L.I. Woman, 73, Files Age Discrimination Suit Against Walmart

Anne Squatrito Says She Was Made To Move Heavy Goods By Herself

EAST SETAUKET, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A 73-year-old Long Island woman has filed a state discrimination lawsuit against Walmart, claiming she was fired because of her age and disability.

Anne Squatrito, a 17-year employee of the retail giant, said she was let go after failing to move a heavy load of goods by herself at the East Setauket store where she worked.

“They just wanted me out,” Squatrito said. “I am devastated.”

Squatrito’s lawyer, Lenard Leeds, said that his client has previously suffered a heart attack was docked for using her breaks to visit her doctor.

Leeds said Walmart was just trying to come with an excuse to get rid of Squatrito, calling the situation “blatant age discrimination.”

However, Walmart paints a different picture of why Squatrito was ultimately let go.

Greg Rossiter, Director of Corporate Communications for Walmart, told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera in a statement that Squatrito “was dismissed for repeatedly failing to observe our time clock policies.”

“We take violations of meal and rest breaks seriously and had addressed this issue with her on various occasions,” Walmart said in the statement.

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  1. Walmart HasitRight says:

    Too bad our civil servants weren’t paid and controlled like walmart employees, maybe then the state wouldn’t be going broke.

  2. lil mcgill says:

    too many assumptions here folks. this woman is not struggling to get by on social security. she is not disabled. while she may have heart issues, she was outside for frequent cigarette breaks. everyone in the store loves her , including management. this has nothing to do with her age , or heavy lifting ( which the guys in the store will ALWAYS help out with). this is about someone who was warned repeatedly about time issues. and when you use your 15 minute break to go to the dr. and you’re gone an hour and never adjust your time , you leave the company no choice. this is a good store with great people and it really practices the company attitude of a ‘walmart family ‘. including management. please don’t be so quick to buy into the ‘ walmart is horrible to their workers ‘ nonsense. this is EXACTLY how that perception starts.

  3. Retired Gov Superviser says:

    Breaks are a period of time the the employer pays for. The employee is required to remain on the property during this time due to liability issues. Breaks are usually 15 mins, how could she have completed a DR appointment in 15 mins. Clearly an abuse of policy no matter who the employer is. It sounds as if WalMart has been addressing the abuse and it was not improving. Its called progressive discipline…

  4. old farmer says:

    There comes a time to hang it up. Walmart is not an “old folks home”. Allowances can go only so far before the entire workforce wants the same and everybody hits the door including the stockholders. Hey, I’m 73 and have had two heart operations and Hodgkins’ cancer 24 years ago. I just came in from the field after 4 hours of tractor operation and I’m hitting the snooze button. No way would I expect to demand a job from anyone and expect to do them a good day’s work. Then why should I expect full wages and benefits? The bigger the comany the more they have to operate on policy. Otherwise, they won’t be there at all. To those who want to attack Walmart, why don’t you buy a business and accommodate a workforce that can’t do the job. That’s why social security was started in the first place.

  5. ANGEL says:


    1. mike quill says:

      if there were a union, there’d be no walmart. and many people would not have the benefit of their low prices.

    2. Bill says:


      1. bsmi021 says:

        Oh by the way bill you stated that unions are the answer, they are good and they are horrible have been a member and worked outside. Let me tell you something you might what to read the paper ( in case you do not read) listen to the TV, union have taken real hard in the last two years with many states just about closing them down, in all stats they are giving back big time, so the whole issue of ‘IF WALL MART WAS UNION THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN” Is way off base, there are more rules working for a union than not. Oh and by the way who ever commented on this before was correct STOP YELLING PLEASE!!

    3. franklovesfl says:

      SHE’S 73!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. bsmi021 says:

        2009 And the point of her being 73 is what, and if you say age you are in the wrong as the federal guide lines go as far discrimination!! So be very carefully. No as far as her working and it MAY be time for her to retire, well it seems to many fools think that since the hole thing with wall street and the banking issue was all the way back in OH 2009 that everything is just wonderfully again. Well folks let me enlighten you many people [and i do not know what the issue with this woman is] LOST ALL THERE RETIREMENT MONEY in the mess of 2009 so it may be she needs to work to put food on the table folks. So if you have a job and it seems a lot of the people saying things to the negative side must, just stop and try and think if you lost all your money what you would be doing tomorrow!!

