In Memoir, Mets’ R.A. Dickey Reveals Sexual Abuse As Child

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mets starter R.A. Dickey’s inspirational path to major league success has been widely recorded.

Now the starter is ready to talk about life before pro baseball.

In his upcoming memoir, “Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball,” Dickey writes he was the victim of repeated sexual abuse.

Dickey revealed that he was abused at eight by a 13-year-old female babysitter. Dickey, now 37, said he was “confused and afraid” by the encounter, which happened “four or five more times that summer.”

“Each time feels more wicked than the time before,” he wrote in an excerpt published by Sports Illustrated. “Every time that I know I’m going back over there, the sweat starts to come back. I sit in the front seat of the car, next to my mother, anxiety surging. I never tell her why I am so afraid. I never tell anyone until I am 31 years old.

“I just keep my terrible secret, keep it all inside, the details of what went on, and the hurt of a little boy who is scared and ashamed and believes he has done something terribly wrong, but doesn’t know what that is.”

The book, which will be released on March 29, was penned with Wayne Coffey of the New York Daily News.

Dickey also wrote of once being abused by a 17-year-old boy, according to the Daily News. In addition, the paper reported he had thoughts of suicide before the 2006 season, prompted by an extramarital affair.

“I have spent so much of my life running and hiding, and I wasn’t going to continue doing that in the book,” Dickey told the Daily News. “What would be the point in doing that — perpetuating untruth? It was important to me to tell the truth, to be completely authentic. Sharing the pain I went through is part of the healing for me, a catharsis in many ways.”

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  1. new york says:

    Hey Jimmy..Why don’t you go out and buy a Trampoline like Joba did..What and idiot!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

    1. you are an a**hole... says:

      … and a lowlife pig that could laugh and joke about someone who has been abused. listen to this grown man, 37 years old and he still has the pain. i hope god can forgive you, i sure don’t.

      1. Jimmy Crack Corn says:

        Male Mets fans were kissed by a man…and they liked it

        the taste of his cherry chapstick.
        Male fans kissed a man just to try it,
        I hope their boyfriends don’t mind it.

  2. flea says:

    ‘Memoirs’.. by Richard M. Nixon: “I was born in the house my father built…………..”

  3. tim says:

    you had a 13 year old girl at 8 does that count? I think I may have dreamed about that even at 7

  4. longtimefan1 says:

    Wow. That is very intense and intensely personal. It takes a strong, safe-effacing person to reveal what he has.

    1. DS says:

      Nice job, Jimmy…confirming the sports fan’s reputation of being a Neanderthal. Actually, Neanderthals may have been slightly more evolved than that comment.

    2. Gizmo says:

      I’m thinking Old Jimmy Crack Corn is the one in need of therapy!

    3. JK from Queens says:

      Jimmy, have you been drinking already today, or are you truly a Neanderthal? I think DS has you pegged correctly. Maybe you just like to sound like a fool to amuse yourself.

    4. 4evermets says:

      You are a moron!!!Think before you speak..It took alot of guts for him to talk about something like this..You think something like this is fun for a kid to go through..Be thankful that it didn’t happen to you..I know I am..You must be on Crack Jimmy Corn!!!!

    5. macacawitz says:

      You’re too dumb to breathe.

      1. Jimmy Crack Corn says:

        looks all these Mets have all been abused at one time or another as well, but not by a woman, but by a man. Must be by the man who made them Mets fans as kids. Who forced them to become Mets fans. What other reason do they have for becoming Mets fans.

        Or it could also be that they feel the pain as well seeing the Mets get slammed year after year.

        1. Brotherd says:


          You may root for a team full of winners. But, you clearly are not one. You’re the other thing. But you probably knew that already …

        2. YankeeDoodle says:

          I think you are just MENTAL..You would have to be to make stupid remarks like that..He was 8 years old in 3rd grade..Just a baby..How would you like it if this happened to your child!!!You know what I change my mind..YOU ARE JUST A MORON WITH NO BRAINS!!!!

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