Octogenarian Sues Apple For Collision Related Injury

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) —  A Queens woman is suing Apple for $1,000,000 after smashing her face on a glass door at a Long Island Apple Store.

Evelyn Paswall, 83, claims that the glass doors at the front of Apple Stores pose a risk to the elderly.

Paswall’s attorney Derek T. Smith told the Post that,“Apple wants to be cool and modern and have the type of architecture that would appeal to the tech crowd, but on the other hand, they have to appreciate the danger that this high-tech modern architecture poses to some people.”

Paswall claims that she didn’t realize that she was walking into a wall of glass as she approached the store, and says that she broke her nose as a result of the collision.

Her suit claims that “The defendant was negligent . . . in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

As of Saturday warning strips had been posted on the glass at Apples Manhasset store.

Does Paswall deserve the settlement? Was Apple negligent? Let us know in our comments section below…

  • Steve

    I think that old lady is out of her mind, she doesn’t deserve … ouch. i just broke my nail on my keyboard … now i’m bleeding …. and yes, I’m on my MacBook …. where’s my lawyer’s phone number?

    • A

      My comments Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rebecca

      Just wait til you get old—can’t see, can’t hear–you’ll get there.

      • VAMA

        Hopefully, yes I’ll get there, but also with enough self-respect to maintain that my actions are my own; if I’m too blind to know what’s a piece of reflective glass (unless they now have some cloaking device that removes all reflection), then l will keep my old self home. Or, if I run into something because I’m partially blind, it will be the price of paying poker

        It’s strange that in America, bad things mean someone’s got to pay. That someone is going to be our next generation who will not be able to afford the lack of accountability of this one.

      • Granny is going away now

        So that means because she is clumsy she should sue Apple.Rebecca your as stupid as they come.This lady should check her eyes if she does not see a glass door I been in that store many times without walking into it the handle is a giveaway.I think it is time for a nursing home for blind granny.

      • greyfox

        If you’re lucky

      • georgiasaraann

        So if you can’t see you can run into a door and sue? The issue is not her age. All retail buildings have doors. Usually glass ones. Is this the first time she ever bought anything? She needs to accept personal responsibility, not try to scam money.

      • D

        when i do get there i won’t be suing people for my negligence or lack of attention.

      • Glenn

        Does that mean that everyone else has to watch out for you ? Sounds like she walked into a glass wall that was clearly marked and when she hurt herself someone put a “bug” in her ear that she could make some money and she found herself an ambulance chaser lawyer, it’s a shame that our legal system doesn’t allow the person who is being sued, and when they win the case, go after the person who sued them for their legal fees, better yet, it should be automatic that they get them when they win the case.

        • Sebastian

          Isn’t it like that in your legal system? In Germany, If you lose a civil process you pay the fees.

  • Da Mayor

    No way is she entitled to $1,000,000 for being stupid. I’m sick and tired of folks like her blaming everyone else for their own carelessness.

    • Ricola

      BINGO! People need to take repsonsibility for their own stupid actions!
      ENOUGH, already, of companies being blamed because some idiot couldn’t
      see past his / her own nose!

    • Yeah mock me I'm from Europe

      Oh man, your nickname speaks in volumes so many I can’t even begin to count. I understand the bilking of tax payers is more efficient when the republicans are in power, but just wait, he’ll get there once more countries start asking for gold instead of dollars for their oil or gas. Oh wait – that’s when America goes to war! Silly me.

    • george

      Yeah . . . and the funniest part is that she thinks an 83-year-old nose is worth a million bucks.

      • Saint Usuge

        when your just born your nose might be worth a million but when your 83, your nose hase allready been written off….

      • George Johnson

        I was thinking the same thing. She probably can’t even smell the chicken when it’s gone bad!!

      • Frug


    • Glenn

      Why the hell would you pull the president into this, it’s been happening forever in our legal system, has absolutely nothing to do with the president, whoever is president. Sounds like you just wanted to get your “15 minutes of fame”

  • Blaze

    Is it really that easy to sue someone? I’ll walk into every glass door I see if I can make $1,000,000 each time.

    • Blaidd_Drwg

      You can sue anybody for literally anything. The hard part is finding an incompetent judge who won’t dismiss the case under summary judgement. Never mind…yeah, it is that easy to sue someone.

  • Paul Mason

    Yeah, I almost walked into an Apple door in Modesto, California.

