Cash-Strapped Nassau County Goes After 19 School Districts With ‘Toilet Tax’

Schools Attorney: Tax-Exempts Cannot Be Forced To Pay, So Sewer Fee Is Illegal

EAST WILLISTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Schools in Nassau County have joined together to try and flush away a new fee they say will literally drain their budgets.

Every flush in every school could soon cost taxpayers, thanks to a new sewer use fee. However, school districts are fighting back against what they’ve dubbed a “toilet tax,” reports CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff.

“It is absurd,” East Williston School Board President Mark Kamberg said Tuesday.

Especially, critics said, at Wheatley School, which doesn’t even have sewers.

“We have septic tanks and the water seeps into the ground,” Kamberg said.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On The Story

Wheatley’s water goes into its own tanks, the ground or it gets consumed. Yet Wheatley, like all of Nassau’s schools, is expected to pay the new sewer fee imposed by County Executive Ed Mangano, who in effect said for too long not-for-profits have been getting a free flush.

“The free ride is over and homeowners will no longer subsidize this expense,” Mangano said.

However, schools have warned they’ll have to raise taxes to pay the fee.

“They have shifted the burden of sewer tax onto the back of school districts,” Kamberg said.

In all, 19 school districts have joined together to sue Nassau, saying the flushing fee is illegal.

“This is clearly a tax and the reality is that school districts are tax-exempt organizations,” said Greg Guercio, the attorney for the school districts.

The one penny-per gallon fee translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars for bigger school districts. For East Williston, it would amount to $87,000 this year alone.

“For us, it’s a large amount of money. It’s like a teacher salary,” East Williston Assistant Superintendent for Business Jackie Fitzpatrick said.

The fight will likely go to trial. While the case is pending districts don’t have to pay the fee, but have to budget for it, and that could mean raising taxes.

Other not-for-profits like houses of worship and fire houses will not be required to pay the new fee.

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One Comment

  1. JB says:

    Here in Columbia Co. GA we have a “Rain Tax.” The larger the runoff (roof,driveway, patio) the higher the water bill!

    1. Nationllaughingstock says:

      Surprising the politicians didn’t go with Option #2. That is something they are really familiar with since they are usually full of it.

    2. BobC says:

      We have the same thing in Kansas City. Imagine having to pay a tax when it rains??

      We have gotten about 3 inches of rain so far this month. I expect that to cost me about $20.00

    3. papakono says:

      Don’t want to give ‘them’ any ideas but why aren’t they charging a sunshine tax?

      1. theclarkster says:

        Don’t give them any ideas, please!

    4. enbeuu says:

      Wow, that one is outrageous, too.

      1. RP says:

        You should disappear so does your unfounded comments. Are you serious??

    5. joe macri says:

      Here in Washington State you get fined if you prevent water from running off your property (cistern) etc !

    6. Vic says:

      We have a rain tax here. I thought that was the dumbest thing I had ever heard of. It’s not like you can control the rain so I guess that’s a good way to “soak” the tax payer a little more.

    7. John Malverne says:

      I have that beat. When I lived on Long Island, the local power company (completely run by the unions and the politicians) were allowed to charge you FOR NOT USING ENERGY.

      If the winter was mild, they were allowed to just stick a $100 “weather surchage” on your bill. So during mild winters I’d just crank up the heat and leave the windows open. If I’m paying for it, you can be damn sure I’m using it.

    8. thelunarnote says:

      Simple way to fix that issue. Capture the water, filter it, use it in yr home….Cuts the rain tax and lowers yr water bill

    9. Dead on Arrival says:

      How is the runoff measured?

  2. Bullett says:

    Toilet Tax, just like the rest of local government, going right down the drain. Might be better off going with Portable Johns, could be cheaper in the long run?!!?!

    1. BytraWatches says:

      YOu forgot, even the scholls not on the sewer system are forced to pay so the porta-johns are nfg in this case.

      1. Cale says:

        Maybe learn to spell? scholls???

  3. Jeff says:

    Perhaps its time these executives get the royal flush.

