Restaurant Was Site Of 2 Highly-Publicized Violent Incidents In Recent Months

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — After several highly-publicized problems at the McDonald’s on West 3rd Street in Greenwich Village, a solution may finally be in the works.

Police, community leaders and the franchise’s owner have come up with a plan to close off some late-night seating and add off-duty officers at the location, according to a report in the Post.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Gets Reaction In Greenwich Village

Last October, the McDonald’s was the scene of a violent incident involving two female customers and a male cashier.  The two women were seen jumping over the counter after some sort of dispute before the cashier grabbed a metal rod and struck the women.

No charges were filed because a grand jury said the cashier acted in self-defense.

More recently, on St. Patrick’s Day, a large fight erupted on the sidewalk outside the restaurant that featured plenty of tackling, choking and kicking.

So would customers feel reassured by adding some security?  Some do, some don’t.

“I think off-duty cops anywhere could be pretty good. So I guess it could help resolve some problems or keep any from happening,” one man told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones.

“I clear out of this area before night falls,” one woman said.

Other customers defended the McDonald’s, saying its workers don’t control what happens outside.

“The staff is doing their job and they’re on the other side, so anything could happen outside here,” another man said.

Meanwhile, one sarcastic customer was sure he had pinpointed the real problem given the St. Patrick’s Day brawl.

“Probably that Shamrock Shake. I mean, it’s going to go away as soon as April comes,” he said.

The reported decision to add security comes just days after City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called for a boycott of the McDonald’s until something was done to prevent future incidents.

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