    Although I bought a Macintosh to avoid Root Kit Viruses, I am annoyed at a lot of Mac’s features that put esthetics ahead of function, like hiding the power cord socket behind the support column. And, many of the symbols or icons are hard to see, even though I suppose they are just being modestly Zen. AARGH!

    • jfish

      the power socket is back there so it can be threaded through the hole in the stand for added protection from being pulled out by someone tripping over it, etc…
      You shouldn’t need to take it out much once you put it in anyway, right?

    • Bob

      Almost doesn’t count. You should have walked into it hard enough to break your nose and then sued for $1m. Too bad.

  • David Heath

    I absolutely sympathise with her. I smashed my nose in leaving an hotel; I felt like an idiot, but there was no indication that there was a door in the space I was exiting.

    • AlexU

      Paying attention might help

      • Yeah mock me I'm from Europe

        I think paying attention didn’t help when they decided they needed some signs for the traffic. I don’t know how fast David hit the hotel door, but I guess it’s fair to say that aesthetics should be just under the pragmatic and cautionary levels.

        But I have to say, no way it’s justified to sue for a million bucks. Do you even realize what amounts of money you spend on lawyers? I mean Americans, not you particularly. Sorry for generalizing. AAGH! Just frustrated about the mixture of a wonderful country so pockmarked with utter idiocy.

        • Lou Bator

          Consider yourself mocked.

        • jfish

          Oh, we have a lot dumber people here than that.

    • Bob

      Hotels don’t count. You have to walk into the door of an Apple store.

  • Tank

    Another frivolous suet against someone to because they think they can make some money off of them… Am I hearing another fast food rip off here?

    • Bob

      Is suet a fast-food product? No, it’s a suit, not a suet.

      • jas

        Quick Bob!

        There goes an ambulance!!!

    • davec

      at- “tank”No youre not hearing a lie, youre telling one/

      the one that demonizes the elderly woman for Mc Donalds corporation DELIBERATE and WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE.

      they were warned by both customers and employees that their 160*F coffee (BTW, thats the temp for sanitizing DISHES after washing, far more than hot enough to destroy skin) and deliberately ignored them.

      that came from a Attorney familiar with the case.

      Which you arent.

      But there are sick people like you that thrive on playing the “blame the victim’ game to look important, or some corporate troll posting this to attempt to exonerate their company.

      • bob

        Wow, davec…sounds like you’ve lost a few frivolous suits yourself.

      • Bob

        As a recovering lawyer, Apple may have made a classic blunder by putting decals on the door. It could be construed as an admission that they should have been there before. Presumably they are decals of Apple’s logo.

        • Clarence Darrow

          A first year law student would know that the federal rules of evidence prohibit that from happening.

        • georgiasaraann

          Thanks Bob. You’d think with the lawyers they must have they would have thought of that. Probably somebody in management told them to do it. Also, since the lady is 83, it probably would not take more than a tap to break her nose. And did she go by herself? Doubt it. Wouldn’t that make anyone with her liable for not watching out for her? .Did she drive herself there? I’ll bet there is a family member putting her up to this. Not the injury, the lawsuit.

      • RRandolph

        What attorney? Was he there in the court room? It was her that decided to drive withthe cup between her legs and the main argument was there was not proper warnings on the cup to indicate it was hot (hence the “Caution: Hot” now on the cups that resulted from that case.

        Both suits are frivolous and an embarrassment to the legal system in this country.

    • jas

      I say pay the old lady with some of that 100 Billion Apple’s socked away (much of it out of reach of the IRS)!

      • Jazz

        The IRS doesn’t deserve it any more than that old lady does!

      • knothead

        and i hope it stays out of their reach

      • RRandolph

        Why? Just because they have it “laying around?” By that same logic any money you have beyond paying your necessities should go to those less fortunate, or is it different when it’s your money?

        Money in corporations is recycled into development of creating more products. and even if it wasn’t, even if it was lining the pockets of the CEO it is their money and does not belong to her just because she does not have the intellect to avoid a glass door. Maybe she should no be so excited about buying the new IPad that she can’t stop to open the door.

        This lady is an embarrasment to the legal system and deserves nothing. If I were representing Apple I would launch a counter suit and blame any drop in sales in the next few months for her causing a negitive outlook on the company.

