By Ed Coleman
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Port St. Lucie (WFAN) – Mets manager Terry Collins and Johan Santana have both had a firm resolve that Santana would indeed be the Opening Day starter for the team this year – and it appears that they were right. Santana threw a 3-inning bullpen in Port St. Lucie on Saturday morning. So, Johan, how did it go?″

This day was much different than his previous time out last Monday against the Cardinals. Santana threw 88 pitches – 55 strikes – but he was tired going in and also got tired during the course of the outing.″

Yes, he was, and now he’s looking at Opening Day just 5 days away.″

There may be a pitch count for Santana early on in the season. He still has to build up his endurance and stamina in order to navigate his way through what is a very long season.″

Santana and the Mets have been cautious about whether or not he will be out there on the CitiField mound this coming Thursday against the Braves. So will he?″

People wonder exactly how Santana accomplished this. No deviations from his routine. No days off for extra rest. Well, above all things, Santana is a fighter and a terrific competitor.″

Crazy or not, it was a very encouraging day for Santana and the Mets.

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