the town when they inked Smith last month. Now the mania surrounding point guard Jeremy Lin seems to be fizzling out — and the losses are piling up.

Smith has averaged 9.2 points and 2.6 rebounds over 10 games. The Knicks — losers of five straight — are just 3-7 over that span.

Then again, the team has lost seven of nine since Anthony’s return to the lineup.

“It’s not fun. Right now we’re finding ways to lose games, rather than finding ways to win them,” Anthony said after Sunday’s 106-94 loss to Philadelphia.

He added: “Regardless of what they’re saying in the stands, boos or whatever, we’ve gotta block that out and play basketball.”

Smith made headlines late last week for posting a photo of a semi-nude woman to his Twitter account.

The NBA fined him $25,000 Saturday for the racy tweet.

“I definitely regret it,” he said Friday. “It takes away from our team. Anytime I do anything that takes away from our team, I’m definitely going to regret it.”

Do you think Smith’s arrival has had a negative impact on the Knicks? Sound off in the comments below…


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  1. it hurts me to say this... says:

    …but i think carmelo is the problem. i’m beginning to think he’s like the “a-rod” of the knicks. great for carmelo, not so great for the team.

  2. Marc Weiss says:

    D’Antoni is horrible. His system doesn’t work. How many rings did it win him in Phoenix where he had a HOF point guard and a future HOF’er in Amare. The problem is that there is NO DEFENSE in this system. Knick teams have always been defense first. This team barely plays D. Melo is out of sorts. To play his style he needs the ball and when that happens you have 4 other guys standing around like spectators. The offense flowed better when he wasn’t playing. Lets face it, the numbers don’t lie. 7 losses in 9 games with him and a 7 game winning streak before he returned. Not an accident.

  3. Bman says:

    Well said Rivera!, D,Antoni has gottra go, Knicks have tons of talent and dont play defense..
    WHY DIDNT DANTONI HAVE THEM FOUL P>PIIERCE last week with 4 sec left and knicks uip 3 … GET rid of DANTIONI, bring back Jeff Van Gundy !

  4. Jeff Rivera says:

    D’Antoni is the problem here not Melo, Smith, Amare this coach refuses to change his offensive philosophy allowing scrubs to put up shots at an alarming rate but to me the biggest problem is his defensive philosophy where the Knicks switch every screen allowing for mismatches all over the floor how many times are we gonna see a big intentionally screening for Jeremy Lin and then posting him up or having the ball handler take Amare’ off the dribble that to me is insane!!!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    No. Carmelo is the problem. Offense flowed great when he was out, especially when Smith’s shooting was added. should deal Carmelo for Dwight Howard straight up.

  6. Brian says:

    I think Smith was a good signing. The problem is how D’Antoni is using him. You really need to pick your spots to put him in the game and not overuse him. He has been a bench player for a reason. When you leave him in there too long his defensive play diminishes and he takes bad shots on offense. D’Antoni is leaving in these games too long.

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