        • jas

          I’m not an attorney because I have just too much integrity. But if I were, I’d sue Steve Jobs’ Tux off him for that kindly old lad who was victimized by invisible barriers before she could be taken advantage of inside the store!

          And you’re an embarrassment to Randolf Scott–and HE was GAY!!!

          Forget your counter suit. You only own one! LOL!!!

          • Bob

            It’s not a lad, it’s a lady, and Steve jobs is dead, RIP.

            • jas

              So you have an eye for the Lads, do ya. Did you ever stop to think it was a typo? There’s no edit feature that I can tell.

              And right you are about Steve Jobs being recently ctl/alt/deleted. Nothing gets past you. LOL!!!

      • vtwin

        Gee, some people make “dumb” a profession. If it’s hidden from the IRS, how the hell do YOU know about it?
        It’s in an account, and they’re going to distribute part of it as dividends.
        The fact of the matter is that every penny has to be accounted for in their annual report to stockholders, and the government gets the same information.
        BTW, how’s your Solyndra stock doing? It’s the latest, greatest technology and a sure winner.

        • jas

          It’s about as hidden as your virtue. LOL!!!

          I said out of reach, as in overseas. Don’t you read?

          My Solyndra stock? Obysmal cornered THAT market! LOL!!!

      • asdf

        eh they’re going to need that the first time one of their TWO products has some problem requiring recall, or if for some reason consumers don’t think it’s worth it to upgrade. On the other hand, Apple is how big? Maybe too big to fail if you catch my drift.

        Doesn’t anyone find it ludicrous that a 600billion company with 100 billion cash doesn’t offer a dividend? I’m sure they’ll get around to it soon, but hell you can make 5% in Australian bonds, about that in different utilities, Toyota bonds, crap like that. Why buy a stock if it doesn’t have a dividend? At some point there is no reason to own it and the bubble does what bubbles do. Anyway whatever, all my money is tied up in precious metals based stuff

        • Bob

          Stocks that don’t pay dividends are considered growth stocks. To pay a dividend is to send a message that the company has run out of ideas.

          Your drift is exactly right. Apple has achieved TBTF status similar to that of a bank. Therefore, if it failed, for example, to meet its revneue target, the government would have two choices. One would be to instruct the Fed or DOD to but the requisite number of units. The other would be to simply give Apple the money, as it did for the zombie banks.

          • Bubba

            I don’t think I agree completely; I’m quite happy with my oil company stocks paying dividends every quarter. Even if it represents running out of ideas, the idea that they’re focused on is unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

        • SerfCityHereWeCome

          As long as there are complete idiots (and soon-to-be epic bagholders) willing to pay a ridiculous $600 a share, they’d be insane to pay ANY dividend. I’m with you, in about 75% metals with the rest going into the volatility funds (VXX and/or UVXY) this week as the total collapse nears.

          • Bob

            Maybe I can save your fortune. The stock market is a government-sponsored enterprise. The regime cannot tolerate a serious market decline, especially in an election year. Before that would happen, the government would buy stocks and distribute them to the homeless.

        • vtwin

          Apple just announced they’ll start paying dividends. There’s no law that says they have to.
          And not everyone wants to buy a stock with dividends, especially if they’re interested in trading. Dividends are for long-term holders. It all depends on your goals and strategy.

        • asdf

          oops not quite $600 billion

  • Thomas

    Never mind these glass doors, how about the doors that are locked?? One is unlocked, the other is locked, how many of us have walked into those!!!!! Let’s get jackie giles (from Seinfeld) he’ll get us all some cash!!!!!!

    • bartf

      I have long wondered why stores have double doors, but NEVER unlock both of them !! Weird! I have not injured myself on these, but it always seems so illogical to leave one side locked and the other unlocked. If you don’t intend to unlock both, why have two? Do they do this in Europe?

      • Steve

        Blame the architect who must have perfect symmetry, though some stores need the double doors to get furniture and fixtures inside.

      • Bob

        Usually there’s a sign that says Use Other Door. The purpose is to make the customer feel like an idiot for trying to use the wrong door. This distraction sets up the customer for the scam to be perpetrated inside of the bank.

  • Sid

    A million dollars for a broken nose? Since we can not idiot proof the entire plan et, we should reform our tort laws.

    • Bob

      The plaintiffs’ bar would not allow it. It would be easier to idiot proof the entire plan, eh?

