Chris Christie Says Post’s ‘Whale’ Headline ‘Doesn’t Bother’ Him

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie phoned home Wednesday to share his impressions of his trade mission to the Middle East on a conference call with reporters.

The first question to the governor, however, was not about his trip to Israel but rather a controversial New York Post headline, titled “The Whale At The Wall: Christie Weighs In At Israel Holy Site.”

The story about Christie’s visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, which ran Tuesday, was littered with innuendos and puns about the governor’s weight.

“It’s really just a distraction and it’s unfortunate that the Post decided that it wanted to go there,” Christie said. “In the end, I’ve told people many times, that kind of stuff really doesn’t bother me. If that’s the way they like to sell newspapers it’s up to them.”

The headline has drawn criticism from other leaders including Sen. Richard Codey.

Though Codey is a frequent rival of Christie, even he believes the Post went too far, calling the story both disrespectful to the governor and Israel.

“I’m not a fan of the governor’s but this is way, way over the top,” Sen. Richard Codey told 1010 WINS. “You’ve got to respect the office and the holy site as well.”

“The governor is paying his respects at one of the holiest places on Earth and you would hope that an article covering that moment should’ve been written with decency and respect,” he added.

Christie arrived in Israel on Monday with his family for his first official trip abroad as governor of New Jersey. He has visited with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres.

Christie said he’s brought a little Jersey to Jerusalem this week in hopes of strengthening their bond and expanding commercial ties.

Some have speculated the governor’s trip is for future political gain for a possible 2016 presidential run. Christie however continues to shoot down the idea.

“This trip is not about anything other than us wanting to have a broader and deeper relationship with Israel in our government from both an economic perspective and from a cultural and security perspective,” Christie said.

Later this week, he will travel to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah II before returning home Sunday.

  • Brad Stein

    Fat jokes? Really? How about some CONSTRUCTIVE DISCUSSION like Yes, Governor Christie may very well be using this trip for future gain for the 2016 run for President. Grown people will be concerned about issues that will affect his viability as a candidate in 2016. What is his stand on corporate welfare? Will he give tax cuts to Billionaires at Prudential Insurance?

  • blahblahblah

    OMG. Why would he be insulted by being called “a whale?” He should be flattered. Any species of whale is decidedly way more proportional and slimmer than he is.

  • NoKidding

    The Post? Really? They’re barely a step above the National Enquirer, no wonder he doesn’t give a ___

  • RealityCheck2012

    and what IF they posted a pic of yo’mama and labeled it Oh’mamaz Fried Chicken? All of the hoodies would boycott some business or shoot white folk in protest. HEY, no big loss.

  • Summarex

    I gotta say one thing though,
    The beanie makes him look fatter.

  • Summarex

    As a member of the overweight elite, I’m calling for a boycott of the New York Post.

  • Babalooey

    He goes to Jerusalem to kiss Jewish azz and he gres crapped on by Jerusalem’s very own NYC Newspaper.
    Some people just expect too much!

  • its good to know

    Im guessing the post lost alot of customers over this idiocy. New Yorkers are not the thinnest people in America.
    When you have nothing substantial to print, you have to lower your dignity and resort to elementary school behavior. Bet the editor of the Post was a bully in his days and never grew up.

    • Roger Kaputnik

      Incorrect. It’s exactly this kind of reporting that we LOVE about the Post: It’s a real-life Mad Magazine.


    You’ve got to respect the office ….I’LL RESPECT THE OFFICE, OPEN THE GOV DOOR I’LL TAKE A SH IT IN THERE

  • Protestant Man

    Look at the bright side, Israel got a whale at its wall and it didn’t cost them anything. Win-Win !

  • H

    “Christie arrived in Israel on Monday with his family for his first official trip abroad as governor of New Jersey.”
    Trips to other countries are official business for state governors for the following reasons:

  • Vik

    LOL — it should bother him because eating like a whale is all he’s good for.

  • paulnadra

    iF corrizine did this, Faux News would be all over him for wasting Tax payer money!

  • frostiewinter

    Who is paying for this trip ?
    He needed to travel there with his whole
    family to do what exactly ?
    How did he even become Governor ?

    • David

      nobody said “democracy” was perfect!

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