    4. joey fom B'hurst says:

      Union or non-union, there is limit that co-workers will carry somebody. Everybody has got to pull their weight.

  6. susan says:

    the nasty comments on here are unreal! do none of these people have parents or grandparents, and do they really believe anyone over 50 is useless to society??that is true ignorance and bigotry..the truth of the matter is with medicine the way it is now,everyone is living longer and feeling and looking younger..theres an old expression,.”.old age and treachery will win out over youth and enthusiam every time”…true!!!

    1. Steven says:

      This lady is trying to hit the lotto. Guess her pension does not make it for her. The attorney is the pathetic one here. This type of attorney fits right in with the personal injury attorneys.

    2. Bill says:

      It does not matter what your age is. If you don’t follow the policies on time that an employer lays out, you are gone. Seeing as Walmart actually made a statement they must have a strong case. Otherwise they would not have said anyting.

    3. Kathleen says:

      Thank you Susan for saying what needed to be said. If the people CAN work and are willing to work, then why not let them.

  7. dirt nap dood says:

    she is 73 for gods sakes. its time to take the dirt nap already

    1. bsmi021 says:

      Since you brought it up JOIN HER STUPID i can believe how horrible people are today, and the worst part if it happen to you people saying things like this you would be on the phone to your lawyer in a second!!

    2. TRACK says:

      Since I see age gets people twisted here, let me say Micheal Jackson never wanted to get old, he didn’t!, Amy Winehouse, Ledger, Whitney Houston, Bernie Mack, n many others. And you who would say nasty things about folk as they age, you might not either!
      You have no problem taking or asking for money from your parents when yuou need it or not! They are over 50 no!? JackA**…

  8. Jon says:


    1. Unions must go says:

      What union is safe these days more and mmore Americans are becoming anti union.Unions were downfall of economy in NYC unions protect child molesters in public schools cannot even fire them so who needs a Union.

  9. brenda says:

    want she receive her retirement from walmart? I certainly hope so ,..that would make it alright!

  10. John says:

    Hope the ADA steps in and makes hellmart provide a reasonable accomidation on her behalf. Bet they took the tax writeoff for hiring the disabled.

    1. mike quill says:

      a reasonable accommodation cannot cause undue hardship to the business, and based on the article if she needed to see her doctor repeatedly then she may not “otherwise be able to perform her job” as required by ADA. ADA does not require an employer to allow an employee to see a MD every day. Also, Walmart did not even rely on that; they said it was violations of “meal and rest breaks.” There was no mention of any request for a RA that was denied.

  11. gravedigger jones says:

    52 and disabled!! pay my own way,i earn my keep, saved my pennies! and she’s had more time to do it in!! so wheres her savings???? bingo!! literally!!and yes 99% of the elderly are useless selfish foul disgusting folks!!!!! proud not to be a drain on my nation,, whats your excuse?!

    1. theclarkster says:

      So proud of you for saving! Can you save with today’s gas prices, asshole?

      1. gravedigger jones says:

        Hey! That’s not nice. I am retarded, by the way.

    2. TRACK says:

      Have you ever been to a nursing home, there are under 40’s there too! Young folk who do not produce with all their strength n youth…

  12. John says:

    Walmart is full of it. They discriminated. This woman is within her rights to sue Walmart. I hope that she gets rehired. Yes, there are time policies, but employers should make allowances and adjustment for employees, who are either ill or disabled, that is the law…How one treats the elderly is how humane one is or isn’t. Walmart shame on you.

    1. franklovesfl says:

      SHE’S 73!!!!!!!!

  13. SteveF says:

    It is too bad that the folks at Walmart never learn. They treat their employees badly because they think they can. Like all large American employers, people don’t mean anything to them.

  14. tara says:

    The best waitresses in the world are the 60 year old diner waitresses that run circles around anyone…However
    I am 43 and cant get hired in NYC to save my life….and its true that most people over 50 have slowed down and have physical issues–it means they have to be placed in a company where physical strength is not required–thats all.
    Older people should not apply for jobs requiring endurance and physical stregth if they cant not do it–thats not discrimination–its common sense.
    Younger people are easier to chew up and spit out…WALMART AND EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS IT

  15. Timbo says:

    You need a bitch slap right in the face you ignorant P.O.C.