      • greyfox

        I think that’s what we’re trying t do. Idiot proof the entire planet.

  • Sharon Gustavson

    My friend tried to walk through my sliding glass door, thinking it was open. I guess I must keep the glass way to clean!

    • Bob

      No, you’re keeping it too clean, as in excessively clean; it’s not the way you clean that’s relevant.

  • Ron Elias

    Ambulance chasing Democrat trial lawyers will sue anybody for any reason.
    These guys need to be deported to Mexico so they can represent the locals and sue the cartels for the harm they cause.
    Oh yes. The cartels will give these maggots a run for their money !!

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Won’t help. We taxpayers would still be on the hook for Holder the Brainwasher and Obamadinejad’s Fast & Furious murders.

  • Cathy

    Hmmm. She does not seem like the typical customer interested in the latest high tech gadgets. And a million dollars for a broken nose? Seems like a mighty high amount of cash. Who is this woman’s lawyer? This seems a classic example of a frivolous lawsuit.

    • Jarrod

      It’s actually only $75k for the broken nose and $1mil for negligence which is WAAAY more reasonable.

      • Cathy

        Lol. Oh, of course.

  • kim

    Everyone is assuming she walked into the door and making fun of her. No where in the article does it mention a door. It states “wall of glass”. perhaps it was just a crystal clear partition that truly took her by surprise. It is not nice to make fun of old people.

    • Bob

      That would never happen in NYC. Maybe she thought she was Superwoman and didn’t need a door.

    • Sammie Jo

      Her suit claims that “The defendant was negligent . . . in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

      Is she stupid, did she think that there was no glass there, that the front of the store was just wide open?

      • platypus

        Obviously you have never been to a mall. Most stores in there don’t have front walls.

        • Realist

          The story doesn’t say that she was in a mall. It could have been a store open to the outdoors. Also, some stores in malls do have doors at their entrance. In fact, I believe that there is an Apple store in a mall in the DC area that does. Still, this was an accident. All suing the store is going to do is drive stores’ insurance rates up (in turn, driving prices up) and make her look like an idiot. Couldn’t she just settle for having her medical bills paid and a shiny new IPad?

    • kim

      Correction, it does say door, then wall of glass. Still, not nice to make fun of old people, as you can see, we cannot see.

  • Sosueme

    Birds fly into glass, not people. Hence this lady is a bird, or at least a bird brain. Perhaps this lawyer has a class action lawsuit and he can sue on behalf of all avian species victimized by glass as well as this dopey litigious octogen-avian?

  • Freeland Dave

    Oh yes. In Queens I suppose it’s quite natural for a high tech store, with very expensive and small gadgets for sale that could easily be ripped off to not have any doors and are completely open to street traffic.

    The woman plainly is to old to be left out in public without assistance.

    Either that or she’s one of the crows in the Windex commercial that didn’t see the glass become so clean it disappeared.

    But of course since Apple has deep pockets they can probably satisfy the entire thing with free Internet access for the rest of her grand-children’s lives and a free Ipad for every family member and their friends. Just write it off as advertising expenses because Apple couldn’t get better coverage if they paid millions for it.

    • Rock

      My sister in law ran over me the other day, never get between her and the refrigerator!

  • http://texashuddlestons.wordpress.com huddleto

    If a life is worth $50K (which is what the US is paying for each Afghani killed by the beserker Sgt.), than a broken nose should only be worth about $1.2K.

    • Rory Clark

      S50K – only a tiny fraction is for actual damages. Most is for punitive damages.

  • Smack Dab

    It is wonderful to see all the vitriol aimed at old people by young people. Well, there you go. It’s fun until you also get old, though I doubt many of you will have the opportunity to get old, being as how you walk around with earplug headphones, texting, talking on your phone or gaming without a clue about that large truck that just jumped the curb barreling straight at you. To think that this old lady deliberately walked into a sold wall of glass is ludicrous.

    • Moaab

      I am old and I still think this woman is an opportunist. A broken nose is work $1 million??? Yes, when we get older we cannot see as well. That is why when we do something dumb like this we realize that we made a mistake. It is not up to the rest of the world to cater to us.

      You are making assumptions that you don’t know the answers to. No one said she deliberately walked into the glass door. She had an accident. It happens. Get your nose set and move on. I’m old and I’ve done these things.

      • davec

        “You are making assumptions that you don’t know the answers to.”

