Mail Handlers Accused Of Theft At JFK Postal Facility

NEW YORK (AP) – Two mail handlers at have been charged with stealing jewelry, electronics and other valuables at a U.S. postal facility at Kennedy Airport.

Federal authorities announced the arrests of Brian Wilson and Clive Bennett on Thursday.

Prosecutors say the men work for a private company under contract to process air mail at Kennedy.

They say that since January, the pair stole at least a dozen parcels.

The stolen goods include a Rolex watch worth $4,300, a necklace valued at $3,800 and a diamond listed at $14,870.

Wilson’s attorney declined comment on Thursday. There was no immediate response to a phone message left with a lawyer for Bennett.

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  • JoeFriday

    Why is a private company handling USPS mail? With 300,000 postal workers, they have to HIRE help? WTF are the 300,000 postal workers doing??

  • james

    This is what happens when you out source these jobs for cheap labor.

  • sick of it all

    what does race have to do with anything, a thief is a thief regardless of color,your bigot

  • sick of it all

    gee wiz,another case of theft at JFK,what a surprise. So the Feds can solve these thefts,while the Port Authority Police are clueless how to stop over 200 thefts a day…………………………..amazing!

  • mike arrabito

    They were not Postal (union) workers, they worked for a private firm. Let set the record streight, the USPS employes over 300,00 bargaining employees (union) the majority of the bargaining ( union)employees are honest hard working employees, who take pride in making sure that the nation mail is deliver with out any interuption.

  • Sailor Boy

    One way to get a pay raise. But not to smart.

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