Jets Face Huge Dilemma Over Sanchez And Tebow

Jets In For Potentially Messy Situation

NEW YORK (AP) — The quarterback hierarchy has been clearly set by the New York Jets.

Mark Sanchez is No. 1.

Tim Tebow is No. 2.

Rex Ryan has said it over and over, and so has general manager Mike Tannenbaum. They insist Sanchez is the undisputed starting quarterback, with Tebow serving as an intriguing backup with a significant role in the offense.

But what the Jets did in acquiring the popular and electrifying Tebow from Denver is add the potential for a really messy situation. Sure, things will be fine when Sanchez, who’s expected to show significant progress this season, has his good moments. But whenever he struggles and Tebow comes in and gets the offense moving, the inevitable question will be: Are the Jets better with Tebow in there all the time?

Are the Jets better off with Tebow as no. 1?  Let us know…

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  1. Les says:

    Just sit back and watch the show!

  2. Randy says:

    Tebow will only get better. People forget last year was pretty much Tebow’s rookie season. As low as his QBR was, it was better then John Elways rookie season. You can understimate his will to win. Don’t believe all the so-called professional commentators.

  3. T.L. says:

    Mc Elroy is the winner here,this kid will be great. Sanchez will spitup on himself and show what he really is , a mediocre Q.B. He killed the defense that took the Jets to the playoffs last year with his three and outs wore them out. He should be the second stringer, Tebow the third.

  4. YardJet says:

    Unless his ability to throw a pass has improved enormously, there’s no chance Tebow will start. While there are meny fans who don’t care for Sanchez, there are many other who do, and neither group has much love for Tebow. If he’s not really ready and he starts, Tebow would be booed out of town. I doubt the Jets management is dumb enough to do that.

    1. Scott says:

      Did you just say you don’t think the Jet management is dumb enough to do have Tebow start? Have you been paying attention to the last two years. The Jets are a joke.

      1. Joan says:

        I guess you are a Giants fan..If not and you are truly and Jet fan..Than support your team no matter what and stop complaining..Go Jet’s!!!!

        1. Earl says:

          Explain to me how the Tebow, Sanchesz tandem differ from that of the Giant’s running back Bradshaw & Webster tandem. Did the Giants win a Super Bowl with it it?

          1. Jon says:

            Earl, Bradshaw does not QB for the Giants, Eli does. The Giants never had a QB problem, and the problem with the Jets is the QB, plus no RB, the offensive line, a pass rusher, and the overrated coach in Rex.

            One of the reasons the Giants won was because of their defense, which by the way, the Jets also do not have.

  5. JPD says:

    Things are either going to click with them working together to provide the Jets a more potent offense, or not. I personally think it may work, and might even represent a bit of an evolution of the game, and not just a gimmick.
    But if it doesn’t, their play should decide who gets to be top dog.

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