        You too. And acting the hypocrite also, which is much worse.

    • Young Idiot

      At least we can now sue the truck driver for our own stupidity!

      • Bob

        I think you can find a bunch of warning signs for ladders that are pretty funny, like you’re not supposed to sit or climb onto that little extension that they have.

  • david

    was she going in or coming out. if coming out she was probably on her i-pad or what ever. i cannot tell you how many young people walk out in front of cars, trks, trains, or right into people they don’t see because they are texting. we had a young girl in ind. last year get slammed and killed because she was texting and walked in front of a car. oh did i mention she was a teenager. so don’t always get bent at us older folks when you younger folks are way more likely to get killed with your i-pads

    • David

      Let one of obama panel rule and pay for the damage. That way we all get to pay for her stupidity

      • buzzcut

        Hey idiot not everything is about your pathetic hate of our President. Thats Mr. President to you.

        • Iatemine

          Hey Buzzcut…Not everyone voted for Obama, and the continuing disaster He has made of this Country loses Him any respect from People Who do not want this to become a Socialist Nation. Don’t like that? Tough!

  • http://thecryptojournalist.wordpress.com The Cryptojournalist

    Doors….they’ve always been a young persons game


  • Earl

    Take her to the vet and have her put to sleep. That’ll be one less hazard on the road and one less social security check we have to make good on every month. Her time is up – in the animal kingdom she would have been eaten by now.

    • buzzcut

      may you live a short and boring life

  • Wil

    I say she saw it, walked right smack into it, called her lawyer, and the SCAM is On BABBBEEEE! Hmm…I wonder whats next… suing the Dr. for not making her “pretty” nose look just the way it was. Or suing the educational system for not making her smart enough to look for glass doors…which are everywhere in this freakin world. I smell “AN ENTITLEMENT VUNABLE”….

  • Duude

    Where would we be without an ambulance-chasing legal profession? My guess is US productivity would be 35% higher and Americans would be taking responsibility for their own lives. But what good is that if you can’t develop your own personal lotto?

  • David from San Diego

    The amount of damages claimed is absurd, but it is probably below the standard of care to have NO design or warning strips on a sliding glass door. Don’t worry, both sides will have a trial lawyer, and the jury who decides both liability and damages will be made up of your fellow citizens.

  • Phil Strobl

    Oh Gosh, I was told about this 50 years ago when I first became an office manager To Wit: Always put stripes on large glass surfaces so they can be recognized as glass, not open. So Old of a rule, I can’t imagine someone now knowing about it.

  • Oscar

    I wish I could get a million dollars for each time I bumped into something due to my own inattention. It would sure relieve much of the embarrassment I suffered at the time.

  • bob

    It is probably a case of the lawyer hearing about it and contacting her so he could make his cut. She shouldn’t even get hospital expenses.

  • Rumples

    Haha. Old people.

    • David from San Diego

      Hey, Rumples, I always tell people:
      “You should be nice to old people, because the very best you can hope for in life is to become one of us.”

  • Joemama

    She should sue herself for being an IDIOT.

  • dave

    isnt all glass transparent? what a moron. If she is healthy enough to be out alone she is smart enough to be able to see freaking glass.

  • Jon

    All she did was crash into the Idoor!

    • Joe E in the IE

      iDoor. Get the capitalization right.

      • Jon

        Sorry But I own a Droid…..duh!

        • JD

          It’s dRoid, obviously. ;)

          • Rory Clark

            She’s an iDiot

            • Realist

              We need a “like” button for these comments.

  • Scott

    She was about to enter a store; did she believe that they had removed the door for the day? If her eyesight is that bad, I hope she did not drive her car to the store.

  • Nik

    Or you could just act like an adult and not shop there instead of trying to get a million dollars for no good reason.

  • Don't blame me

    She doesn’t deserve a dime. “stupid is as stupid does!” she needs to take responsibility for her actions!

  • Galinda

    This is simply a reflection of the idiot liberal society we have become where no one is responsible for anything anymore. It’s always someone else’s fault. Thanks Obama, you sack of crap! WAAHHHH! This women should be sued by Apple for smudging their very expensive glass door!

    • B

      How exactly is this Obama’s fault? People have been suing for idiotic reasons for years. Remember when fat people were suing McDonald’s for “getting them fat”? Wasn’t that under Bush’s years?

