NYC Plans To Slash Vehicle Fleet

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Hundreds of New York City employees who drive city-issued cars, may soon be out of their set of wheels.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

The city promises to trim $100 million from the budget by cutting it’s fleet of 29,000 vehicles by 10 percent.

“A city vehicle is not a perk,” said deputy mayor Cas Holloway on Monday.

He admits that there are legitimate reasons to be assigned a city car.

“If you are a person at a level or at a job title where you have to respond to services, and I can tell you the city has a lot of services that go 24/7, water, sewer, police, fire, sanitation,” he said.

But he says if you don’t meet the criteria, that’s why public transportation is so good in New York City.


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  1. frostiewinter says:

    If the NYC transportation is so good, the higher ups can take it – or pay for
    a cab like the rest of us.

  2. jD says:

    I think this City under this mayor has not been the most efficient mayor we have had due to the fact that he is unconcerned about the taxpayers financing his bureaucracy, for example NYPD does care how they drive the vehicles given to them for work by the taxpayers I have witnessed many times how these uncaring individuals with a license to carry weapon with complete arrogance abusing these vehiicles.Their Union leaders never spoken about saving the City money on any front the more we the taxpayers can take care of these people the better it is . This City need to do more than merely removing cars from certain individuals driving around in city cars off duty ,I agree they should be driving City Cars only at work and for work and then they should park these cars in city parking lot where they get voucher for proper control of using these cars or trucks after hours.The transportation dept stink ,since the 70’s I have watched the way these guys worked and all they doo are exactly the same routine they worked inefficiently 4 men to fix a pothole while two are drinking coffe or running their mouth on the taxpayer dimes.Look at 9th Ave between 42 street and 30street in Manahttan almost 3 years and the road is still in bad shape very bad shape ,Bloomberg does not drive on that part of Manahttan what about the police who park very close to that streetch of the Ave.Guliani was arrogant but the City was cleaner and much safer he got the police to do their job right Keely is a very good Commissioner but other people seem to making more of his decisions as he led the way.

  3. Murat says:

    What?!? Now the powers that be who are the experienced and knowledgeable offiicals now visit this option. This will definitely decrease congestion and a smoother ride. Folks in city provided cars are terrible drivers and do not follow traffic laws or parking laws (but what do they have to fear). With the $500 million return from SAIC and the savings from this decision, maybe they can decrease the tax strangulation they have on us citizens (or meer sheep in their eyes)

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