  4. A HS Teacher of 15 years says:

    $87,000, which includes the benefits, not typically the pay the teacher brings home. Have you ever taught a day of high school with children who grow up with parents telling them they are perfect then come to school and not be given the A they so rightfully deserve, because they have been told all of their life they are perfect? I have. It is hard work.
    I truly believe the reason summer breaks exist so that teachers don’t go postal. They need a break and a pay raise for all of the “crap” that students bring from home. This article is not about the pay of the teacher but another absurd tax on the system that educators your children. Be grateful you have people who want to be there and teach.
    As for the tax, it needs to be flushed. The school (not-for-profit) would be taxed for a resource they don’t use. Would you want to pay it? No. If you do then, be prepared for the school to raise its taxes just so that it can remain underfunded and still educate your children at the same expected level.

    1. Jack says:

      Hey HS teacher of 15 years!!!Give me a break. Stop your moaning. I know teachers who retired on 65,000 a year and get their benefits,including reimbursement for medicare. What they paid for their medical is nothing compared to the private sector. If you want to know why the taxes are high in Nassau take a look in the mirror. You work 180 days a years.Spare me

      1. marty says:

        Great Response Jack, so true….

        1. Jack says:

          as Hyman Roth said, this is the business we chose!!

      2. svairo says:

        Hey Jack,

        I bet there was no hedges around teacher colleges when you had a choice!
        Open your mind, 180 days not likely. Come home and work an additionaly 4 hours for FREE, work your summer gaining additional education and preparring for the nest year, etc. Teachers are under paid!

        1. Bama Girl says:

          I sympathize and emphathize with HS teacher. I am not a teacher (I don’t think they could pay me enough!). I am the secretary at a small town, small private school. I work for min. wage and our teachers are salaried and they all make less than $15,000 per year, even though most of them are certified. I know that our teachers take a lot of work home and give a lot of extra tme for free. We are not paid overtime. I have friends in the pubic school system and I also drive a county school bus. I know what they have to put up with from students these days. It is shameful. Being a teacher is not a sweet cup of tea and they deserve the time off they get.

        2. frgough says:

          Oh, give me a break. I’ve pulled 60 hour weeks and more than one weekend to meet deadlines without any additional pay. And I work through the summer, too. The only difference is, I don’t whine about it; I do the job. And since I don’t belong to a union, I get a pay raise based on my merit.

          1. Adam says:

            The only difference is that you don’t have parents, students and administrators watching your every step and complaining about anything and everything. You could not pay me enough to be a teacher – especially in a low income school district. Those teachers should get battle pay! I do compare it to military service in that both soldiers and teachers have to love their job to put up with all of the bs that comes with it.

            1. Nunya says:

              Might not deal with parent, students and administrators but sure as hell deal with clients, bosses and shareholders. I can assure you, they are much less forgiving than anyone in the education system. You actually have to keep them happy. You don’t have to keep the parent happy because they aren’t allowed to move their kid to a different school, you don’t have to keep the student happy because they are forced to attend and you don’t have to keep the administrators happy because your union prevents them from firing you.

        3. Jack says:

          Savario, you are obviously a teacher. How many teachers really spend their summers preparing for next year? All the teachers I know do not work in the summer and have bolted at 55 years old and never had to work again. This isn’t the real world. I retired from the private sector at 59 1/2 , basically forced out and had to find another job just to pay my medical insurance. I bet retired teachers don’t have to go back to work. Keep raising the taxes on Long Island and that eventually will force all the young kids out. I left the Island 4 years ago and my 3 kids left also. My kids are college educated and can not afford the Island. Teachers have no sympathy from me.

          1. Jack says:

            In addition yes it is 180 days a year , oh excuse me maybe 182, with prime time holidays off. I bet you never worked Christmas Eve.

    2. NooYawkah says:

      Ha! Nothing a bahll-yeeotch to the head and a meatball sandwich won’t cure.

    3. Willdit says:

      If you hate the job so much, quit! It kills me how much you complain that 87k is not enough when Catholic school teachers make HALF that in Ohio and only have a 401k to retire on.



      You made this about teachers salaries when you added your comment! The article was about possibly losing a teacher to pay for the tax. In my opinion, both methods of spending the 87k is flushing it down the toilet!

    4. Memphis says:

      A HS teacher in Nassu County of 15 years gets more than $100,000 per year, just in salary. That’s shocking to people in the rest of the county, but true. $87,000 is about the average for teachers in Nassau, which is why their taxes are so high

    5. Peter says:

      I have a stressful job and I don’t get the summer off, why should you be any different?