      • Rory Clark

        Yes, but now the obama administration not only agrees, but is pursing federal regulations to make it a crime thus relieving idiots their personal responsibility.

  • Marbran

    It’s hard to tell…no photos of the door for us to scrutinize. Still, not a $million-worthy injury. Tort reform!

    Know why almost no jurist will support tort reform? Because it limits their potential high income on high dollar cases. Lawyer gets a hefty chunk of change if she wins.

  • Betty Barclay

    Was she texting while walking in the Apple store….just asking.

  • Kitty Pryde

    I guess her stupid elderly blood was a warning to th other hapless fools walking our malls. I hope someone YouTubes this old idiot’s facesmash.

  • Garr Obo

    Give her a couple thou and forget it. She probably won’t live long enough to spend a mill anyway.

    • Nilsine

      I’d say that was her idea all along — get a few thousand and cover my expenses the rest of my life.

      I’m 78 and have been shopping at Apple for over 10 years — and I’ve never come close to walking into a glass door.

      For heaven’s sake — Lay off the “elderly” — they’re as different from one another as young people.

  • Tracy Schillaci

    OK lets hypothetically assume that Apple could be held liable for damages. Are you telling me a broken nose is worth $1,000,000? Is this an 80+ year old super model?

    Get real! The attorney who files this should have his license removed!

  • Jim

    If I had a daughter, it would be that lady.

    • MacDaddy

      outstanding!….thanks for the laugh tonight!

  • Craig

    I want some money too. Can I sue someone for the time it took me to read this article? How about for my crumby life? I want 10 thousand-billion-zillion dollars!

    • Rory Clark

      Would you like that in twenties or rolls of quarters?

  • Al From Maine

    This is the kind of person who would sue if she bought a coffee and burned her tongue because the coffee was too hot. One needs to be responsible in this world and stop these frivolous lawsuits. This is the same idiocy that caused “This is not a toy” to be printed on plastic bags!

    • Realist

      I think dumb product warnings should be removed from all products immediately. Anyone who dies because they use a hair dryer in the shower needs to have their DNA removed from the gene pool anyway. No warnings=fewer idiots.

  • The Realist

    How did she not see people walking through the doors?

  • val

    I once walked into a glass wall in a Filene’s Basement. I felt like an idiot and hoped no one would notice. I wish people would stop blaming and suing everyone else for their stupidity and lack of caution or what have you. This is totally ridiculous and the lawyer should be ashamed of himself for taking the case!

    • Bob

      That will never happen again. Sadly, Filene’s went BK.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      .Ok people, we’re gonna really clean up this week. Short AAPL at the opening bell tomorrow, hop into your car, drive over to your nearest Apple store and smash yourself into a glass door & sue.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        WTH?? That post above was supposed to be an original post, not a reply. Don’t know what happened there…

  • Richard

    Your a COMPLETE–ASS_HOLE for your comment!

  • Jim

    Whatever happened to “Watch where the f@#k you’re going”? And what makes her think her nose is worth a million $?

  • Larry Schwarz

    While I don’t think her lawsuit has a chance I certainly don’t wish death on her.That is not very nice.On the other hand making a fool of herself by filing this suit,that’s another story and I agree with you.I am surprised that an attorney took this case.Most reputable law firms in NYC that I know would not touch this.

    • Bob

      I’m totally amazed. You are truly a unique individual. You know of a reputable law firm in NY. Perhaps you could tell me where in the city I could find a unicorn.

  • Larry Schwarz

    I think we can do without the derogatory sentence here.Shysters,and ambulance chasers come in all religions,races etc etc.On the cases merits,she has to prove negligence on apples part and that will be difficult.

    • Ronald

      You representing her? You seem to know a lot about the in$ and out$ of lawsuit$.

  • Larry Schwarz

    Blaming apple because she was clumsy,.It’s not like hundreds of people are walking into these doors daily and hurting themselves.This suit will not survives Apples motion to dismiss.Apple,out of the bottom of their heart may offer to pay her medical bills.

  • barbara

    any thing to make a buck , so if i sit down on a toliet a fall i can sue the manufacture.

    • Nick

      I’ll second that; it caused me pain and emotional distress. Time for a class action lawsuit!

      • GaryD

        Only if you forgot to put the seat down because there was no sign on it telling you to.

  • frostiewinter

    Is this the first glass door she has ever seen ?
    What a scam.

