Prosecutors Investigating Apparent Suicide Of Morristown High School Student

Prosecutor Says They Are Looking Into Everything, Including Possible Bullying

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the apparent suicide of a student who attended Morristown High School.

The prosecutor told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan they are looking at everything, including whether bullying was involved.

Friends and students gathered at Assumption Church on Friday to say goodbye to 15-year-old Lennon Baldwin, a freshman student at Morristown High, who, sources said, took his own life inside his home.

1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten Reports On The Story

“God does not send suffering or illness or tragedy to test or to punish us. It’s simply part of this random world in which we live where life is not fair,” said Pastor John Hart.

Prosecutor Robert Bianchi was at Morristown High School on Friday talking to school officials as his office launched an investigation into Baldwin’s death.

Sloan: “When you say you’re investigating…you’re investigating as a bullying incident or how?”

Bianchi: “We’re not going to get into those details right now…in order to preserve the investigation…all of us are aggressively looking into the circumstances of this tragedy and we’ll report when we have the investigation complete.”

The school district would not comment, but grief counselors were on hand at the school, helping students cope.

“From what I hear, he was being bullied by these three people and they robbed him and jumped him and took everything,” student Shannon Ayers said.

Friends said Baldwin was a nice and respectful young man.

“He was quiet, but a the same time he was hilarious. He had a great sense of humor,” student Danny Perez said.

“I have said repeatedly…there are eyes and ears and specifically [if] they have information about this we’d love them to come forward,” Bianchi said.

The saddened community is now left looking for answers, wanting to know exactly what happened.

New Jersey has passed one of the toughest anti-bullying laws in the nation. It requires schools to designate a specialist to investigate bullying complaints.

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One Comment

  1. lebby does says:

    This has to stop!!! Find the three individuals and let’s make an example out of them!! If they are bullying in high school what comes after graduation? MURDER!!!!
    His family is in my prayers.

  2. mark says:

    hi reader i want the names of the three low life that beat up [LENNO BALDWIN ] and where are the camera .what give yor r in my heart away

  3. Ellena says:

    This is very tragic for the family of this young boy. He should have a better future if it wasn’t because of this bullying. The question is, who is going to be the next to commit suicide just like what happened to this very young boy? I am a mother and I admit that my son got bullied before but after I subscribe to this Panic Button it really helps me to protect my son. This application works on mobile phones and it’s very easy to use because all the subscriber need to do is to press it and it can alert his loved ones and friends. If it is a real emergency it can quickly get help from the nearest 911. It’s very useful not just for children but for everybody. I highly recommend this application in order for us to protect our children and the entire family. All interested can visit their website at: and

  4. mark says:

    hi —-if you are beening bullying email me y because i’ve been bully lets talk someone has to stop this madness.

  5. tiredofthedeaths says:

    I would volunteer to take any training that would put a stop to this type of thing happening to any child or adult. If we are creating jobs for others to take on that’s one thing but this should not have a dollar and cents sign attached to it. My heart breaks for the families who have to go thru this. Change has to happen at home as well as in the schools. The village is made up of many people.

  6. Shesha says:

    My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of Lennon. My heart breaks for him, who felt he couldn’t reach out to someone or things couldn’t get better. If bullying led to this, I hope the investigation finds whatever information they need and prosecute it as appropriate.

  7. Melissa Straub says:

    A devastating story. Prayers go out to Baldwin’s family and their community. Schools need to continue educating students and staff as well as focusing on putting measures into place to avoid these tragedies.

    Melissa Straub
    Without A Trace Investigations.
    Private investigation firm in NJ specializing in social media, cyberbullying, cybercrime & sexting consulting. Free educational seminars for schools.

    1. JohnW9540 says:

      And making a buck or two besides. Shouldn’t exploit lady

      1. BrookB420 says:

        Don’t judge, John — Read. It clearly states, “Free educational seminars for schools.”

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