Report: Mets’ Jason Bay Could Soon Find Himself In LF Platoon

NEW YORK (WFAN) — At what point do you cut back on Jason Bay’s playing time?

According to the New York Post, it could come as soon as mid-May if the Mets’ starting left fielder continues to struggle.

“The Mets could explore other options” if Bay doesn’t get it together “six or seven weeks” into this year’s campaign, Mike Puma of the Post reported.

Bay, batting .195 this spring, has been a disappointment since his signing before the 2010 season. The oft-injured outfielder has totaled only 18 home runs during his time in New York, half the amount (36) he hit for Boston in 2009.

One club official “floated the possibility,” Puma reported, though two others “said it’s still too early to seriously worry about Bay.”

The 33-year-old has two years remaining on his four-year, $66 million contract. In addition, Bay has a $17 million vesting option based on plate appearances — with a $3 million buyout — for 2014.

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  1. Gerry M says:

    One of the great mysteries about the Mets, going back to 2008, is why they have developed so few minor league outfielder prospects in their system.

    Think about it, in 2008 when some outfielders got hurt, the Mets called up Nick Evans (a first baseman) and Daniel Murphy (an infielder, sort-of) to play the outfield. More recently they’ve called up Lucas Duda, another first baseman, and put him in the outfield. Other than F-Mart (a bust who’s now gone) and Kurt Niewenhuis (who’s not ready yet), there don’t seem to be any other OF prospects close to playing in the majors, which is why we’re stuck with Bay. What a waste. Maybe it’s time to eat most of Bay’s contract and send him back to the AL.

  2. Leon brink says:

    IF Jason Bay is a dead pull hitter; he needs to stand closer to the plate and concentrate on pulling the ball. He cannot pull the outside pitch from where he currently stands in the box.

  3. TiredofORANGENBLUELosing says:

    I’d play him. You can’t spend 17 mill and have the guy sit on the bench. Pray he gets hurt and have insurance pick up the remainder of his contract for the year. 2014 buy him out for the 3 million. and STOP picking up other peoples trash. There is a reason the Sox let him go.

  4. Larry S. says:

    Remember Jeromy Burnitz? An outfielder who started out in the Mets Organization. He went to the American League and became a big slugger. He came back to the Mets and forgot how to hit.
    DEJA VU!!!
    Jason Bay has the exact same intials. An outfielder who started out in the Mets Organization. He went to the American Leauge and became a big slugger. He came back to the Mets and forgot how to it.

    1. Vinnie says:

      Larry, he was with the Pirates for 5 1/2 years, the Pirates play in the NL and it was there where he established himself as a star. He only played for Boston for just 1 & ½ year.

      It just so happen that any player who puts on a Mets uniform becomes a has-been right after.

      Foster, Bonilla, Coleman, Glavine, Baerga, Alomor, Wagner, Beltran, Pedro Martinez, just to name a few and now Santana.

      It’s not the player, but the uniform they put on that’s the curse.

  5. Edward says:

    Mike Baxter, a 27 year old & career .214 hitter with no power. I can see why the Mets are a bad team, even their fans dream of bad players playing great for the Mets.

  6. Glenn DeMilt says:

    The options are few unfortunately. The Mets are very thin in the outfield. Hopefully Bay gets it together.

  7. john scandalios says:

    I think Mike Baxter should be considered for the full-time LF job as he is a perfect #2 hitter. > scondo from flushing

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