    • Richard

      If she had seen it she would not have crashed into it.

      • JCaus

        If she had paid attention she would have seen it.

        • Richard

          If she had seen it she would have paid attention. All kidding aside, I wish people would realize there is a difference between walking into a wall and walking into glass. Sure, that’s not going to happen too often but it CAN happen and the question a jury will consider (though I’m sure this will be settled out of court for a few grand) is, “Is it REASONABLE that an average person MIGHT walk into a glass door/wall and is a store thereby liable.” I think a lawyer can argue and a jury will agree it is “reasonable.” It’s not going to happen frequently due to the following factors: there is a sufficiently visible FRAME around the door/wall to indicate thee is a wall/door there. There is (and this I recommended in another post) a simple decal or sticker that will indicate to any common sense person that the sticker is not floating in the air but must be peeled on a solid object. Or there is at least something like a mobile hanging in front of it that would AT LEAST slow down the pace of the person walking towards it so as to minimize impact or even discourage walking towards it. But, contrary to most posts here, I do not think it unreasonable that a person walk through glass because I did it at least twice and I’m not senile or senescent or elderly. Walking into a glass wall is not the same as walking into a cement wall. In the latter case it’s hard to imagine how anyone can be liable apart from t he person, unless the cement wall was where one would hardly expect one to be, say at the end of a winding road! All of this is moot anyway. One would have to see the glass wall or door, which a jury will surely be allowed to do; one would have to see what surrounds it, etc. Nor is this issue limited to glass walls. You’d be surprised how fashion has replaced ergonomics or risk in today’s fashion and design conscious society. Consider Quaker function and today’s mdoernity. I once bought a bed that had spikes for corners! I must have punctured my legs repeatedly on one of those corners until I took a file and literally in several seconds with little effort got rid of the corners by scraping just once across thus rounding the corners instead of pointing them. Why didn’t designers THINK that people could injure a leg with a sharp-cornered wooden bed? I say, thank God for ambulance chasers: it keep people on their toes, saying THINK. Sure, in the case of a concrete wall, it’s the pedestrian who should THINK; but in the case of a glass wall it’s the store owner who should THINK. A customer might just walk into one of those walls; and it’s better to think before the lawyer arrives than after she arrives.

          • Deesnutz

            You mad bro?

          • Jackie

            I once bought a bed that had spikes for corners!

            And you’re admitting it?

            • Richard

              Cheap bed frame; basic carpentry, sharp-edged corners; literally a mere flick of a wood file rounded each corner & I never again had problems, even purposely bumping my leg against each corner to test it. Before that even the slightest brush against the sharp corner (not spike!) would really be felt, esp. against a vein. Now I have a chair (not mine, came with the apartment) that has a sharp metal bolt; if I absentmindlely put my hand under the chair seat on which I’m sitting I can really tear the skin of my hand; so I put scotch taped a tissue paper to it and that really softened the impact. Then there are those infernal jars that never open. How an 80 year woman can open one of those jars when I can’t is beyond me. (Not all jars of course; some are amenable to hot water, a pry with a can opener, etc.). Don’t believe me, look on youtube under Opening Jars or something like that. People are making fun of this woman because of a glass wall but Mike Tyson slipped on a floor in a restaurant (presumably expensive). He hit his head and I think was unconscious for a few seconds; Team Tyson walked out without paying their bill. And how do you stop Iron Mike from walking out of your restaurant? Kidding aside, it wasn’t a physical issue; the manager must have known he was at fault and Team Tyson could have sued for a lot more money than the bill, which must have been substantial in itself, considering it was, as I recall, an entourage, not just a solitary meal.People make fun of ambulance chasers or contingency lawyers; but thanks to them the world is a better place: people shovel snow from their stores or homes; there are lights on campus; security on apartment and hotel doors (remember Connie Francis?), landlords change locks with each new tenant (now they just have to recode the magnetic key lock), etc. etc. One could go on: but without contingency lawyers no one would be frightened of liability. “F**t it, you fell! Be careful next time and you won’t fall.” Try saying that and they’ll sue the store for ten times the amount.

              • BumblesBumblinAlong


              • Realist

                Dude! It’s called a “comment”, not a novel!

                • Richard

                  That wasn’t a novel. That was only chapter one. I wrote it in a coffee house in Edinburgh.

        • JD

          If she had thought about it she would have paid attention.

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