    6. boradaxe says:

      I suspect your are NOT a very good teacher, but just a whiner that should seek another career.
      I’ve had teachers with similar attitude, they were worthless, then I had a few teachers with passion to teach, and love them and what they taught me.

    7. Lex says:

      United states is not even top 10 in the world on K-12 education, yet are top 10 highest paid teachers. In Los Angeles LAUSD, the drop out rate is 50%!!! Do the teachers still deserve $80K? Public schools are a joke and the teachers are all in on it protecting themselves via unions. No accountability. We need vouchers and FREEDOM to choose where we take our children, private or public. Then schols will have to compete and education will be better.
      Back to the subject, i’m sure those sewers were built using tax dollars so they belong to the taxpayers, sewage tax should be billed but not per flush. These politicians need to start working for the people like they are supposed to not against. They are taking from the peple to fund their little side favors for their friends. VOTE THEM OUT!Thanks for reading.

      1. Josh says:

        You’re wrong Lex! It was just two months ago that the U.S. was ranked third in the world for education right behind Canada. Get off your “The sky is falling” trip.

    8. ZERAVLA says:

      Why are you all complaining about being taxed for a service you don’t use or need? What about all the homeowners out there who have school taxes added to their property taxes when they have no children nor do they ever want any yet they have to help foot the bill for your childrens educations? Haven’t heard them bitchinig much about that injustice!

    9. SandyfromChesterfield says:

      I bet you are a tremendous teacher and so devoted to the perfect children.

    10. ashley says:

      ummm… I’m a teacher right now that is barely skating by… I don’t make 80.000… I don’t make 70,000… Heck I don’t make 50,000! Not every teacher makes THAT MUCH money!

      I am not in this region, I am in California, however I can tell you that I don’t think that is the normal for a teacher. Starting teachers in a private sector school start at around 33,000 a year.

      Oh, and for those that say about work… I am working part time as a support teacher in two different schools. I make $30 an hour to work 9-11 and then 12:30-2…. HOWEVER, I am at work by 820 every morning, I work from 11-12 prepping for next day, I am at the OTHER school site (after commuting) until at least 2:30, and then usually spend between 1-2 hours at night planning/prepping for the next day, or grading papers. So while I get paid for 3.5 hours a day, I am working at least 6 hours if not more each of those days. PLUS all the materials that are purchased out of pocket, the reward incentives, everything that the budget has cut away and the teachers now provide.

      1. John says:

        ashley, well there’s your problem. You’re working in the wrong state. First year teachers with a bachelor’s degree in NYC with zero experience start at around 43,000-45,000 a year. And the pay raises are based on years of service, not performance. With two years experience and a master’s degree, you can be paid around 58,000 a year. With 10 years of service or more, you would be making well over 100,000 a year. And this is just base salary and does not consider any benefits. And the school districts on Long Island are much better paid than NYC teachers.

        There was a recent news article about one school district in Suffolk county where the school superintendent is paid over 600,000 a year.

  5. MrLiberty says:

    How the heck would you monitor this? With toilet police?

    1. Sj says:

      Of course Obama will have to have a toilet czar!

      1. L. Strauss says:

        Obama is the Toilet “TZAR”

    2. fedup says:

      Liberals would want video cameras, and then raise more revenue (also known as take money out of our pockets) to pay for it.

    3. Plumber12 says:

      The charge is assessed by the amount of water used from the city source. People who have city water and city sewer pay twice the amount for their water as those who have city water but use their own septic for sewer. The extra charge pays for the waste treatment plant. The problem here is the city wants to charge the double rate to the schools despite the fact that the school uses it’s own septic. That is why this made the news. You see?

    4. Philster says:

      South Park had an episode recently that featured the TSA, “Toilet Safety Administration”.

    5. Wrightclick says:

      It’s probably based on water usage which is metered. That’s why it makes no sense to charge them for sewage when they have septic. Their water doesn’t contribute to sewage. Local governments use this ploy all the time.

      In any case it makes no sense to charge a school that is already being supported by taxes. That’s just a vicious cycle.

  6. Rusty says:

    Anybody notice the line about the 87k it would cost one school district, and the rep saying that it was a lot of money, almost a teachers salary? I’m finally glad to hear that somebody from a school district will admit that teachers are not the poor, underpaid public servants their union reps make them out to be.

