NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Dozens of people gathered on Friday outside MS 577 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, protesting that the school has been plagued by problems for years — including mold inside the classrooms.

They claim the poor conditions are creating health issues for teachers and students, and community leaders want an independent party to assess the health risks inside the school.

“We need the DOE, the School Construction Authority and the Department of Health to all give our families one clear message: that it is safe to be in this school,” said district leader of the state committee Lincoln Restler. “And they have failed to do so to date.”

The Department of Education says mold was found in seven classrooms, which will be thoroughly cleaned and air purified.

Another round of testing will be conducted on Sunday.

Would you immediately pull your child out of MS 577 if he/she went there? Share your thoughts below…

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