  16. Anonymou says:

    They are saying we have to keep working till into our 70s these days, because we do not have pensions, retirement at age 55, and benefits like public service workers. After age 45-50, in many jobs age becomes an issue, they fire you for something else, but real reason is age and disability.

  17. Dave says:

    Hooters does not dicriminate, maybe that’s an option! Seriously though, If there are physical limitations of this lady, the employer should/would try to accomodate. They wouldn’t expect any person regardless of age, to move something by themselves. We all know what the safety board says. There was more to the story than this.

  18. Anthony Flynn says:

    “We take violations of meal and rest breaks seriously ”
    I’m sure you do,asshole. I’m sure you do…

  19. Can we shoot all the stupid people??? says:

    At 73 and she is what???? lifting heavy boxes???? I know you don’t want a heart attack lady!!!!

  20. Betsy says:

    Tim, I hope someday your words will come back and bit you right in the ass. “A useless senior citizen?” Show some compassion you jackass. And if you actually took the time to read the article, she’s worked there for 17 years! She was hardly a senior citizen when she was hired. Pay attention to details next time, dumbass.

    1. TRACK says:

      Thanks Betsy, someone had to say it, details JACKA##…

  21. janette says:

    First Senior citizens are NOT useless ! Lets see how your feel about being called useless when your her age. I am thinking you will be alone because who would want to be with you with your attitude. Second she had already worked there for 17 years. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. drny says:

    Tim – I hope someone feels that way about you when you get older (unless of course you are useless now, which I’m almost certain you are)!

    1. Time to retire grams says:

      So you are saying when you get old you can come and go anytime you like clock in and out on your own schedule and that is right.You are clueless my friend just because she was once able to do that job it sounds like she cannot handle it anymore.I am not a Walmart fan but she is using age card here to further herself and get money she does not deserve.

      1. bsmi021 says:

        People who are ignorant as you deserve to be hurt just like this lady was by big business. I live what this lady is now living, i was fired because of a disability and of course to get out of the legal of that the business always states something else is the reason!

  23. susan says:

    what a nasty and immature thing to say! what are you, 15?..you will probably be there someday yourself ,so why dont you start growing up now!

    1. jay says:

      you must live in the nastiest neighborhood then!

    2. bsmi021 says:

      Well there it is the voice of the world! You are one of the most dumb people i have heard on one of these posts in a long time. It is people like you that has put this country and world in the sewer it is in today. I am sure that if that lady reads your comments she will have a few choice words for you [like you care] there i said it for you. Since you are so dumb i can only hope you end your life ina box on the streets living with the rats!!

      1. joey fom B'hurst says:

        Calling people dumb…if this a reflection on your grammar, I wonder what genius level is?

  24. Mikeybklyn says:

    I also think they are anti-Italian American as in this case.

  25. Mikeybklyn says:

    F Wallyworld-hope they never make it into the city. Don’t buy their cheap chinese crap either.

    1. Mikey needs a bf says:

      There stuff is not made in china Einstein.It is made in other countries you racist.

      1. jay says:

        It’s THEIR not THERE Einstein! I’m with you Mikeybklyn, plenty of other stores to shop in!

        1. mike quill says:

          china is keeping the us afloat–you dimwits should be boycotting souvlakis, gyros and baklava–it greece that is driving the world’s economy down. ignorant racist.

  26. jewsan is wrong says:

    jewsan is wrong

  27. susan says:

    although i understand “time clock problems”, wal mart is supposed to be noted for hiring older workers and using them as “greeters” at the door..of course they have had sex discrimination lawsuits filed against them as well as lawsuits for not covering medical expenses !!.i hate the place and dont shop there unless i have to!

    1. Greeters are gone says:

      If you been following news Walmart started doing away with greeters so those jobs are going and going quickly.Walmart is only way most americans can survive in this tough economy.Everyone knows it is not a career job but more for High school and part timers.If you expect medical from them Or any other big box store you will be paying more for healthcare then you make.

    2. jay says:

      then why do you shop there at all? because you like their discounted merchandise!! stop lying…if you really hated the store you would shop elsewhere ALWAYS!

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