  7. Karl says:

    In most modern restrooms the tolets have auto flush. The toilets flush themselves often without anyone ever using them. This tax does not account for that.

    1. Plumber12 says:

      The tax doubles the cost of the water used by assessing a higher fee to water provided by the city. The school supporters are just using the name “toilet tax” to get their point across, it actually just raises the cost of the water across the board regardless of what the water is used for.

  8. scr1bbler says:

    Common sense has only one answer to any and all taxes: Cut Government Spending. (psst, pass it on.)

    1. Barbara says:

      Do you really think the middle class taxes will go down if the government cuts spending? Oh you poor nieve child.

  9. me says:

    teachers in that system get paid 87 grand a year in actual and benifits? wow. and three months off a year? wow. and a government pension? wow.

    1. fedup says:

      Teacher pay is public record, I think that you wold be amazed by home many teachers/administrators have a six figure salary (more than $100000.00).

      1. fedup says:

        how not home

  10. susanna king says:

    This is already paid for out of the proptery tax money and if this becomes law the tax payers should dump Bloombeg down the toilet

    1. alpha1six says:

      Did I miss something? I thought this story was about Nassau County schools. What has Mayor Bloomberg of NYC have to do with it.

  11. MamaConchita says:

    For the record, I will have you know I wipe with both sides of each square before flushing. Does that qualify for at least a 0.05 percent discount?

    1. George says:

      I use half a roll for one wipe…..I hate trees.

  12. tREVIS mOSS says:


  13. Jeff R says:

    So this tax is supposed to “catch” the “not for profits” and end their free ride, but the only not for profits it hits is schools. Seems like a backdoor tax on the residents since they end up paying the school taxes anyhow.

  14. Ken K says:

    Now, using Obamacare as a model, if a student does not “go” in school to conserve the wate and instead does his/her business at a house of worship on the way home, are they impacting county-wide commerce by dodging the tax? this loophole should be addressed now!

  15. GKS says:

    What a craptacular tax! Fitting for craptacular state run by craptacular libtards.

  16. Ray says:

    I don’t understand this statement.
    However, schools have warned they’ll have to raise taxes to pay the fee

    Since when do schools have the power to raise taxes.

    1. David says:

      Yes, it is an ambiguous statement. Regardless, if taxes are raised, then who is getting the free ride on flushes?

      1. Jeff R says:

        The best part is that not for profits are exempt which these people use as the reason for the tax anyhow. Backdoor taxes on the residents because their school taxes will go up and they’ll end up footing the bill this guy claims to be lowering. I say kick his ass out.

    2. jeremy says:

      Since they have the power to put tax levies on the ballot multiple times a year including “special” elections… they just wait till turn out is low enough to have the employees 100% turnout for others to pay for their demands.

      Jefferson… “once the population realizes they can rob their fellow man through the ballot box, the republic will be over” paraphrasing.

    3. JMWinPR says:

      I guess you have never lived in a school district. This is how it works, the district needs more money, so what do they do? The board stops providing some traditional service.e.g., football, football uniforms, coaches, bands, band uniforms, music teachers, they just keep this up til the parents vote for the the tax increase.
      Works every time, they used to cut school buses until the unions got together and the NYS legislature made transportation a necessity, and is no longer an item the voters can decide upon. Remember folks, it is not the government that is the problem, it is the people we have been voting into office for the past 50 yrs.

    4. kinijane says:

      Schools in my district can raise taxes every year 4% without asking anyone.

  17. David says:

    It’s not a tax, it is a fee. Huge difference …right?

  18. AmericanLesion says:

    How close is East Williston to flushing Bay?

  19. OldOllie says:

    As ye vote, so shall ye reap.

    Friends don’t let friends vote democrat.

    1. John says:

      Mangano is a REPUBLICAN, moron.

      1. Jack Kennedy says:

        the democrats got us to where a repub had to come in and clean it up………….democrats spend, spend, spend

        and repubs/taxpayers have to pay the bill

  20. piquerish says:

    If you think a crap-and-pee tax is ridiculous, just wait. The libtard confiscation and redistribution mind is limitless in its creativity and audacity. With microchip technology, we might be fitted surgically with poopometers and peecounters that send telemetry reports to the new SWAT Team IRS and …. What? Already in the works, you say? Gee! THANKS OBAMATARDS! You’re swell!!!

