Yonkers Man Charged In Death Of 35-Year-Old White Plains Mother

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Yonkers man has been arrested and charged in the death of a 35-year-old single mother found in her apartment over the weekend.

Police found Sabrina Durrah lying dead on the floor of her Main Street apartment in White Plains on Saturday afternoon. Police suspect Durrah had been dead since Wednesday.

Durrah’s 4-month-old daughter was found crying near her mother’s body, suffering from dehydration.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

The baby was treated at a nearby hospital and later released to extended family.

“She’s healthy and beautiful,” cousin Irwin Tollinger told CBS 2’s Lou Young, adding when asked how the child was doing so well considering how long it went without food and water, “That’s why we believe in God.”

Michael Saunders, 49, was picked up by police on Monday night while at work at the Liberty Line Bus Company. White Plains Commissioner David Chong said Saunders was considered a “person of interest almost immediately” in the case.

Saunders, who is believed to be the baby girl’s father, was questioned by police and charged early Tuesday morning with second-degree murder.

Saunders’ immediate family members sped away from court Tuesday, but others questioned the police’s take that the killing was an attempt to keep the affair and the child they had together a secret.

“I don’t get it! Why would the father of the kid do something like that? I don’t get it,” Saunders friend Tamara Brower told CBS 2’s Young.

Chong said Saunders had a relationship with Durrah, but the two did not live together. Sources tell CBS 2 the victim was developmentally disabled and used the bus company Saunders drives for. Sources said that is how the two met.

Saunders, who has a wife and two children in Yonkers, was arraigned Tuesday afternoon. He was ordered held without bail. His neighbors were stunned by the allegations.

“He got a little boy and a step-daughter. That’s one of the coolest guys ever, one of the coolest guys ever I tell you,” one person told Young.

Police have not offered a cause of death or motive for the killing.


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  1. Chisolm says:

    I got on the bus he was driving everyday for 6 months or more. He was always
    a happy go lucky guy. He would even hold the bus a few seconds if he did not see me come on with the normal crowd of people. He said he was starting a new shift on March the 5 and it was pleasure knowing me and the other passengers on the # 6 bus from Yonkers train station. I prayed the victims family and the baby girl. I pray for the Saunders wife and kids. This is a now win situation all around. That woman did not deserve to die the way she did.
    He had no right to take her life and leave a helpless 4 month old baby girl alone.
    I was shock to learn it was the man that said hello to me everyday.

  2. craven says:

    See there ya go! not all the fact have been brough to you in the case and yet you let the media allow you to be ignorant about this man’s case… Something is missing in this case…..

  3. brooklyn4ever says:

    Joe Schmo, let’s see for the same reason that BROWNsville is called Brownsville??

  4. Killdee Mooleez says:

    I’ll bet he was wearing his hoody!

    1. Att. Hoar says:


  5. mlc says:

    Savage! He kills his baby momma than leaves his 4 month old child to fend for itself and of course die too…. How can this person be considered human. My heart goes out to that poor baby girl. We can only hope someone takes her and loves her they way all babies should be loved.

  6. MyMy says:

    Horrible! Horrible! He prob didnt want his wife & family 2 knw he was fooling around & most likely abusing a disabled women! He should have used protection……dumb ass!!!

  7. Harlem Going H.A.M. says:

    This man didn’t want his wife to find out, so he killed her. He deserves to be wacked good fella style

  8. Jen says:

    Hang em high, justice for the baby.

  9. Joe Schmo says:

    Been there a few times. Anyone know why it’s called “WHITE” Plains?

    1. Danny says:

      I wonder why also

      1. Peter says:

        ] To early traders it was known as “the White Plains”, either from the groves of white balsam which are said to have covered it,[5] or from the heavy mist that local tradition suggests hovered over the swamplands near the Bronx

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