    1. Reality Check says:

      You are obviously thinking way to small.

      Charging ( taxing ) by the molecule for Oxygen consumed while breathing is where the real money is.

      After all, every Oxygen molecule breathed results in a CO2 molecule exhaled, and we all know that the U.S. Supreme court has given the government power to tax and regulate CO2.

  21. Should have been a Politician says:

    Mangano claims the homeowner will no longer absorb this tax , that is the schools responsibility, but as a homeowner I already pay the school district tax and nassau county property taxes, so we will waste more money go to court over a fee that the homeowner is already paying, In nassau county they are not going to lower my property taxes next year, but the school district imposed tax will go up. Politicians are the best they are on our dime and nothing ever gets accomplished

  22. Mark says:

    Throw out all the illegals in that county, and immediately the county costs go down, so they don’t need the toilet tax.

    1. rollo says:

      And then with a community donation drive and elbow grease, the county would glisten, crime rate plunges and folks can once again walk the streets safely to church with their children. And having saved on the overburdened taxation, would have enough to stop by the local ice cream parlor for a treat.

  23. Valerie says:

    I’ll be happy to pay any additional tax passed on to me if you promise to flush all the politicians down the toilet.

    1. Reality Check says:

      Best suggestion yet.

      It may not work, but we could all have fun holding their head in the toilet bowl while we try.

  24. Valerie says:

    The only way I’ll ever pay a toilet tax passed on to me is if you Flush all the Politicians down the toilet.

  25. rollo says:

    –The fight will likely go to trial. While the case is pending districts don’t have to pay the fee, but have to budget for it, and that could mean raising taxes.–

    Have to budget for it?????????? WTF? Yes more taxes to cover the budget. Then once this ridiculous notion is thrown out guess what? The new budget has your additional taxes figured and you will have to pay it. Even though they will spend it on a new gold urinal for the guv.

    1. Plumber12 says:

      My local area had a tax that was differed by a judge pending conpletion of litigation like this. The group that did not have to pay county taxes held out as lonbg as the legal system could be bent to allow then had to pay for every penny. If this school loses their bid they will also have to pay so it is policy to budget as if the fee will be required and hope you get to use the money elsewhere if it is not. Better to have the money and not need it than to need it and not have it right?

  26. TomS says:

    Speaking of government: You CANNOT polish a turd!

    1. rollo says:

      I tried but it ended up crumbling. I then rolled it in small papers and sold it back on the streets in the DC area. Entrepreneurs still live.

      1. rollo says:

        And…………….No Tax!

    2. MrHanky says:

      Maybe not, but you can tax it!!!!!

  27. Jayne says:

    When it’s brown, flush it down.
    If it’s yellow, leave it fellow!


    1. rollo says:

      I can’t flush. The teacher made me poop my pants. Too many potty breaks.

  28. TexanPatriot says:

    Why is someone who is not even connected…to a sewer…paying a sewer fee?

    1. rollo says:

      It’s your “dutie” good citizen. As a Texan Patriot you probably eat a meal that consists of steak, potato, vegetable, bread, milk and some nice homemade apple pie and flush a brownie once a day. Unlike others that eat at Mickys and need to flush throughout the day.

    2. russfelix says:

      Here in Florida we pay a ‘storm water’ run-off fee. Its just another way to tax without calling it a tax.

      1. rollo says:

        And in just a day it runs off, huh. For free.

      2. PowerPC says:

        We pay the same thing in Eastern North Carolina. It is a storm water runoff fee and it costs nearly as much as the water bill itself. If for example the water bill is $70.00 the runoff fee will be approximately $45 – $50. It is a complete rip off and just another way for the city/county to collect funds. I have lived here 18 years and our taxes have increased every year however our services have decreased. Twice a week trash pick-up was the first to go and now it is weekly. We are also limited on when we can place yard waste on the curb and large items like TV’s etc for pick up to two or three periods a year.

        1. Don says:

          Here in central Ohio there is a sewage fee attahced to the water bill that pays for city sewer. Obviously if you have septic you get a waiver.

  29. JohninWV says:

    Don’t most water bills also include the sewage fees? A lot of towns charge more to get rid of the sewage than they charge for the water and it’s based on water usage and not the actual amount going back. Lawn watering, car washing, and pools cause sewer fees that really don’t equate with usage.If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.

    1. rollo says:

      Harry Brown, Nancy Brown, Osama Brown, Rev, Jesse Brown, Rev. Al Brown, Joesph Brown, flush them down.

    2. carol says:

      If you have your own septic tank and are not connected to the sewer system, then you do not have a sewer bill because you do not use the sewer system.

      1. JMWinPR says:

        Not on LI, the water bill covers the sewer fee, just ask anyone in the Southwest Sewer District. Well not really, I think it just covers the interest on the bond.

  30. Locke says:

    Government is now going after government for scraps because citizens are drained.

  31. Jenny-o says:

    Except the guy proposing this tax is a Tea Partyer, fellas. The liberals were the ones running the county when it could still pay its bills.

    1. rollo says:

      Are you related to Hussein-O? Conservatives vote candidates into office to do what they promise to do. If not, we vote them back out. Unlike LIbtards that keep them in for life and live with their lies and taxes. Also, Jello, the libs had the House, Senate and the Mosque for 18 months and did, uh, NOTHING. The Senate (Demrats) have yet to pass a budget. Just thought you should know. Obviously you watch MTV and OWN. Look under your seat, it may be another block of cheese.

      1. Jenny-o says:

        Bwa-ha-ha. That was funny. Good job, rolly! You’ve convinced me – this idea is good. Just like every other tax Republicans put in place. C’mon, join in – everyone now: Tax kids’ poop! Tax kids’ poop!

        1. rollo says:

          LOL Jelly! I can see all of your neighbors in Chicago or Detroit and even Philly chanting this new Obammy campaign slogan. And will vote several times in the same election for the tax.

          1. Jenny-o says:

            Wait. How do you know I’m from Philly? And dear rolly, I don’t necessarily support Obama. I just don’t support people who run our governments into the ground. It so happens Mangano sank Nassau County, just like Bush sank the US, and then obstructionists in Congress refused to help us bail. Maybe just a coincidence they were all Republicans. Who can say? My money’s on you.

            1. rollo says:

              If you don’t like the fodder in DC, or elsewhere, vote them out. I try every chance I can. I sleep well at night knowing I tried. I’m not a big Bush fan and he definitely had his flaws. But Obummer is waaaaaaaaay out there. He spent our, which is yours and my, money to the tune of how many TRILLIONS? More than all presidents of this US of A put together. Bite that sammich. Oh, and bet on the 3rd camel in the 4th race in Mecca.

              1. Plumber12 says:

                The problem with your solution “Vote them out” is pretty simple. You can only vote for the candidates on the ballot. If every candidate stinks any vote is going to be for the wrong guy. Unless you are in the party choosing the candidate or taking on the duty yourself you have little chance of picking a winner no matter how much research you do. “Vote the bums out” has never worked yet and it has been tried continuously for over a century. Maybe the battle cry should be “Join the process and put a good candidate in yourself”.

        2. piquerish says:

          Yepper jenny-o, it’s those tax-and-spend, tax-and-spend conservatives, buying patronage votes again and not dreaming of reducing spending or living within a budget. The view from the libtard fever swamp must be hazy today. Like it was yesterday, today and tomorrow. Projection helps, though.

          1. rollo says:

            Thank you. piq

          2. Jenny-o says:

            Libtard? Did you make this up all on your own? How clever! Portmanteaus are only used by winners. I have no choice but to concede.

          3. rollo says:

            I am submitting my application for a government grant of $5,000,000,000 to support a company I am thinking of creating someday. It will have 2000 employees and will cost about $0 to build. Of course all of my employees will work on commission only selling a product that doesn’t exist. $10,000,000 will go to your campaign fund Mr bin Lama. Please send the money electronically so it doesn’t get mixed with my other checks in the mail. See you at the rib cook off.

          4. JayUVA says:

            When one can’t argue their point with facts or reasonable opinions, just resort to childish name calling. Just like the racists who think they are not going to get called out for being racists when making wild claims about Obama’s birth place and religion etc.

  32. Pronghorn says:

    Turd tax…classic 😀 It really makes no difference, I would think. If the water company and sewers are govt-owned, just like the schools, isn’t it taking from the same treasury?

    1. Bob says:

      A vote for Obama is a vote for 100,000 more taxes just like this one, but they will say its not a tax but a “Fee” for half A@S services that you don’t want nor need.

  33. Neenah says:

    This is insane. Just when u think u have heard it all…this sounds like something you would hear on a prison show, one inmate standing guard at the toilet in the cell and charging the others money or cigarettes for the privilege of using it. I shouldn’t be surprised Mangano is imposing this considering some of the people that guy, professionally and socially, consorts with.

  34. D. YOUNG says:

    Hopes that this schools in Nassau county sues the “water” out of the county exec…

    This tax is illegal….

    1. rollo says:

      All taxes are illegal. But no on touch’s “Mango”

  35. rollo says:



    I suspect that the I.T. staff has problems with their 56K modems.

  36. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Sh!t for brains.

  37. larry says:

    Instead of flushing things down the sewer, they should box it up and mail it in.

    1. rollo says:

      A novel idea larry! You just resurrected the US Postal Service!

      1. FullOfCrap says:

        This story is probably made up too. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

  38. greg says:

    They won’t charge a turd tax by the weight of the turd because if they did, politicians would suffer the lions share of the tax burden as they are the most full of “it”

  39. Jason says:

    The answer is simple either we boycott taxes until our legislators wake up or move away as many retirees are doing taking their county pensions with them.
    They are replaced by families who double up and place their kids into the school system. Double jeopardy!!

    1. rollo says:

      It’s free child care from K-12. Also, I’ll take “why can’t I flush today mommy?” for $200, Alex.

    2. old white guy says:

      just go dump in the yard what the heck.

      1. rollo says:

        OK Nassau, you heard it. Go dump here, what the heck.

        1. rollo says:

          Oh, wait a minute. Not in my back yard.

  40. the other guy says:

    it would amount to $87,000 this year alone.

    “For us, it’s a large amount of money. It’s a teacher salary,”

  41. rollo says:

    What if we gave Solyndra another 500M for solarwater panels, attach them to prisons and run all the schools flushing’s through them so the inmates could have hot water. Recycle that water and use it over and over. A renewable resource. It sure would save money and the ecoweirdos would be happy too.

  42. greg says:

    Holy smokes a turd tax. Dont give obama and pelosi any more ideas

    1. NCT says:

      They are doing quite nicely without any input from American citizens…

  43. Robert Moses says:

    Nassau County should simply bill its budget shortfall to New York City. By law, the only purpose of a city is to subsidize its suburbs, so NYC needs to pay up NOW.

  44. Tyler says:

    Before they implement a turd tax, they might want to figure out what percentage of there inhabitants pay any taxes. As it stands today, only 53% of Americans pay taxes.

    1. rollo says:

      I like the turd tax. Next is the pee penalty. Flush fee. Diarrhea donation. CAT (corn added tax). etc,…………………………………………………….

  45. rollo says:

    Are the sewers getting clogged from all the free condoms?

  46. D2d says:

    This is the inevitable result of a bureaucracy that has become far too powerful and arrogant!

    Time for our elected officials to cut government in order to balance their budgets instead of soaking the people over and over, again!

    Of course to protest this schools should send all their students to city hall to use their toilets!

    1. rollo says:

      I am sure that the city toilets require a fee to use.

  47. rollo says:

    HA HA!!!!!! So the taxpaying liberals that vote these guys into office over and over are now concerned about increased taxes. It should be $10 per flush. This smell is so sweet.

    1. John says:

      Mangano was voted in by republicans and tea Partiers. HA!

  48. Chip says:

    I knew Liberalville is an insane place, but this is beyond insane. First, they tax tiolets per flush? Really? And then, they want to tax a school that doesn’t even use the sewers?

    Expect more of this at every level of government as run-away spending causes the politicians and bean counters to panic and flail about for every penny they can confiscate.

  49. Danny says:

    Leave it to some liberal money-grabber to come up with something so utterly ridiculous.

    1. John says:

      Mangano is a republican.

      1. Rep-Con-11762 says:

        Yeah, and Liberals pushed the cost of doing business in Nassau County to the point where managers have to look in the toilet to solve the economic issue at hand. You libs have to pay for it now, no one can wipe your butt for you any more.

      2. John says:

        So is Bloomberg, I notice that in NY it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

        1. jeff says:

          Bloomberg is NOT a Republican. He left the party in 2007.

Comments are closed.

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